Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chamatkaar/Shraddha Vs Science......

“Chamatkaar” - News 1 – “Jwala Devi prakat hui Anoopshahar mein”…. My MIL called me to watch this news when she heard it on Television. She was too excited to show me this “Chamatkaar”. The news informed that, fire is blazing from 9 different parts, near the river Ganga in Anoopshahar. One could even notice the bubbles coming within the river. The coincidence is that this incident has been taking place since the day Navratri started and only 9 `places have got fire. The reason of this occurrence is unknown to all. People believe that this is the chamatkar of Jwala Devi. The saints are going extreme with this kind of natural chemical phenomenon, naming it as a Devi’s magic.

Q1. How many of you believe that this is the Chamatkaar?
Q2. How many have the curiosity to know the reason? (Like I have)
Q3. Can you provide the logic for this?
Q4. How will you rate the education of our society?

Chamatkaar” - News 2 – Case of Itarsi – People are sticking coins in this temple. It is believed that if anyone’s coin gets stuck on the walls, then ones wishes would be accepted. And if it doesn’t then your wishes will be deprived. The specialists say that it is due to the stickiness of the wall that the coins are getting pasted. But the people have closed eyes, blindly go on sticking the rupee One coin.

Q1. Is/n’t this called “andhi Shraddha”?
Q2. Such incidents make them follow the ritual. Why one is not interested to know the right scene?

Astha Ya Pagalpan - News 2 – (i) A girl of fifteen years old. Her palm is acting like a Diya. Since five days she has been holding the burning wick in her hands and constantly stimulating it with Ghee. She says this is the Diya of Devi Maa, And she will never let it blow off for the whole 9 days. Last year too she did the same for 9 days. People say she is blessed by the Mata.

(ii) One man has grown jowar on his whole body. I saw this man sleeping in a Temple. And all over his body the grown up jowar plants could be seen. This man neither eats nor drinks for the whole 9 days.

Q1. Are/n’t they crazy?
Q2. Do you believe in such Bhakti?
Q3. In first case, If she thinks it was Devi’s Diya, then why was she providing Ghee to it?…(devi ka diya waise bhi jalta hi)
Q4. What is the purpose?

PS – I am not offending any ones religious sentiments…..just beg them to find out answers rather than just blindly following the convention.
And hey would also like to know …what you guys would like to add on ..and how you react to all these…..

Happy Navrtra….


  1. Yes rohini ji very valid questions you ahve asked , I dont know if its chamatkaar or not but if all that is happening then there has to be a reason behind it all

    the girl wit hthe diya and fire amazing how cum she is not being burnt..

    Happy naratra's to you too, and happy festivities and hey hey hey DIWALI comingggg I love it crackers and FOOOOOOOD :)


  2. Rohini,

    You asked difficult questions. Personally I believe in miracles though I am a technical person. But my definition of a miracle may be least twice in my lifetime I personally experienced miracles.....but the ones you mentioned are question mark but again faith is an important factor.

    Do you believe that 'Amrit' from Gurudwara Bangla Sahib can cure disease...some believe and some will come forward and share personal story.

  3. Yeah These are really Hardest question to answer and yes sometimes some incident with you never be less than Chamatkar.

    And yes Happy Navaratri. Where you used to Play Dandiya?

  4. Hello Rohini, I would like to know the answers to all your questions too. I remember years ago, one fine afternoon, news spread cross whole of India that Lord Ganesha was drinking milk. Was that a miracle too??

  5. very valid points you hav marked....ppl need to clarify things be4 following ....having faith on sum1 is understandable but blindly beliving on miracles and thn havin d faith is is build by life experienses and not by getting impressed by magics....but the truth is in india many ppl due to lack of education follow blndly.

    Ans 1:actully i believe it can b a chamatkar....coz whn we don't know how it happnd we can call it a chamatkar
    Ans 2:i am always curious abt the unknown things in life.
    Ans 3: NO LOGIC
    Ans 4: eve if sum1 is mba still he belives in MBA so I don't relate it with education ratigs.

    Ans 1:yaaa its crazy....pagalpan...a route through which they can get famous..or atleast they can be in news.
    Ans 2:i don't
    Ans 3:its fake.....very valid point rohini ji.
    Ans 4: purpose i hav already mentioned in the frst nswer of 2 chamatkar.

    Would lik 2 share a short story or should i call it a real grand mother (nani) she told me at the time of earthquake viberations if sum1 touches its tounge on wall...he/ she can't get ny disease in his/ her respective life...nd she said she did it....but after 3 years she died due to cancer and with lot of pain...i witnessed d pain she had....i hoped dat docs could hav given her sumthn so that she could hav less painful death but nothn happnd , she eventully died nd suffered lot of pain.....she was the most god fairing in our family....
    nyways drifting frm topic now...emotions geetn out.....very nice tght provokin post...t.cre

  6. I don't believe any of this nonsense. To me there is no chamatkar, just a way to fool people.

  7. This is Andhvishwas not any kind of chamatkar.

    Miracles do happen but they happen in such a way that very few believe them.

  8. Great post, Roihniji. You truly made a point through this post during Navrathri that there should be a dividing line between Bhakthi and superstition. Vision and blindness. Bhakthi is the Vision of the true manifestation of God in every thing around us and it does not approve of asking proofs. The Blindness of superstition always relies on proofs of miracles, to be performed.
    I do not know the answer of any of your questions, except the Q2. I do not want to know the reasons behind these things. I think, to know the reasons behind the causes would be like enquring an artist about the causes for his work of art. Once again Rohiniji, Avery apt post. Keep it up. Just wonderful and informative too. One more thing, happy Navrathri to you and family, especially your little ones :)
    Lots of love.

  9. hmm..some way these chamatkars..keeps the sentiments alive..good if it swings in a good direction..

    but yeah there should be a cause...its inbuilt feature of this universe..there is always a cause...there is always a cause!!

  10. Rohini,

    Finally I am back. Read all pending posts. SANSKAAR in my opinion is traits of a person, inherent and developed. The former are those a person is born with while later are taught or learnt following what parents, teachers or fellow persons do. These can be good or bad as per what others think. The backgroud in the picture was very eye catching. On this one, each to his or her own. It is basically one's faith which makes him or her immune to reasoning. Miracles are there but not in such publicised way. Such reports are for increasing TRP by encashing on religious sentiments of public. The girl who keep lit JYOT in her hand or the man who grows JOWAR on his body is for their own belief. In my personal opinion, one may indulge in a lot of show of BHAKTI or penance but if his or her heart is not pure then what is the use?

    Take care

  11. There is no chamatkar, no god in any religion said to hurt yourself to escape from things you have done!
    Or to take money to serve others! Its just tricks to attract attention!

  12. If you have faith in what you are doing, then it just happens the way you want mostly. I'll tell you something, my mom's neighbours asked her to get some gangajal when she was back from her college trip up North. but to my Mom's horror, the river premesis was very dirty. On her way back, she filled a bottle of tap water and gave it to the neighbour as gangajal... and you won't believe it Rohini, from the next day on, the neighbours were back with stories of miracles after drinking that gangajal!

    faith may be..
    I would love to know the answers to all your questions

  13. Man might have progressed so fast to the point of atheism. But we are still vulnerable and we need someone to ensure that he /she is taking care of us. So let it be!! :)

  14. आपको और आपके सभी पाठकों को दीपावली की ढेर सारी शुभकामनाएं

  15. Hi Rohini,nice to read all these "chamtkars"and weird things people do.but i feel most of these things could have an answer,but I wonder how did the little gal do tht?But they must have had "true devotion"I feel when they do that ,though i cannot generalise.

  16. very good post..makes lots of sense boss..hope peoplee get the right msg..i am also a believer..belief is diff from blind in one word is Ananda...thats all v have to make it thru right actions..what say? gr8 philosophy right????:)

  17. hey rohini ,i remembered something ,did you see this video related to saibaba chamatkaras?

    just watch this .you can actually post this on your post ..suits well!

  18. some things cannot be explained.

  19. @रोहिनी जी
    आपके ब्लॉग के पोस्ट डेशबोर्ड में नजर नहीं आ रहे ... सच में ! .. फिर से फोलो कर रहा हूँ :)

  20. see the point is... IT may be classified as anything depending on what you believe but the fact is that the belief in god is a gift and not everyone receives it. So,literally it is useless to debate on such things..! We are too innocent to understand the intricacies of god. So y debate over something tht v dont completely understand?

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