Friday, December 3, 2010

Answer to the Picture

Given a toy to a kid, new experiments will be done on it….

like that I had that night in my hand,

a camera and a wish to experiment something with it…..

My Journey started with-

Camera – to take pictures…of course I cannot cook using it…..

Clicked Object – anything which is beautiful or else something my cam could make striking and good looking.

Search for object – for sure there was nothing interesting inside home…so stepped out…(every nature lover would do that) . Sad part my experiment started at night…moreover no hi-tech cam…just the will to research … and there I found an object…that body was good ….. but clicking that would not have been interesting…infact trying something else would have been fun and amusing…tried capturing it in different modes but nothing paid me….

But try try try until you cry - one mode helped me out of several modes….but again not up to my expectations. Had to put in more thoughts…and I decided to move my camera in a circular motion…..and there was this image which I think was different and could make many brains scratch their head….(I think it made you all do that)…..

I am glad to get so many varied answers .. and glad that three of them have answered it correctly…..and they deserve an applause…Good Boys…

Names are – Harshad, Abhay and Nipun(the late comer)……..nice guess men…

In this course of getting answers, I got to know that people are very much aware of photography…(may be they are professionals or they are interested in such field)…and also got acquainted with the term of light painting. Thanks to Kshitij for that….it must be interesting doing the same….

Many bloggers found it to be a led bulb, but it’s not that too .. its not a neon light, not a cracker, nt an ulta ‘e’and not even a fluorescent toy…….

It is a thing which doesn’t have light of it's own but gets light from the another…..if you enlarge the pic you would also see one more pic to its left…a thin curved line … I have not used any special camera, no telephoto lens(I haven’t seen that too) and no flash is used here.

The object is a Moon and another one is star.

The only thing I did was, focusing the moving camera on the object keeping the night mode on (isn’t it sounding too easy) try this yourself. The thin line is of a star which was next to the moon

Few more pictures of it I am uploading here.

Below is the picture of moon with its original shape...and to the left is small star...:)

PS – I got very high level answers from those who are into the field of photography. Guys this post was just posted for fun and a wish to share the pic of an uncommon shape of a moon with you all. It was not a test or so……

PPS – thanks to everyone for guessing


  1. Wow! That's awesome! Never would have thought the pic to be that of a moon and a star!
    Which camera was used for this pic??

  2. Oye nice change of blog theme and it's looking lovely :)

    I was about to ask you regarding the last post and that you've not posted since long...and here comes your post :)

    wow didn't think this way whereas I know this happens when the cam is in nightmode :)

    good one...I enjoyed guessing :)

  3. @ rohini: i ike the new look of your blog. please save your i mentioned earier, i like reading your posts.

    thank you for the answer. never in a million year i would have guessed that it could be moon & Star.

  4. oops..i meant to say Hi Rohini. Instead i typed '@' Rohini...sorry

  5. Rohiniji, That was cool. I thought that it was an LED or some sort of light bulb. And I loved the new profile pic and the new look of your blog. Keep blogging. And I did not understand the meaning of you "Hmmm" in my blog. Could you please explain it....:)

  6. Rohini,

    Impressed with photography skills.

    Take care

  7. hey u are back with the answer at last.. I was waiting for it since so longggggggggg.... good experiment hmm....

    Keep trying such things & also informing us about them..TC :)

  8. Reminded me of my experiments with the camera...congrats to winners!!

  9. @ Shilpa - thnx is of sony 7.2 mega pixel

    @ Nu - thnx for liking the new look girl...:)

    @ Madhav - Thnx:)

    @ Always Happy - thnx girl for liking my blog..will definitely take ur suggestion into consideration..but dnt wry i will nt abandon this blog..but will come in intervals:)

  10. @ Anulal - thnx for complementing:) and yes i hope u got my ans at ur blog

    @ Jack Uncle - thnx a lot:)

    @ Urvashi - hey thnx girl ..thnx for motivating me for my experiment ride:)

    @ Jon - thnx for the comment...and continue experimenting..its fun

  11. Firstly, nice templete, secondly, very nice display pic, thirdly, well u knw i m from moon.....waitin for sum1 2 cum..thanks 4 explorin it.....kindly share this picture with all ppl o earth.

  12. Yeah, great pics. I never would have guessed. And, I like the new look of your blog too. Take care and keep posting more often.

  13. @ rohini जी

    ब्लॉग का नया लुक बेहद सुन्दर है :)

    अच्छा हुआ मैंने guess बताया नहीं ..... बस सोचता ही रहा :))

    एक पहेली मैं भी पूछूँगा

    अगली पोस्ट के लिए कितने दिन इन्तजार करना होगा :))

    A. 07 days B. 14 days
    C. 21 days D. 01 month

  14. .... और हाँ मेरे ब्लॉग पर "टाइम मशीन" आपका इन्तजार कर रही है 117 साल पहले के वक्त में जाने के लिए क्योंकि फिर से किया है वक्त को रिवाइंड .....

    यहाँ :

    बाकी सब पोस्ट भी पढनी है आपको .. जरूरी है ..... सच्ची :)

  15. phewwwww!!!!!!!!!
    :) I almost got it!!
    I was sure about long exposure and some moving object (or camera) but not sure of the moon :)

    By the way Nice template
    loved the color


  16. Where did my comment go .. I wrote one yesterday ...
    good job i came ot see a reply to it ..

    This is too hi fi for me .. and intelligent for me to understand all of it ... :)

    Glad you told how you managed to do it

  17. @ BS - ya sure will share this with everyone:)))
    and thnx for liking the temp...

    @ Rachna - Thnx for liking it:)

    @ Gaurav - waise aapko guess karna chahiye would have been fun...
    jee jaroor aapke saare post padhne hai mujhko...:)

    @ Bhupesh - yeah u got it half...and thnx for liking the temp

  18. @ Uncommen Sense - thnx for the motivation:)

    @ Bikramjit - man its very simple....try moving ur cam at night mode and click...simple...there is nthing hi fi in it me...:)
    and seriosly dint get ur comment yesterday..and thnx for another comment today.:)

  19. you will have to eplain to me .. email me put the camera to night mode and click a pic ..

    is that it

  20. that was moon! hm.. i should agree the ones who answered are genius :)

  21. hey, came here for the first time .. is the morph caused by the exposure time? which cam is it btw?