Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 - I Welcome U

Hello everyone........By the time u will read this post new year would have set in.....So HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you......

Time has just flown away ....and another new time has experience joys, sorrows, love, care, etc. Last year was filled with all the emotions like these. But I wish this time new year brings more n more happiness to me and to all of all our near and dear our family... to our everyone.

2009 had shown many things like recession, and inflation...being a family person I could see the effect in our lives too...though many good things happned as well....(I started sharing my views through Blog :-) )

2010 expectations: many...... I wish the success in all fronts... I wish our new school reaches the heights of success.....facing all the challenges bravely and confidently.....learning new things....and working out things perfectly.......

My husband gets so much work that he gifts me a Diamond :-)

My family is blessed with good health, happiness and longevity.

There is list of wishes and expectations from this new cycle of 365 days...

I would like to welcome 2010 with a positive feeling accepting whatever it gives to me and I see it with lot of pleasant surprises, lots of new relations (strengthening the present relations too), emotions, attitude and approach.

I pray we all get whatever we want... Wishing You All A Great, Amzing, Thrilling, Lovely And Wonderful 2010..........

Always keep SMILING))))))))))))))))))))))))

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Can't live without you

Few days before, I read one interesting article. I would like you to read it as it’s very interesting.
One day every organ of a body complained to stomach and asked, “Do you do any work or just eat and eat? And here we all work whole time. You also have to work else we all will go in different direction”.

Stomach answered,” How can you say that? I also work”.

Listening his answer legs said to other organs, “He doesn’t work but just eat. From now we will not go anywhere in search of food for it.”

Hands said, “We will also not open our fingers for him”.

Mouth said, “I will not swallow a single piece of food”.

Teeth also promised not to chew anything for him.

Like this every organ decided to go on a mass strike. Resulting in weakness in every part of the body.

Legs couldn’t walk and fingers couldn’t move. Mouth repented on the strike and said, “This is all because we did strike. We could have avoided it. It would be better if we return to work.”

Every organ started their work again and in few days everything became normal.

Now it was stomach’s turn to speak, “Have you understood now what my work is? I give you all the nutritive juices due to which you get strength”.

Got the point?

An enjoyable dinner

(I wrote this post on 25th morning but couldn’t post it)

Hey, after a long time I went for a long-long drive. Well first off all Merry X-Mas.
One this day every year we go to club to enjoy, eat and dance. But this time we couldn’t go as we dint get the passes. It was sad time… but as its said whatever happens, happens for good.

My husband had planned somethingelse. He took me on a long drive on the highway to a ‘dhaba’. And I love going there. At night driving on the highway after so many days was very nice and exciting.

The food was great the ambience was nice. Moreover we also watched INDIA- SRILANKA match on TV, which was like an icing on the cake. We won also. (Just coz I watched it after so many days) :-)

Next time I will not mind, not going to club. As I know there will be more happeningthing at the other end.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Naughty Days are going on n on.....

When I entered my bed room today what i saw ............Neil sitting on my bed’s side table looked at me and smiled. (Always remember when a kid looks at you with a smile, and then there is something wrong for sure). I went near him and saw the whole bottle of almond oil was spilt over the glass table. Oh my lord, I cried. Well this was the second time he did this. Earlier when he was just 1 yr old without knowing what he is doing. But today it was an interesting game for him.

Oil was on his hands, face everywhere. On top of it, he was cleaning the table with his oily hands. (He knew his mother is there to clean at the end) but he wanted to help me. (Dear son, I don’t want such helps from your side)

In a busy morning you don't wish such things to happen which take so much time form your busy schedule. The moment I saw this I wanted to just hit him. But felt that there is no use as he doesn’t know the mistake of his. I told him his mistake and made him hold his ears till the time I cleaned that oily place. And he was quiet amused to see all this…:-). Obviously I know he might not have realised his mistake.

Demands unlimited

Since my childhood I have got what I wanted. I remember I never had too many demands though. When I got to know the meaning of birthday I demanded Maggie as a gift (which was so easy for my parents to give). :-)

When I desired to have a doll I got a Barbie, with a living room set. As far as I can recall my next demand was when my graduation was over, I wished to join MBA. And again my wish was granted. From then and now I think my words have never been fallen down. I know this was because my demands were real and approachable.

Now take my kids case. Tuesday he demanded for a cake, and unfortunately one day before it was finished. The moment he got to know it’s finished, he started crying like someone has slapped him terribly. The whole home members got up on their toes and started wondering what to do now!!! As the markets remain close here on Tuesdays and at home also cake would have taken about 1 hr to get ready. But as we all know what are grand parents made of. They can’t even see the single drop of water in their grand child’s eyes and that time the situation was very week. Dadaji immediately took his car and went in search of a cake. After about 10- 15 mins he returned, and presented the cake to him. And with no surprise (to me at least), kid just smiled and ran away into another direction. We were left with no choice but to look at each other.

A growing child has many demands, like games, choices in food; choices in clothes…..yes choices in clothes. Neil, my son when was just 2 yrs. We went to buy his birthday dress in a shop. We literally had to ask him whether he will wear that particular dress or not. If he liked it, he said yes. If he dint, he cried to try out another.

Whenever I roll the chapattis, he takes one stool and stands on it near me. He just doesn’t want to see what I am doing but also he wants to take that dough and start rolling. If not given, then u can imagine by now what he will do.

Oh, he loves mouth fresheners like saunf, cloves, etc. He wants it at any time of the day/night. You know this time also he is sitting beside me and asking the same. :-)

If you think these are very less demands…read more to know him more.

He has addiction of mobiles. He wants everyone’s mobiles. Till now we had bought 4 new mobiles, just because every time he takes our mobile and after sometime we it dipped in the glass full of water or in a bucket filled with water.

Whenever I wear him new clothes, he every time wishes to got a hotel. There is one big hotel in our city. He recognizes it form a long distance. If the car is not turned towards it, he screams, “papa hotel-hotel”.

Well this is the starting; we will have to face more of these often. No worries. But I can feel the diversity of demands in my time and this time.
And hey dont go by his looks he is veyr naughty.....:-)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

REINCARNATION - Truth or not ????

Few days before a new show on Reincarnation has been started. It come on NDTV imagine. Many people come and get the information about their past lives. Many celebrities have also come. There is one Dr. who by her words takes them into their previous births. Lot of information is collected to solve the problems he/she faces in this birth.

The question is – Does a man have a rebirth?
Does a soul migrate from one life time to another?
Can he recollect the memories of his past life?
Do we have to pay for our bad deeds done in earlier life?
Are our earlier relatives still with us in our present lives, just by changing relations of that time?
Can we wish anything now for our next birth?
When this rebirth does happen?
Why does it happen?
Is our next birth dependent on our karmas of the present life?
Above all, does it rule out the believe that after death, one goes to heaven or hell?

There are so many questions running in my mind.
It is said that if a person wished something at the time of his death then that person gets a rebirth.

I remember my aaji (grandmother) used to say that if you do good then you get a birth of human otherwise you become an animal. If this way it goes, then all animals were bad humans and all humans were good animals. But as per the show all those who have come, have some kind of fear in them.

Like one lady died in an aero plane so in this birth she is very afraid to sit in it.
Another, Monika Bedi lost her husband in a truck accident in her previous birth and at the death moment he said “phir milenge” and she thinks that she has met him in her present life(though subconsciously also she didn’t tell his name), which sometimes make me think …is all fake things going on.

My Mil says that my husband has got a rebirth. Once in his childhood, everyone went to Konark Temple. Reaching there he recognized every part of it…he knew every nook and corner of the temple, which surprised everyone in the family as no one from the family had visited that place before. This incident again brings me to same question, Does it really happen?? If yes then:

Am I also reincarnated?
What was I in my previous births?
After how many years I have got this birth?

Did i do something wrong? which i think I have not, going by my aaji's theory.

Do I have a fear of anything?
And, What’s the purpose of this birth? Like Rishi Kapoor had in the film 'Karz' and SRK had in the film 'Om Shanti Om'.

I often wish to know all these, but am scared to know coz, if I had done something wrong then that can effect my present life. So without thinking I will agree to one of my friend's opinion that it only gives tesion when one knows it. Hence no quest to know mine.

But still this whole thing mounts up the interest in me to know more. And if given a chance what would one want to be in next birth? You tell your's…….but you will have to go to heaven not hell. I think this choice of choosing an option would be provided to those only. So start acting nicely. :-)

Obsessions of life

Obsessions of my life are so many...I likeand love so many things that they get into my regular routine..if not daily then weekely...the below mentioned are my loveable activities:

  • EATING : Its my weekness. I love eating, though not a glutton, but can't resist sometimes. Idli being my favourite;can eat at any odd time of the day. Paobhaji, noodles (which many a times, i ask my hubby to bring at home even after dinner), gol gappe ( my uncle used to call it Circular talkes), cakes pastries, pastas( my new loved dish), rajma, Mcd Burger( which I get only in Delhi).

  • Travelling: O dear hubby , plz take me somewhere. Long time no travel. I love going to different places and enjoying the climate, the nature, food etc etc..what not.

  • Music: I love every type of sensible music which is melodious for my ears and soul. Lyrics attract me more. I listen while cooking, eating sleeping, while cleaning, etc, even when I am in bathroom I take my mobile to play any song depending upon my mood :-)

  • Movies: I love watching romantic, horror, thrill, comedy, fulltu time pass movies also.

  • Shopping: Well every girl likes it and thankfully my husband also doesn't stop me loving my this love. Whenever I go to Delhi I always come back back with two more bags with me.

  • Computer games: I become a kid while palying PC games. It has stopped a little for the time being, but any time this obsession can hit me again.

  • Internet: Now blogging being the new bug in my mind. It has become a new love for me.

  • Exercising: I think this obsession will help me to reduce my fat, that accumulates after eating so much :-)

Last but not the least... I am self obessesd coz of various reasons...:-)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh Winters - Miss u dear!!

That red face of mine, those watery eyes, that foggy climate.uuu...brought shivers to my bone.

Waking up late in the mornings coz the sun didn't feel to show up its light....and if by chance I woke up early, din't feel like closing my eyes again coz this season had beautiful mornings. Dew drops on the grass and leaves made me fresh even without having washed my face..:-)

In the afternoons, if the sun becomes merciful, we used to go to the terrace to eat oranges and gauvas. Lying down their thinking Vitamin D is better for health.

Touching our pals with the chilled hands on their open parts. Having hot coffee with hot samosas.

Rubbing my palms thinking when summers gonaa come. (ironicall though)

Walking in the streets of CP, during X-mas time and till the new year, in those chilly nights... finding warmth in the roadside lights, which beautified every street.

Sleeping tightly, hugging my mother in one blanket...getting the best warmth I could get...

Oh Winters - I miss u dear!!!!!!!!

(note: After marriage I have been staying in CG where winters dont fall but only thought off)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Have I gone CRAZYY??

Yesterday I couldnt sleep till 3.30 in the night. Why??? Because I was thinking on various topics. For?? To write in my blog. Obviously.:-)

My mind was so much occupied with different subjects which I never thought of. There were rushes of topics going on in my mind. My mind had become a grafitti. At such a late hour, I took my diary and noted all the thoughts which arrived at my mind station (late night arrivals).

After working so late also(as I call work), I got up early in the morning at 6.30 am with a nice feeling ...of? of blogging ofcourse..:-)

I think i have gone mad, crazy ....havn't I?


I have been taught to follow the truth which can be scientifically or logically proved. I am fortunate that my family has never given importance to them.
‘billi rasta kaat gayi; chhikkna, kala dhaga’ and the most common ‘ nazar lagna’

Nazar lagna being the most common acceptable belief amongst the society has somehow influenced my thinking in some ways. If one is beautiful,ek kala tika; if one is going to start a new work, dahi khilana. .If one is good at something he catches an evil eye….

I wasn't understanding the funda at all. Then one day I was blessed with a baby boy. Like every mother I wanted him to be healthy and happy. At continuous cries of his, made everyone think that he had caught a bad eye. Then all the process of taking out that nazar used to take place. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

I often wonder how was my life so simple before, when all these believes were not there with me…and I still managed to live a happy life and now after a baby why am I trusting these things, which are not scientifically proven. (Is my education telling me not to believe it?)

But now slowly and slowly, I have also started thinking like the society. Now I think twice before praising him,
kisi ne nazar lag gayi toh.

But the basic human thinking or views don’t change so easily. I sometimes find myself on T-point, one where you are a superstitious and another where you are not. Though in doubt, I would still like to choose the second road. Mat be beacause of my upbringing.


India is the largest populated country. Rich in culture and heritage. It has rich minerals and a large base of agriculture. After 60 yrs of independence we have developed a lot. Statisticaly our progress graph is rising high and high. Our human resource is valued abroad too.

But like "diya tale andhera", there are lots of area where we are lacking. Today two men came to our home. They work in the Govt school. They gave us the inside story that they have not been paid for about 7 months. I know that these are not the only people who dont get their respective salaries but there are many more. Sometimes they dont get paid for about 1.5- 2 yrs. (Kadva sach)

These people borrow the money from their friends and live(not earn) their lively hood. Have to fill the stomachs of their family members in the limited pay or without pay. Sometimes in worse case they have to sell the property and also lead to home violence. Such a miserable state. Where the prices are mounting high day by day a portion of the population are still striving hard to get their basic necessities. (and people like us are never satisfied with whatever luxuries we have).

On the other hand , few months before ,I read in newspaper that one person was caught throwing notes in the municiple dustbin...just because he had too much money to handle. Such an monetray imbalance.

If there is any power to control this one sided money inflow, i wish it gets its charge as quickly as possible. This was one of the point India lags in ...will come up with many more..

My Heart cries out.......

As in my earlier post I mentioned about the monetary imbalance. Cotinuing on the same, I feel sad and ashamed when :-

  • i see sucides being committed by our farmers, because of land reasons, inability to pay loans, wastage of the farm yeilds etc.

  • i hear the news of women being molested in trains, airoplanes etc. Heart is filled with anger and agony. Few dogs dont even care to abuse our foreign guests.

  • i see little children begging at railway station, parks etc. (remembered Slumdog...)

  • we pay taxes and still we dont get the basic things like electricity and water.
    i see the worst roads, filled with gutter water etc. and instant repairing of those before the minister's arrival. Such a fake people.

  • i hear about terrorists attack. I really feel the pain and anger in me. I pray to god for peace in the country.

  • when i see human violence for no big issue... and issue just being the religion. i dont understand why our ancestors created this religion thing.....they should have got the futuristic attitude.....

I hope we as a responsible citizen, make few good changes within ourselves and the society.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Innocence in demand or not!!!!!!

"mere ghar ke bagal mein jo ghar tha mein wahan rehti thi"? was the answer given by the sweet little 5 yrs old girl who had just come to our neighbourhoodwhen i asked her the question,"where were u staying in Allahabad?". This answer was quick, smart yet innocent. I was stunned and amazed to hear such answer and I dnt think I would ever be able to forget this spontaneous one.

Neil, my 2 yrs old goes to school, in Play Group. One day he was not willing to go, and do u know at this age, would you believe wat reason did he give for not going was,"bahar barish, bag futta"('futta'being his pet word used often by him when somethign falls down or breaks) as it was raining that day, so he instantly found a reason, throwing a concern for his bag. I wonder from where these little kids get there brain. In our school days I remember we used to do whatever our parents or teachers used to tell without questiong or reasioning them. Can we say we were more innocent or simple?

One more incident i would like to share with you all. I was travelling in a train, when i heard one father saying, these days kids should be like Krishna and not Ram. The reason being Ram is believed to walk on the paths of truth, whereas krishna had a clever walk. i understud that father's words that he wanted his son to be clever;wherein our parents taught us to always beleive in truth. Well I wonder like this what our future children will be like.

Innocence is believed to fade due to various reasons like age, experience, knowledge, exposure, etc. Is this generation smart of thier age? This era of media, net etc has diminshed the degree and value of innocence in children. where we think we should guide them on something, these kids dont even bother to take our guidence. Things have changed now. These days students carry mobiles. They know every new upcoming ranges of mobiles, their features etc. They have a great knowledge in every feild...sometimes more than us. Moreover these kids have become manipulative and diplomatic too..

There is one famous line 'child like innocence'. That's true also , a child has a sweet innocent smile, which conquers every heart. But seeing the rapid changes in the kids from an early age, I wonder whether in next few generations, a new born child will have a frowning face, intuting the problems he will have to face as he has stepped into the world of complexities. its funny though and fictitous. But not impossible..:-)

Friday, December 11, 2009


"Roses are red, violets are blue..." this is the first thing which comes to my mind when i come across the word "rose". It is one thing which brings smile on every face. This flower brings joy and happiness. We never ignore them in any situation of our lives..This multi-utility natural product can be given, taken shared etc at different times, like:

  • I remember in my school days, my teacher used to luv those who used to bring her the beautiful roses. She used put it in her "juda" and the other student used to feel jealous that she dint put their roses. :-)

  • Roses and Girls: exactly, have to be with each other. just like women love diamonds; girls love roses. I remember how girls were keen on getting atleast one rose on Valentien -Day. Though I never got it in my teenage bt yes I got them from my hubby dear which meant a lot. After all its a symbol of love , dear.

  • Roses are not only meant for good times but can also act like pacifiers in tensed or bad situations.

  • Like they say, "good things can be decpetive" , roses too have thorns. In hindi we say, "meethi churii". I hate these type of people.

There are more than 100 different speciaes of roses, and countless subspecies and cultivars. Roses are prized all over the world for their beauty and scent, and are by far the most-sold cut flower worldwide. Most species of rose are native to Asia, with a few native to Europe, North America and northwest Africa.

Roses are of different colours, each signifying different meanings. Lets check out the clours then:

Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance, and a time-honored way to say "I love you."

As a symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is often given as an expression of admiration.

The yellow rose is an ideal symbol for joy and friendship. The bright, sunny color of yellow roses evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness.

White roses represent innocence and purity and are traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings.

With their blazing energy, orange roses are the embodiment of desire and enthusiasm. Orange roses often symbolize passion and excitement and are an expression of fervent romance.

With their fantastical appearance, lavender roses are a perfect symbol of enchantment. The lavender rose is also traditionally used to express feelings of love at first sight.

Giving roses on special occasions is a popular tradition but you can make your gift more meaningful if you choose a colour that conveys a specific message. RIGHT!!!!


Hi to all, being a new to this blog world..i m bit scard to write anything and as they say "dar ke aage jeet hai"..i m proceeding with my thoughts.... youknow i have been reading my friend's beautiful posts for a long time. but never got so interested till yesterday where i was hit by a blog bug. There i thought to give it a try. next what came in my mind was, 'what to write on'. I scratched my head and at last asked my dear hubby to give the topic. He said blindly to write on "roses". Hmmmmm.... i thought a little that its a nice topic but so limited to write on. But soon realised if one opens one mind, one can find that there's so much to think, explore, assume and amuse onself. So i proceeded towards my starting line of Blog Race. I wish i succeed in my Blogging responsilbly.