Friday, January 15, 2010

3 Idiots.....

I know I am late in this, still wanted to share the movie "3 Idiots" with you all...with the great hype and positive reviews, I and my hubby went to watch it in the hall, after having anxiously waited for the tickets for about 3 weeks....

We both went there with very high spirits and enthusiasm....and were very happy thinking its good to be late than never...It was Thursday, yet the hall was crowded....I am not used of seeing such a huge crowd turning up for any movie in the place like Bhilai....and that also during weekdays. But it was nice realising that we were not the only one who were deprived from watching the movie earlier..

Ok now coming to movie...My first opinion - it's a great movie with a great theme...I liked everyone's performance...and even my sweet Kareena's too....She looks so cute in those specs.....I know many of you don't like her but I find her very admirable....every actor has ended up doing their roles perfectly. It has a good humor in between. But unfortunately, at the end of the film there is no solid scene which occupies my mind...:-(

Yes, I know that there was a serious issue being dictated in it....but in bits and parts.....I question when will this Reel life going to meet the Real life.

My son, since the time of his birth, is being told that he has to take care of the business of his father. His future is pre-thought and pre-decided without his prior consent. Many a times I have refused the idea, saying ,"no, he will do whatever he wishes to do" but everytime I got the same response "then who will take care of all these things", "he has to succeed his father"...hmmmm....well aren't we cutting his freedom of thoughts and actions....this is not only in our case but many....still white collared jobs are the favourite...why do we act like Boss...I still can't forget when one of my aquaintace tried to commit her father wanted her to become CA, and she was so much inclined towards Arts.....(Is Suicide an eye opener for parents?)

Secondly, the system in which we are studying...we are mainly concerned with the other's marks, rather than ourselves....we are more anxious in knowing what the other guy is doing, whether he is earning more than me?....whether he has a car?, whether he travels by plane? etc.....such issues are so much in our mind that we just waste 60% of our times worrying the same....

I remember once I was asked, that why are we opening a school, when you have everything?? I never had thought this question would ever be put to me...Well, its just that we already have a school and now we are shifting the same into a new big building....not because we have nothing but to maintain or infcat raise the present level of living....every person wants to be occupied in some or the other way...and I am liking it :-) but yes we all are much more worried with the success of the school rather than enjoying this state....but I think it's a human nature...had we not been thinking of this threat , it would have been unnatural condition..right...??

Well coming to the movie...:-) (which I feel I had drifted from it a little)...Simple - It couldnt take my heart away.....It was just like any other movie(hmm.....can say little better)....yes the feel was good....but sorry all, did'nt impress me ...... I wanted something extra from the whole movie...I was waiting for that extra punch for the whole 3 hrs....but was disapointed a little....You know I am still telling my feel good for the movie...but my mind is not letting me feel that......I missed that tickel in my bones .......and this was my Second Opinion.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why life is not a Fairy Tale???

Have you ever thought why life is not a Fairy Tale?

Well what if you get those three basic things food, clothing and shelter without any work done.

Imagine, you living in a big palace, having 100's of servants working under you. At your command they provide anything & everything to you. You have top class clothes for you. Lavish life style. Great varieties of food daily at lunch & at night; your holidays are spent in the great surroundings of beautiful nature amidst hills or beach which ever you choose. You stay in 7-star hotel everytime and there are 100's of people taking care of you, escorting you, and acting upon your wishes. Ahhh!!! too good....what else one would ask for??

Hey, hey, hey wait. This thought can not only come to you. It can come to anyone. Yes anyone. Now suppose God gives this chance to everyone. And now think, in your big Palace, you are alone(of course you have a family, but they themselves have their own set of wishes and have shifted to a new big palace of their own)

You have no servant. No TV. No magazines. Reason - because everyone is now the king of oneself. They do not wish to work now. They have a grand and luxurious life. No music for obvious reasons. No food as there will be no one to cook. Next, You go out on a tour and you find 7- star hotels but mind you, you are your own host and you have to serve yourself. You yourself are the waiter and the customer too.

Obviously this will be the case if everyone gets what he/she wants. Who will work then? Well it's just a hypothetical thought. We work hard to get such pleasures. And when we get these materialistic things or the beautiful moments, we feel like we are fairies ourselves.

You know when I bought my first mobile out of my salary, I was proud of myself. Whatever things I bought out of my income are so precious to me.

So all you folks, rather than living in a fairy's world, come in the real world, full of excitement of all kinds. We have a bhel puri here of all the good times and worse times. And we with our deeds make the most of our good and try to lessen the bad. Even God help those who help themselves.....Right????

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dil toh Baccha hai ji...............

Kuch dino se ye gana mere jubaan mein chadha hai...."DIl to baccha hai ji....."

DIL is really wants to be a bacha sometimes. And I have that kid still in me...yes really.
I want to tell you all that I still play with kids who are not more than 6- 7 yrs....I enjoy playing anything with them even antakshari. They don't understand my old songs and I dont remeber the new song's lyrics. and I just hum with them...but it's a great game.

I enjoy cartoons. Specially Tom and Jerry. I love to lough out loud with my son, Neil. All credit goes to him for introducing more and more cartoon characters to me as I only knew few. The added ones are Doremon, chota bheem , Richie Rich, Pokemon, etc etc...

I still like to sleep with my mother in her arms my kid loves. Irrespective of the fact that my kid does'nt like me getting near my mother.. (He thinks his mother is for him only). (hmm...but somtimes i have be a mother too).

I still laugh out loud without caring who is watching my unalligned set of teeth ....:-)=
I still like jumping in joy, and I also make Neil jump with me.(he must be amused to see his mother in this state).

I still like hiding myself behind the doors and screaming into the ears of the person entering the room and making fun of him if he is scared by my devil act....poor man.....

And yes, once I with my hubby, made one guy so scared that he was about to get a heart attack but thanks to our gentle man's and gentle lady's heart that we just spared him. And yes I will share this incident in you later in my next post, as right now dont have time as the kid in me not letting me sit at one place for a longer time.

Hey but before going, tell me, do you still have that kiddy kid in you? In this stressful life, do you think you should be a carefree child sometimes????Well I do think.....afterall, Dil toh baccha hai ji......!!!!!!!

Am I looking like this now???

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Marriage........ No....Yes.....YES!!!!

In the past few months I have seen boys and girls getting skeptical about marriage. In recent conversation with one of my friend, I found that he is very scared to lose his freedom and space after tying a knot. I tried to make him understand that, this is a myth and is not true.

Unfortunately, it’s not him only who has this misconception but many others too. Girls are too concerned with their freedom. They feel they will have to sacrifice their work, their money and their independence just for the sake of marriage.

Yes, it’s true that there is a cut on your freedom, but why we should think the negative part of it. There are many good things that come in the package called - Marriage. In these 4.5 yrs of my marriage I have come across lots of bad and good. Many times I have bowed down and many times my partner has sacrificed.

G(husband) has given me my freedom and I have given him his space. But yes many times we have fights but which relation doesn’t have? But at the end of the day we smile and forget about the negativity amongst us. After all what we want in the old age; a company, a good partner, a good support which one can expect through marriage.

Yes, many a times I have thought I should not have got married, as I missed the entire fun all which I had earlier. But can’t forget the fun which is part of my life now. It’s said past is past and live the present. Why to think about the past when you are still enjoying. I am fortunate to get the good in my life…good background and good family and good husband and in-laws.

There are many good things beyond the dark side of marriage. But yes till the time one gets a good and suitable prospect, one can enjoy one's so called freedom. But never have negative feelings for marriage. Believe me it’s not that bad. And yes Marriages are made in heaven but maintenance must be done on earth.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't sit idle, mom!!!!

This is what my kid tells me everytime....(His thinking mind: Hey, mom u sitting idle, come let me make you work....)

5mins over , 10 mins past ...where is Neil? i had to get up from my chair ( i was blogging that time) ...hmmmm....went down stairs and heard my maid getting irritated at Neil..Y? I looked down and i just couldnt stop grinning in frustration.....their was a black and white mixture, fallen on the floor....the mixture was of sugar(white) and mustard (black) seeds...

Can u think of differentiating the two after this?..........well it was a hard task..but how can I bow down on such mischief of had to take the challenge ....

I, with my maid's help, separated as much possible and then washed those mustard ....sugar got dissolved and mustard got separated...and the left mixture, which contained more sugar, I use it while making tea... :-) hey but the tea's taste is not effected. :-)

This was my first task given to me by my son in the start of 2010, which I think I managed well...:-)..but dear not looking for more like these...hushhhh

Friday, January 1, 2010

Pleasant Start

1st Jan 2010....Thanks, for bringing a great start of the year. At 12 am we cut the cake....and celebrated with lots of crackers and fireworks... it was really a nice start enjoying with all our friends and kids...
Morning was quiet lazy....for a change no work , just lying idle on the bed and relaxing as we had slept at 3.30 am...still got up early but dint want to step out of the bed....Husband had planned to go out for lunch no cooking also...this was a very good idea for me as it motivated me to relax more inside my cozy blanket....:-) all what i worked was for my son....altogether it was a nice holiday for me....
Its said that what you do on the first day of the new year ...u continue doing as my start was quiet lazy, but I know i will not get that first day again...:-) (everytime a person can't have a rest time...rite)