Friday, May 21, 2010

Ek Ke Baad Ek.......

I am enjoying at my parents home, relaxing, travelling, meeting friends.....but I do regular check my fellow bloggers post...and I am highly excited to achieve three awards simultaneously....

Awards are like these--------
1) I am considered in the circle of Friends - Awarded by The Survivor

I pass this award to BS, Karan, Jon, Varsha, Nu, Urvashi, Nipun, Shayon, Jack Sir, Rachna, Anulal, Sorcerer, and Tavish.

2) I have a cool blog-----Awarded by AnuLal & Jon.

I pass this Award to Nipun, Varsha, Harry, Sorcerer, R.Ramesh, Blunt Edges and Readers Dais.
3) I have a Versatile Blog ------- Awarded by Karan

I pass this award to Nu, Tavish, Jack Sir, Nipun, and Gaurav Agarwal

At the end I call out loudly ----

For such wonderful awards...thnx for appreciating the work, answering my questions, and for your constant support..thnx a lot... I would need all this through out my blog journey.
And CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners...... :-)
HMmmm.....Now I need to have something sweet, watermelon will be good.:-)


  1. Wow u made a hatrick of awards.....u deserve more then a watermelon may be a mango ice cream....what say?..nd thnx 4 d COF award....really tnx!

  2. @ BS - u deserve COF man....watermelon was quite in my reachable area...icecream was very faar from my reach////:-)

  3. Congratulations on your awards, and thanks for making me a part of your circle of friends :)

  4. hmm..k i will hav on ur it with u???

  5. YAY....congrats!! :) :)
    Mast awards aahet...bagh tu kiti lokpriya zali ahes :)
    Aani mala awards dilyabaddal khup khup dhanyawad...mi tyanna lavkrach majhya blog war add karte :)

  6. Hi! Rohini,
    congrats freind , for all those awards u have,...

    Its really sweet of you to have thought of me for this award, thank you sooo much, its truly appreciated rohini, btw is that u in the award clip, threatening us to take the award, aarey ... afterall its an award yaar, il take it with a smile, leave that knife .. :) lol!
    Thanks again rohini...

  7. Congrats! congrats! u in 7th heaven right now?

  8. Cloud number 9 is the place where I am right now. So happy to get all these awards.
    M touched..:)
    Its been long since I wrote..
    I will be back soon..



  9. wow! i have 2 awards! I am honired to be in ur circle of friends and thanks allot for the versatile blog award... am honored!! yay!! :D

    u have a versatile ablog too! and def among my circle of friends... thannks alot once again! :)


  10. Congratulations on the AWARDS .. thats a Hat Trick... Excellent Keep it up... and save some sweets for me toooo ... I have a sweet touth mmmm

  11. @ Rachna - Thnx for the comment....:-)

    @ BS - It is OK with me....:-)

    @ Varsha - Lokpriya...hihihi...thnx for the comment...ani laukar tak aplya blog var...:-)

    @ RD - hihi... u kn exactly the same i thought when i saw this award...if its a cool award...something cool like ice, or icecream or snow fall, cool breeze and likes should have been shown.......anyways this is also creates an idea that even if u use these weapons on others...still the other feels proud to have got those cuts from u
    ;-)..but hey in any case thnx for accepting this award.....Be cool ...dnt wry of those knives ...

    @ RYN - thnx for the comment and welcome at my blog...:-)

    @ Nipun - so how is the climate on Cloud 9...i m sure it must be good ...better u stay there ..its hot out here...:-) and yes waiting for ur new post...:-)

    @ TC - thnx thnx ...:-)

    @ Mann - thnx for giving those wishes and sweets too...and hey welcome to B (Be Happy):-)

  12. U got my okay....hihihih...i tries to puzzle u...u truly deserve all the awards...tak cre!!

  13. @ Sorcerer - thnx and same to u too...did u miss ur name?

    @ BS - u were testing me whether i m suitable for all these awards by this...ihihihihi..kkk

  14. no no no testing reeee....u deserve all d awards....i just missed okay..hihi....I was jokin!....hey do u knw what is pulga?

  15. Thank you Rohiniji for considering me for the award.

  16. @ BS - pulga?:-(

    @ Anulal - Congrts for the award and u deserve it....:-)

  17. thanks a lot now i officially have a cool blog...yay \m/

  18. @ BE - Yup...certified..:-)

  19. Rohini,

    Congratulation. When one is sincere, recognition comes. Thanks for the honour of choosing me. I am not that computer proficient to display these coveted ones in my space but I will cherish them in my heart.

    Take care

  20. congrats for so many awards
    you really deserve them

  21. am being so inquistive... is it me that yu 've mentioned :) ??!!!

  22. thank you so very much for these lovely awards Ro !! I'm so glad you pass them on to me every time :) It boosts up morale to write more and high quality posts :)

  23. @ Jack Sir - thnx sir...and i will mail u regarding the posting ...:-)

    @ A. Gandhi - Thnx..:-) thnx for feeling this...

    @ Harry - Yes its u ...the cartoonist...have fun....:-)

    @ Nu - one who desreve gets it....:-)and its a way also to keep u stuck with the Blog...:-)...i m selfish too...:-)

  24. Enjoy the award and have party..Bacardy Blast!!!!

    Smiles :)

  25. Congratulations!!
    and Advance congratulations since you have been tagged on my blog.
    Please do visit and complete the list :)

  26. @ Prashant - Thn x for the comment,, and welcome to the Blog..:-)

    @ Raj - thnx ....for the comment and the tag...straight to ur blog...:-)

  27. the climate aint cool..
    U knw I wrote crap there..:(
    Thank u so much for ur support..

  28. @ Nipun - Leave it pt ..thinking on it...watever hapns . hapns for good...i kn its philosophy..but when nthing works...this positive outlook helps...remeber my previous post...just bringing out the fine....whole blog worlds wishes are with dnt wry...Chill...!!!

  29. wow. congrats for so many awards..

  30. Congrates for bunch of Awards!