Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mein aur Meri Pencil.........:-)

....................aksar yeh baatein karte hai...>yeh Pencil thodi hoti nukili toh lines achi ati.. > Yeh chehre ki naak thodi tedhi ho gayi, varna yeh bhi khubsurat hoti.. > yeh ankhen thodi aur kali hoti toh, kisi pe bhi kala jadu karti.. > yeh light thodi hoti jyada toh, dikhayi ache se deta > Yeh pratice thodi hogayi kam, varna 100/100 milta.....
Well yeh hota toh woh hota,,, woh hota toh ye hota.... aur kya-kya na hota....leave all that Just check out the sketches......:-/

Blank state of mind............what does it do...? It thinks about the past......rite? I often do the same....so today I shared my few finger made sketches....:-) for fun...and for a new feeling to my blog..;_) hope u liked them..

Anyways thnx..................:-)


  1. hey... really nice. reminds me of my own charcoal sketching days. Long time since I last picked them up. By the way, aren't the second and the last sketch off a Navneet sketching book? I remember 'coz I too had practiced off them, though the landscapes one ;-)

  2. hey beautiful ones...really nice work Rohini....

    i loved the last one a lot...nice close up.. n a wondefu lsmile...

    u still make sketches..??

  3. wow.. since i have started to blog, i have been to a lot of blogs and talked to a lot of people .. and I have found that there are so many people with so much talent..

    The sketches are beautiful.. especailly of the lady with something on her head and playing the organ.. hmmm
    reminded me of this woman who would come to our village selling those little daphlies, the small wodden toys ... for a bowl of Wheat we would get toy...

    the beautiful GOOD old days hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    keep it up

  4. @ Shayon - You are absolutely right.....Its of Navneet Book..I too sketched few landscapes which i dint put here...but sketching is a nice way to think beyond the daily regime.....

    @ Urvashi - thnx dear, yes i make them still...last week i made one but i forgot to put it here today..next time for sure...

  5. @ Bikram - Thnx man,,,, yes the lady reminds us of our childhood days...even i get those memories....do u rem the movie-Do ankhen , bara haath.....the picture just reminds me of the actress in that movie...old days are alws good...

  6. क्या बात है, मान गये rohini ji आपको.

    सच तो यह है कि सभी पेंटिंग्स की अपनी एक अलग ही गहराई है :)

    मैं सभी को फेवरेट श्रेणी में रखना चाहूंगा :)

    इस कलात्मक पोस्ट के लिये हृदय से धन्यवाद :)

  7. @ GA - apne hamesha ki tarah is baar bhi umeed se jyada taarif kari....isliye dhanywad...sketching for me is a beautiful thing....thnx for appreciating it,.....:-)

  8. Hi!

    So this time its a different rohini...
    good ones.. :)

  9. I had a tough time deciphering hindi as I am not used to it...

    Gr8 sketches btw...

    And does ur sone do sketches too?

  10. @ Jon - hindi is nt that tough man....and thnx for liking them....son is just 2.5 yrs old so he doesnt sketch rite now...but soon he will too..:-)

  11. Rohini,

    Just beautiful. I am amazed.

    Take care

  12. @ Jack Sir - thnx sir...hru sir...?

  13. They are good, liked the first one.

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  15. kya dikhta hai hawa ka rukh zamaane ko...
    na dikhlayo aisa jaadu iss anjaane ko...
    dekh kar bhi yaqeen nahi hua hai...
    lagta hai aapke hathon par rab ki koi dua hai...


  16. the pics...wonderful! :D

    the dialog at the beginning...err...i would rather not comment on that :P

  17. @ TS - Thnx for the comment...

    @ BS - Oh thnx for that sher...:-)

    @ BE - Thnx for both..;-)

  18. ati sundar. aap toh bahut khubsoorat chitra banatee hai. Blogger doston mein pratibha ki koi kamee nahin hai:) Wah, wah!

  19. @ Rachna - Dhanyawad meri blogger sakhi...aapki tippani prernavar-vardhak hai :-)

  20. rohini ji , jo baat taareef ke kabil ho uski taareef karna utna hi jarooree hota hai jitna ki kisi unuchit baat ka virodh karna.

    meri nayee sunday post padh kar apne vichaar avashya vyakt karen , mujhe prasannata hogi :)

  21. @ GA - ilkul sir...jaroor vichar vyakt karungi...:-)

  22. Very nice penning of the way u draw..:)
    Hindi roks..:)

    Hum atyant prabjhavit hue aapki kala kratiyon se..:)


    Baba Nuts

  23. @ Nipun - Dhanyawad....Dhanya ho Nuts Baba ki...Jai ho!!!!