Saturday, January 29, 2011

Now I have Realised...........

Some how I am losing my touch and my writing at this space. Every I open my account..check few of my favourite bloggers posts...and still dont feel like writing....

But just like a monthly report ..I would acquaint you all with few happenings in the past days....

Neil is 3.5 yrs now..and we want him to go in DPS now..and getting admission in DPS is not an easy task.....their is hell lot of competition...(not only skill based but also money based) . Bhilai doesn't have top listed DPS is the only option left ...Their is a test conducted on these little kids..for nursery admission...which includes Observance , interview, coloring, aptitude and attitude etc....

I would tell you all, that there was and still is a lot of pressure, that whether Neil will make it or not. I consulted one lady who took coaching for this purpose...sent Neil there..for the soul purpose that he should learn something there.....and yes he has gained lot of knowledge doubt.....

But sending him was a hard task ...... although he never denied going to class but I always felt pity on him....his schedule was so tight and looking that I had become very impulsive (my friends and family experienced that) Today was the last day of his DPS entrance Class. I am surely feeling happy that he has come out of that tight schedule(his class was for 1.5 hrs in the evening)...and is now getting time to play....
I am happy that today after 2 months I played cricket with him outside(as for 2 months I used to play indoor games with him)....I am happy , he rode cycle in the street , I am happy that he was not bound in the time frame...I know this would not last for long...but I want him to enjoy this moment.....

From today I have changed his time table.....letting him do whatever he wants...yes not insensible of course.....I am still not confirm whether he will get admission in DPS but I have made mind to relax....and not to strain him too.....

Sometimes we have so many expectations from those who dont even understand what are they expected for and why?

I want to write about the schools a they grill students and all...but not now ..... as I am not in that state of complaining although I want to...

Little Children are literally screwed...and we parents want to screw them too...

Chalo anyways one more thing I need to tell you guys....after a long time Neil was at home in the evening and to make us realize his presence today .... he broke our bedroom's T.V. ..But i dont blame on him...he stood quietly near it...and regretted what he did..and said he will never watch T.V. again.....
And as soon as he went in another room where T.V. was already on ...asked us switch to Cartoon what to say....?????


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happpy Newww Yeaarrr

May all your dreams, wishes etc etc...come true this year....

My last post was long time back, and now I have again taken my resources out for writing.
Last year, last month was little hectic for three main reasons. -
1. Various Competitions held at school
2. Preparing Neil for those competition.
3. A trip to Kanha National Park

December is the month of different competitions like Fancy dress- Theme and Open, then Fashion show. Preparing Neil was the toughest, as he was always hesitant in carrying the get-ups and then coming on the stage. I had to constantly coax him with different things to do well on stage. By the end of the competitions he slightly got charged up.

It was good that every time he got some position. Few of his pics are::

Few pics of Kanha -------

Last to last year too we went to Kanha Trip and this time also grabbed the chance to visit it. Just one thing missing was, spotting tiger. But really enjoyed being in Jungle for two days.

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed my last month of 2010. Again I wish a wonderful 2011 to you all....

Friday, December 3, 2010

Answer to the Picture

Given a toy to a kid, new experiments will be done on it….

like that I had that night in my hand,

a camera and a wish to experiment something with it…..

My Journey started with-

Camera – to take pictures…of course I cannot cook using it…..

Clicked Object – anything which is beautiful or else something my cam could make striking and good looking.

Search for object – for sure there was nothing interesting inside home…so stepped out…(every nature lover would do that) . Sad part my experiment started at night…moreover no hi-tech cam…just the will to research … and there I found an object…that body was good ….. but clicking that would not have been interesting…infact trying something else would have been fun and amusing…tried capturing it in different modes but nothing paid me….

But try try try until you cry - one mode helped me out of several modes….but again not up to my expectations. Had to put in more thoughts…and I decided to move my camera in a circular motion…..and there was this image which I think was different and could make many brains scratch their head….(I think it made you all do that)…..

I am glad to get so many varied answers .. and glad that three of them have answered it correctly…..and they deserve an applause…Good Boys…

Names are – Harshad, Abhay and Nipun(the late comer)……..nice guess men…

In this course of getting answers, I got to know that people are very much aware of photography…(may be they are professionals or they are interested in such field)…and also got acquainted with the term of light painting. Thanks to Kshitij for that….it must be interesting doing the same….

Many bloggers found it to be a led bulb, but it’s not that too .. its not a neon light, not a cracker, nt an ulta ‘e’and not even a fluorescent toy…….

It is a thing which doesn’t have light of it's own but gets light from the another…..if you enlarge the pic you would also see one more pic to its left…a thin curved line … I have not used any special camera, no telephoto lens(I haven’t seen that too) and no flash is used here.

The object is a Moon and another one is star.

The only thing I did was, focusing the moving camera on the object keeping the night mode on (isn’t it sounding too easy) try this yourself. The thin line is of a star which was next to the moon

Few more pictures of it I am uploading here.

Below is the picture of moon with its original shape...and to the left is small star...:)

PS – I got very high level answers from those who are into the field of photography. Guys this post was just posted for fun and a wish to share the pic of an uncommon shape of a moon with you all. It was not a test or so……

PPS – thanks to everyone for guessing

Monday, November 8, 2010


Hey everyone.....clicked this picture... check it out and GUESS what is it???

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chamatkaar/Shraddha Vs Science......

“Chamatkaar” - News 1 – “Jwala Devi prakat hui Anoopshahar mein”…. My MIL called me to watch this news when she heard it on Television. She was too excited to show me this “Chamatkaar”. The news informed that, fire is blazing from 9 different parts, near the river Ganga in Anoopshahar. One could even notice the bubbles coming within the river. The coincidence is that this incident has been taking place since the day Navratri started and only 9 `places have got fire. The reason of this occurrence is unknown to all. People believe that this is the chamatkar of Jwala Devi. The saints are going extreme with this kind of natural chemical phenomenon, naming it as a Devi’s magic.

Q1. How many of you believe that this is the Chamatkaar?
Q2. How many have the curiosity to know the reason? (Like I have)
Q3. Can you provide the logic for this?
Q4. How will you rate the education of our society?

Chamatkaar” - News 2 – Case of Itarsi – People are sticking coins in this temple. It is believed that if anyone’s coin gets stuck on the walls, then ones wishes would be accepted. And if it doesn’t then your wishes will be deprived. The specialists say that it is due to the stickiness of the wall that the coins are getting pasted. But the people have closed eyes, blindly go on sticking the rupee One coin.

Q1. Is/n’t this called “andhi Shraddha”?
Q2. Such incidents make them follow the ritual. Why one is not interested to know the right scene?

Astha Ya Pagalpan - News 2 – (i) A girl of fifteen years old. Her palm is acting like a Diya. Since five days she has been holding the burning wick in her hands and constantly stimulating it with Ghee. She says this is the Diya of Devi Maa, And she will never let it blow off for the whole 9 days. Last year too she did the same for 9 days. People say she is blessed by the Mata.

(ii) One man has grown jowar on his whole body. I saw this man sleeping in a Temple. And all over his body the grown up jowar plants could be seen. This man neither eats nor drinks for the whole 9 days.

Q1. Are/n’t they crazy?
Q2. Do you believe in such Bhakti?
Q3. In first case, If she thinks it was Devi’s Diya, then why was she providing Ghee to it?…(devi ka diya waise bhi jalta hi)
Q4. What is the purpose?

PS – I am not offending any ones religious sentiments…..just beg them to find out answers rather than just blindly following the convention.
And hey would also like to know …what you guys would like to add on ..and how you react to all these…..

Happy Navrtra….

Friday, October 8, 2010

Heaven !!

Isnt it Marvelous...? Nothing less than Heaven.....i got this pic while searching for the wall textures...and found an amzing peice....instantly showed it to hubby.....and hey look at the background.....i just loved it...:))

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Questions do come in my mind usually.............this time again...I pass on this question to you all...a very simple question.

Yesterday it popped up in my mind and I got confused...coz till now what I had learnt and yesterday what I experienced was quite different ----

The word "Sanskaar" came to my mind.....I ask you all -

1. What is meant by the above word?

2. How many features does it comprises?

3. Which is the most significant point in it?

4. Any missing point - does it mean Non - Sanskari? or else who can be called that?

If you want to state any of the live examples...kindly do would be helpful for me to understand it more..

hope to get nice answers on it start scratching your head and provide some understandable answers :)