Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chamatkaar/Shraddha Vs Science......

“Chamatkaar” - News 1 – “Jwala Devi prakat hui Anoopshahar mein”…. My MIL called me to watch this news when she heard it on Television. She was too excited to show me this “Chamatkaar”. The news informed that, fire is blazing from 9 different parts, near the river Ganga in Anoopshahar. One could even notice the bubbles coming within the river. The coincidence is that this incident has been taking place since the day Navratri started and only 9 `places have got fire. The reason of this occurrence is unknown to all. People believe that this is the chamatkar of Jwala Devi. The saints are going extreme with this kind of natural chemical phenomenon, naming it as a Devi’s magic.

Q1. How many of you believe that this is the Chamatkaar?
Q2. How many have the curiosity to know the reason? (Like I have)
Q3. Can you provide the logic for this?
Q4. How will you rate the education of our society?

Chamatkaar” - News 2 – Case of Itarsi – People are sticking coins in this temple. It is believed that if anyone’s coin gets stuck on the walls, then ones wishes would be accepted. And if it doesn’t then your wishes will be deprived. The specialists say that it is due to the stickiness of the wall that the coins are getting pasted. But the people have closed eyes, blindly go on sticking the rupee One coin.

Q1. Is/n’t this called “andhi Shraddha”?
Q2. Such incidents make them follow the ritual. Why one is not interested to know the right scene?

Astha Ya Pagalpan - News 2 – (i) A girl of fifteen years old. Her palm is acting like a Diya. Since five days she has been holding the burning wick in her hands and constantly stimulating it with Ghee. She says this is the Diya of Devi Maa, And she will never let it blow off for the whole 9 days. Last year too she did the same for 9 days. People say she is blessed by the Mata.

(ii) One man has grown jowar on his whole body. I saw this man sleeping in a Temple. And all over his body the grown up jowar plants could be seen. This man neither eats nor drinks for the whole 9 days.

Q1. Are/n’t they crazy?
Q2. Do you believe in such Bhakti?
Q3. In first case, If she thinks it was Devi’s Diya, then why was she providing Ghee to it?…(devi ka diya waise bhi jalta hi)
Q4. What is the purpose?

PS – I am not offending any ones religious sentiments…..just beg them to find out answers rather than just blindly following the convention.
And hey would also like to know …what you guys would like to add on ..and how you react to all these…..

Happy Navrtra….

Friday, October 8, 2010

Heaven !!

Isnt it Marvelous...? Nothing less than Heaven.....i got this pic while searching for the wall textures...and found an amzing peice....instantly showed it to hubby.....and hey look at the background.....i just loved it...:))