Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finding A Partner

Without making a effort can anyone find a partner for self?

Baaton se hi toh baat banti hia ..hai na

My brother, for whom we are looking for a perfect bride, is a Doctor of 30 years of age. We have registered his name under many marriage bureaus. We keep on looking the desirable matches and often contact them. But to tell you, this match finding is such a tiresome job. We have got many good proposals, but I don’t understand why these proposals are in the waiting list. (You guys, I tell you take so much time in thinking...decision toh door ki baat). But may be, sometimes we find the Kundli unsuitable and sometimes the girl. Or may be the right match hasn’t arrived. Here I am talking about the arrange marriage as he has not yet found anyoneon his own...atleast I am unaware of it..)

My bro who is running his own clinic needs a working partner who should understand him and his family (such a common line…hai na) he needs a good looking, well qualified girl. (Obviously which man doesn’t?) The problem is, the one which my parents choose, he doesn’t like her. And vice versa. :-( Such a fed-up situation. Why cant a god give a sign that yes yes yes….he/she is the only one? (koi flower should fall in her palms or into her chunni) Then this unnecessary search time would be reduced. Simple. waise bhi it's said "marriages are made in heaven"...then dear God just once you convey the signal and rest all will be taken care by us. But Contrary to the above Bold, italic line their is one more line to think upon "no pain no gain" ( who wrote all this, such an anti-quotes)...So again the same process.....continues....:-)

But seriously guys I am thinking of the day when my bhabhi will come and I will sit with her, talk to her, do something for her, help her, go shopping with her, play with my nephew and niece(well long time for that…but I can think,,right ). I am looking forward to that wonderful day of celebrations and enjoyment.

Hope for the best match…..All the Best Bro!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you get the world’s best girl….and I too get the world’s best bhabhi. :-))))))))))))


  1. hahaha... rohini...
    wish u all luck! ;)

    nice blog template btw

  2. Goooo shopping with bhabhi...hihihihi.....nice u make ur plans first...its wonderful to think nd plan...let the rgt time come god will defintly give his signal...all d best to ur bro nd to u for shoping and helping her out ...hihi....such an helping nature u have...nd don't forget to invite me...hihihi!

  3. @ Anoop - thnx for the wishes
    @BS - thnx for ur wishes tooo and definitely i wil invite you....

  4. interesting post
    enjoyed it reading

  5. @ Rohini ji: will wait 4 d invitation....

  6. @ SM - thnx for visiting the blog...and for your comment...hope to see you again...

  7. I think the wait for the perfect someone is always worthwhile albeit not productive but worthwhile never the less... Good luck to ur bro!!!

  8. @Carl - very interesting comment....ironicall....and thnx for ur wishes...

  9. I can empathize with you, because I have faced similar situations in my family. All the best.

  10. @Onkar Sir - Thnx your wishes too.,...

    Hey all I am gonna fwd all these good wishes to my brother....:-)

  11. @Haddock - yes ..just waiting for the miracle...:-)

  12. hmm.. match making and match finding.. both tough jobs..
    gets tougher when u settle for arranged marriage..
    wish him all the luck..!!
    and thanks for commenting.. :p

  13. @ M'pani - hey thnx for visiting my blog...and yes its tough for arranged mrg as we purposely start searching for it...and wating for the right partner is a tough time...