Saturday, January 29, 2011

Now I have Realised...........

Some how I am losing my touch and my writing at this space. Every I open my account..check few of my favourite bloggers posts...and still dont feel like writing....

But just like a monthly report ..I would acquaint you all with few happenings in the past days....

Neil is 3.5 yrs now..and we want him to go in DPS now..and getting admission in DPS is not an easy task.....their is hell lot of competition...(not only skill based but also money based) . Bhilai doesn't have top listed DPS is the only option left ...Their is a test conducted on these little kids..for nursery admission...which includes Observance , interview, coloring, aptitude and attitude etc....

I would tell you all, that there was and still is a lot of pressure, that whether Neil will make it or not. I consulted one lady who took coaching for this purpose...sent Neil there..for the soul purpose that he should learn something there.....and yes he has gained lot of knowledge doubt.....

But sending him was a hard task ...... although he never denied going to class but I always felt pity on him....his schedule was so tight and looking that I had become very impulsive (my friends and family experienced that) Today was the last day of his DPS entrance Class. I am surely feeling happy that he has come out of that tight schedule(his class was for 1.5 hrs in the evening)...and is now getting time to play....
I am happy that today after 2 months I played cricket with him outside(as for 2 months I used to play indoor games with him)....I am happy , he rode cycle in the street , I am happy that he was not bound in the time frame...I know this would not last for long...but I want him to enjoy this moment.....

From today I have changed his time table.....letting him do whatever he wants...yes not insensible of course.....I am still not confirm whether he will get admission in DPS but I have made mind to relax....and not to strain him too.....

Sometimes we have so many expectations from those who dont even understand what are they expected for and why?

I want to write about the schools a they grill students and all...but not now ..... as I am not in that state of complaining although I want to...

Little Children are literally screwed...and we parents want to screw them too...

Chalo anyways one more thing I need to tell you guys....after a long time Neil was at home in the evening and to make us realize his presence today .... he broke our bedroom's T.V. ..But i dont blame on him...he stood quietly near it...and regretted what he did..and said he will never watch T.V. again.....
And as soon as he went in another room where T.V. was already on ...asked us switch to Cartoon what to say....?????



  1. good luck for his entrance test Ro !

  2. Good luck for your goonda sweet baccha.

  3. It doesnt really matter what school the child goes to..a bit of attention given by parents is enuf

  4. Oh my! Coaching classes for an entrance exam!! It's pretty tough now-a-days for entrance exams in good schools! All the best to the baby and you!! :)

  5. Very sad that such a small baby has to study for entrance test. I hate the DPS in Bangalore. I had taken Sid for admission test there for Pre-Kg there. They are very cruel snatching the child away from parents, making them howl in misery. They ask all kinds of questions like shapes, colors etc. to a 2.5 year old child. Sid had cleared the test, but they were asking for 50K donation. This was in 2004! We refused and showed a finger to their admission process. He is now in BGS NPS which was a new school at that time. He is doing really well and is happy. Get Neil into a school closeby even if not as reputed. And, I am sure that he will do well, nonetheless. Hugs to Neil and hope he enjoys the spare time now :). Such a cute pic of mom and baby ;-).

  6. rohini Ji, God bless the little on and so much competition at such a tender age. and DPS i bleive its delhi public school and the Delhi one is not that great.. I constantly hear my friends wanting there kid to get into the school..

    so much competition and money and all .. and coaching tooo OH MY ..

    I dont think i matters what school one goes to , as long as the teachers are good .. But then iunderstand it does matter in a way when u grow up to say i am from DPS..

    but schools are more like a business now ...
    and the pic lovely one ..

    and :) on the Tele episode , i can imagine my parents reactions cause i was like that anythin i touched seemed to break Not my fault :)

    All the best to te little one .. GET THEM TIGER :)


  7. @ Nu - thnx for the blessing girl:)

    @ Alka - thnx to u too:)

    @ TG - yes i agree with matter what big school the kid goes..he can only succeed when he cared and guided by his parents

    @ Shilpa- yeah it is tough...and thnx for ur wishes..

    @ Rachna - thnx for liking the pic..and the donation thing...u wont believe here parents are ready to give lacs for nursery admission...

    @ Bikram - ya i should get them TIGER...hihi...
    schools are definitely like a business..i can tell the cost of education in Bhilai is very less as compared to big cities..its same as if u r sending ur child to some professional courses...its such a burden on the middle class families...we poor people

  8. Thats a sweet kid... and hey ebntrance coaching for a 3.5 yr old kid... dumbfounded!

  9. Oh Rohiniji thats so cute of Neil.. :) :D
    Its sad to know about the admission process now a days its just too much... I am happy you are not like other mother, you understand your child.. wow he is blessed... :)

    Have a happy time!

  10. Rohini,

    I know times are becoming really competetive but still I strongly feel that we should not put too much stress on child. We are facing similar situation for our daughter's 4 years old son and son's 3 years old daughter. He is already in a good school but his parents wish to change to another one. Thanks for photographs of Neil. And also for taking us to Kanha Park.

    Take care

  11. Hello Rohiniji, After a long time you are back and i missed this post.

    Nice Picture Rohiniji,
    Naughty Neil.

    When you are talking about all this entrance test i remember my school days it was government school in front of our home where i used to go in my free time :-P and i get admission in one good school when i was 9 years old means in my 4th Grade.
    Sometimes my mom talk about those days and i remember little things too those was awesome days and now a days competition is there even from KG.

    No doubt that next generation is more intelligent.
    Let us know the result of the TEST. I am sure that Neil will get admission. All the Best.

  12. Sometimes I wonder what kind of things one has to do to get their child to go to school and get education. Interviewing them just don't make sense.

    Nice change of template

  13. We all are through such stages during our childhood days. But when we grow up we forget it and screw up our children, as if they are aliens and we cannot connect with what they are doing.
    By the by,
    I have an award for you sweet momma, in my blog. Don't forget to bag it before anyone else does. hugs sweet Neil..
    take care,

  14. We used ot go to EMMS IX. I suppose all BSP schools are extinct now. Going to the DPS then was a prvilege then. Aren't there any other schools really XAviers et all?

  15. Oh he is so cute kid. Don't worry he'll do well in entrance test.

  16. Awww janu bacha. you got great kid

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  19. Rohini,

    No post for so long, hope all is well. Please do let us know.

    Take care

  20. Hi Rohiniji,
    Nice to see you back. Keep writing...
    hugs to Neil.
    Have a great time!

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