Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finding A Partner

Without making a effort can anyone find a partner for self?

Baaton se hi toh baat banti hia ..hai na

My brother, for whom we are looking for a perfect bride, is a Doctor of 30 years of age. We have registered his name under many marriage bureaus. We keep on looking the desirable matches and often contact them. But to tell you, this match finding is such a tiresome job. We have got many good proposals, but I don’t understand why these proposals are in the waiting list. (You guys, I tell you take so much time in thinking...decision toh door ki baat). But may be, sometimes we find the Kundli unsuitable and sometimes the girl. Or may be the right match hasn’t arrived. Here I am talking about the arrange marriage as he has not yet found anyoneon his own...atleast I am unaware of it..)

My bro who is running his own clinic needs a working partner who should understand him and his family (such a common line…hai na) he needs a good looking, well qualified girl. (Obviously which man doesn’t?) The problem is, the one which my parents choose, he doesn’t like her. And vice versa. :-( Such a fed-up situation. Why cant a god give a sign that yes yes yes….he/she is the only one? (koi flower should fall in her palms or into her chunni) Then this unnecessary search time would be reduced. Simple. waise bhi it's said "marriages are made in heaven"...then dear God just once you convey the signal and rest all will be taken care by us. But Contrary to the above Bold, italic line their is one more line to think upon "no pain no gain" ( who wrote all this, such an anti-quotes)...So again the same process.....continues....:-)

But seriously guys I am thinking of the day when my bhabhi will come and I will sit with her, talk to her, do something for her, help her, go shopping with her, play with my nephew and niece(well long time for that…but I can think,,right ). I am looking forward to that wonderful day of celebrations and enjoyment.

Hope for the best match…..All the Best Bro!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you get the world’s best girl….and I too get the world’s best bhabhi. :-))))))))))))

Think & Tell

Hi all.... few days before I read one line...
"Life is simple , not easy"
I found this quote very interesting, containing a great amount of wisdom.Then I thought of finding the examples for it.So started thinking......... Hmmmm...lots of mental exercise is going.
............and the thinking process is still goign on......................
Can anyone explain this line to me ...plzzzzzzzzzzz?????

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Did U like my blog's face?

After a long time I thought of changing my blog's Template...and fortunately this was the one which got uploaded. I am not the software person , moreover, I did this after so many days that today I forgot the procedure of uploading it. :-) . But how could my blog be with an old face? We too go to parlours for our maintanence... and then why not my blog need a renovation in its appearance...??? hia na..??
So this is how it looks....
I liked it my favourite colour is blue...and the beauty of nature adds spark to it...

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Oh I am so excited to come back on my Blog. Long time I dint visit it…and also didn’t check others posts too. Today I will definitely. Everyday I thought of sharing my daily happenings with you all but couldn’t as the only thing which runs in my mind is SCHOOL. To inform you all, we are in the education industry since 1999 and now we are shifting our base to a new location. A new BIG building with better looking face, fresh feeling, and more interesting/educative features. Building a school is not a small affair. (infact, lots of affairs are involved in it). I know you all will agree to it. But just by agreeing will not make you realize the ups & downs; the pain & the pleasure of this new journey. So dear all here I am here to share, spread and spill the thoughts, experiences and my judgments on the topic SCHOOL. What a school needs???

First, you have to have a lot of CAPITAL (of course). You start a venture & you create a budget in suppose 2007. As the time passes you see your expenses have exceeded your budget. And your building is just 60% complete (hmmmmm….).And you now start thinking about the expenditure involved decorations and interiors of the hall, class etc. oh!! again the same thing......from where to find a real meaningful Money Plant.

Second, All the LEGAL FORMALITIES: This is what I don’t like. There are so many clauses, sub clauses. Truly all are bouncers for me. Thanks to my hubby that we ladies don’t have to step out of the home for this.

Third all the BASIC NEEDS: Water, electricity, drainage etc.. hmm nice na. Well to create water boring, might take Rs 2 lacs. It is your luck to get it in one chance. Unfortunately we were not. Thrice we did and succeded.

Fourth, ADVERTISEMENTS & PUBLICITY: Thanks to my friend who really helped and guided me with his ideas. & all free of cost….so nice…We gave the ads on TV, Banners, distributed Palmplets.We made 10000 palmplets thinking its enough. But no man its not….its very less. We are now again ordering for the more. Hey suggestions on this??

Fifth, INFRASTRUCTURE: It’s necessary right!! (Well like any other above mentioned). Hey here I want to thank the Govt who is acting well this time. All the roads are being constructed properly which can provide a safe, fast, smooth & non-vibrating way to school. Happy Parents…hai na. Great Road Towards Success….

Sixth, FURNITURE etc: Tables, chairs, water cooler, blackboard, teacher staff, management people, telephone, computers, and many other things like these.

Seventh, ADMISSIONS: The most important thing (and this make me happy). Parents coming with their child for admission give me a sense of satisfaction. Well students are the essentials of the school…without whom no use…hai na.??? Hey but when they ask stupid questions like what’s the difference between this and another school. (uffff. The same old traditional question) I feel like asking the same question to their child also. But I can’t (tragedy). But some day I will ask them. Let my day come. Right now Beggars can’t be choosers.

Eighth, SCHEMES: giving concessions on fees, chocolates to children, luring them to come – join our school .hihihi. What all one has to do? Convincing the parents to admit their children in our school, as we provide the safe environment and strong base of education.

Ninth, OPENING CEREMONY: may be held in July, but my opening speech is ready. Waiting for that grand day…….

Tenth, LIVING UPTO THE EXPECTATIONS: As I already told our school’s age is 10 yrs. We are known as a good institution and maintaining this reputation and goodwill is an important task. But we really feel like a baby, though not a new born. But yes who can crawl and desperately wants to stand on it's feet and run.

WISH US LUCK ……………………………………………………