Sunday, September 12, 2010


Questions do come in my mind usually.............this time again...I pass on this question to you all...a very simple question.

Yesterday it popped up in my mind and I got confused...coz till now what I had learnt and yesterday what I experienced was quite different ----

The word "Sanskaar" came to my mind.....I ask you all -

1. What is meant by the above word?

2. How many features does it comprises?

3. Which is the most significant point in it?

4. Any missing point - does it mean Non - Sanskari? or else who can be called that?

If you want to state any of the live examples...kindly do would be helpful for me to understand it more..

hope to get nice answers on it start scratching your head and provide some understandable answers :)


  1. I think it means Culture. But I do not know its features. Perhaps, be obedient, and donot complaint. Or perhaps be cofortable in what you are.

  2. Sansakaar are what our parents taught us , not to talk rudely to elders, respect elders .. Do your work whole heartedly, not to lie, not to make excuses..

    Treat others as you would want to be treated urself.. These are the few I can think of ..

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  4. Rohini,

    It is a good test. You are good.

    Here is my answer:- Literal translation of Sanskaar is 'Value System'. So what does it mean...obviously you did not ask for English translation.

    Values System is our ethics, morale, ability to judge right vs. wrong and above all integrity.

  5. Sanskaar is the value imbibed in us from our childhood through various means like parents and our dwelling place or environment.

    Sanskaar has 2 features: Good and Bad

    The most significant point is how to use them and where to apply them. They are ours and only ours and no one can steal them from us.



    p.s. Why such a word? Teaching Neil??

  6. @ Annulal - thnx a lot for the meaning....:)

    @ Bikramjit - u have given good points thnx:)

    @ Aksh - thnx again for coming here and laying ur valuable comment ...and hey wats ur site..i cant access it

  7. @ A - thnx for taking the test...although it was nt a wasjust for my knowledge..and analysis..thnx agn for commenting

  8. @ Nipun - true,...sanskaar cannot be stolen....well sanskaar is imbibed neil is too taught simultaneously..but this question was nt for was for his Aai :)

    @ US - hmm..good...:)

  9. I would agree wholly on what Nipun said...

    It's not just the parents-our friends and environment puts the values in us.

    It's a person centric phenomenon, not at all region centric

  10. for me sanskaar is a spiritual channel that my grandmother used to watch a lot and at a very high volume.....disturbing every1 at home.....d channel has got very less TRP ratings....t.c

  11. @ Jon - r u sure its not region centric ?

    @ BS - funny:) i u sed to weatch it too myself smtimes with my mother father....nt that bad...:)

  12. Sanskar in the Indian context means a cultured approach. Now, that could vary from family to family, region to region within India itself. Some values remain common like respect of children for their parents, honesty, sincerity, speak the truth and so on. Basically, things we pass on from one generation to another, which hopefully would turn us into better human beings :)

  13. @ Rachna - Approach towards better human being..i like this...:)thnx Rachna...

  14. Rohini,

    Sanskaar our values, ethics, our culture our roots like all above have said. We internalize it or are made to internalize it from a very young age from everybody around us... it can be good and bad depending on how it is used. Whatever it be, it always traces back to who we are and where we belong...

    Will be back for more questions and posts.


  15. What i am thinking about this word is...

    If you are Sanskari that means you have some characteristics that people likes in you.. it may be you are obedient,polite. you are going to temple and do prayer. help older people and many more....

    So people collect all things and give one Word Sanskar. What i had mentioned above all are Good Sanskar there is also another side that is Asanskar. ;)

  16. . What is meant by the above word?
    Word can be synonym with Values, moral, integrity and Respect. These are instill in us by Parents, observation, teachers and Stories. It is an acceptable human behaviour towards life.

    2. How many features does it comprises?
    In literal sense Many..

    3. Which is the most significant point in it?
    Helps in becoming a better Human being

    4. Any missing point - does it mean Non - Sanskari? or else who can be called that?
    I didn't quite get your question :(

  17. it means values, respecting the human rights of others , opposing dishonest people, speaking truth are few are the examples.

  18. It means doing what your conscience deems right. The rest is all dictated by society and if you follow that, the world may "THINK" you are cultured.
    But if you do what you know is right, you'll "KNOW" that you are cultured.

    And the one dictated by society will vary from place to place, so if you follow that, you might be labelled cultured in Place A, but not in Place B. That just shows how fickle that definition is.

    I don't even know if all that made sense, and if this is what you asked, but posting the comment without re-reading it :)

  19. संस्कार शब्द का अगर विभाजन किया जाये को ये परिणाम सामने आता है "सम्यक् कृत्य" या "अच्छा कार्य" , तो ये हुआ शाब्दिक अर्थ

    संस्कार का मूल उद्देश्य होता है : पिछले जन्म के बुरे इफेक्ट्स को मिटाना और अच्छे इफेक्ट्स को अपने जीवन में इनक्लूड करना

    संस्कार के दो प्रकार के होते हैं १. बाह्य संस्कार अर्थात रीतिरिवाज जो की आन्तरिक संस्कारों के रक्षक है २. आंतरिक संस्कार अर्थात हमारी जीवनचर्या

    गौतम धर्मसूत्र के अनुसार संस्कारों की संख्या ४० है

    1. गर्भाधान
    2. पुंसवन
    3. सीमंतोन्नयन
    4. जातकर्म
    5. नामकरण
    6. अन्न प्राशन
    7. चौल
    8. उपनयन
    9 to 12. वेदों के चार व्रत
    13. स्नान
    14. विवाह
    15 to 19. पंच दैनिक महायज्ञ
    20 to 26. सात पाकयज्ञ
    27 to 33. सात हविर्यज्ञ
    34 to 40. सात सोमयज्ञ

  20. रोहिणी जी,

    और कोई जटिल{काम्प्लेक्स} प्रश्न हो तो पूछिए

  21. और हाँ हमारी नयी पोस्ट पढना ना भूलें ... बेहद जरूरी है

  22. That's an interesting word and I've enjoyed reading the comments. =) We have nothing like it, I think, but the general idea of it is something that I recognize and can identify with.

  23. Hi Rohiniji, I have an award for you.. in my blog..

  24. @ all - thnx all for ur valuable comments...:)

    @ Anulal - thnx for the award...and accepted it tooo:)

  25. visited your blog
    hope u do the same and
    enjoy reading my blog too



  26. I think Sanskaar means revival of tradition!!!

  27. Rohini, I had to delete my comments from your page as I gave my blog a new look...

  28. @ rohini.Hi. nice question.I FEEL"SANSKAR "as most of them answered are values ,traditions ,ethics to be incorporated in a person;but to add to it ,each person's sanskar is variable depending on the environmental and social obligations."SANSKAR "for a person grown up at one part of india may be different from the other;why India,if u go to a different part of the world ,they too hae their" sanskar".so to judge if a person is "asnskari"or not have sanskar is quite difficult,right?

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