Sunday, February 21, 2010

Did U like my blog's face?

After a long time I thought of changing my blog's Template...and fortunately this was the one which got uploaded. I am not the software person , moreover, I did this after so many days that today I forgot the procedure of uploading it. :-) . But how could my blog be with an old face? We too go to parlours for our maintanence... and then why not my blog need a renovation in its appearance...??? hia na..??
So this is how it looks....
I liked it my favourite colour is blue...and the beauty of nature adds spark to it...


  1. wow! Nice changes you have out here... totally loved it!!

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  2. its nice but previous 1 had more postv energy to it....well its my opinion...but still its good nd d timing is grt..hihi...all d best!!

  3. i havent seen ur old template.. for this is my very first visit.. :D
    this template looks good.. :)

  4. @ Nu, TC -thnx for liking it...
    @ BS - Thnx for your bebak rai
    @ Anoop - First of all welcome to my blog...and thanx for liking the template...hope to find you soon here...

  5. @ Harini - thnx for your comment..hope to see you again

  6. came back to check for updates... and am still in love with the layout... i love background image... gives a very calming effect... although a dark background with a light colored font would have made the blog more readable... but then ppl will read stuff since the stuff is good too... just a small suggestion.... make the font color different from the background... for instance ur font in ur post is blue in color... it would be better(in my opinion) to keep it black... again the readability thing...

    Cheers again!
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  7. @TC- thnx for your suggestion...done the changes....i hope its ok now....

  8. Old order changeth!
    Yielding place to new!!
    And God fulfills himself,
    Lest, one good custom may corrupt the world.

    So, every change is welcome.
    This new loook is also pleasant!

  9. @ Gole dada - thnx dada....and welcome to my blog