Friday, July 30, 2010

Chhote Muh..Badi baat

Teaching Neil is not an easy task. It takes about 1 hr to make him sit steady and complete his Home Work with his pencil (which gradually goes into his mouth, and every time I have to take it out). And if my luck is strong, he lifts his pencil and keeps on his copy (I thank god…for the first step of my kid towards completing his work). Now suppose he has to write ‘A’. He makes one slanting line, and looks at me, with a smile (as if he has won some battle). Then I again have to push him sometimes with love, sometimes with bribe, sometimes by telling him stories, sometimes acting like joker and at the end if nothing works, I use my ‘Brahmastra’ i.e. my ANGER. And my kid mellows down before my third eye gets opened. Time files in all this process.

To make him study voluntarily, I have to do various tricks. The best one is my Story Trick.

Episode ONE - The story of ‘Ek Bhikari” – A Beggar. Few months before I was purchasing mangoes from the shop. There came one lean, little boy with dirty and torn clothes. He begged money from me. Neil sitting in the car was watching the whole event. Soon as I sat inside, he asked me the question, “Aai, Who was he? What was he asking for?” I told him he was beggar. Next question that popped up was – “what is a beggar, aai?” I replied, “Beggar is a person who doesn’t study. And he finds no work to earn for his food. Hence he has to beg for money from others.” I also added, “jo koi padhai nahi karta wooh bhikari banta hai, isilye tumhe padhna chahiye.”(Those who don’t study become a bhikari hence you should study). He nodded his head quiet positively confirming that he will never cry while studying.

Episode TWO – Yesterday I again sat with him for his studies. But as expected he was reluctant. I again started my above story. And asked him the moral of the story. (Now read carefully) “ Aai, jo koi padhta hai wooh bhikari ho jata hai”(one who studies becomes a beggar). I could only laugh at this statement of his. One missing word changed the whole meaning of the story.

The realistic punch – the Moral which I got was - Expenditure on education, today, is so high that one turns into a beggar.

(One step ahead - He wants to drive every vehicle he sees on the road, including the JCB. Roght now he has to convince himself with an auto-rickshaw)


  1. So profession is teaching both on and off the school :)

    Hey nice to have u back....long time

  2. Neil kasla gode aahe :) Muuuwaaah !

    the one word hera pheri was fun yet true !

  3. Hey, the auto picture is great! Gautam also is crazy about autos. What is with kids and autos.

  4. @Jon - AT home no profession but the mother's duty ....and thnx for the comment:)just my profession and duty got me busy....

    @ Nu - yeah true :) nt just the higher education but also at school level the education has become costly

    @ Rachna - hihi....yeah i dnt kn ... may be guys are like dat...:)

  5. He he one word makes the difference and true beggar to ban hi jaate hain its so expensive i am already worried about my kids
    . The little one is clever and the passion to drive everythig now thats like me yessss go for it little one.
    Teaching a kid i could never do that but ek secret my first job was as a teacher oh yes, i loved it now i dont have the patience. God bless the little one.

  6. Rohini,

    Thanks for sharing it. This will help our daughter to see her son who will be 4 next month does study. Nice photographs.

    Take care

    PS : Visit due.

  7. @ Bikram - yes is the sake of quality the education is getting costly.
    passion ..he gets crazy smtimes wild ..if his demands are nt considered.
    yes u revealed this secret in one of ur tags...its no more a secret..many like me know it really involves patience.:) god bless me too..and thnx for the wishes...

  8. @rohini ji: well i dint study too much hope I will not be a begger as per your kid statement....thanks 4 sharing ur experience with a great moral in it.

  9. @ Jack Sir - Thnx for the comment teach us many things which we earlier were ignorant of...:)
    i m so sry sir that i have been little late these days...but i will surely visit ur post shortly...and yes ur visit due on my dreams blogs sir ...:)

    @ BS - yes if one is happy being half educated..wats wrong in it..hai na....:))

  10. too funny especially with the context, and with rising costs, perhaps true like you said:)

    my brahmastra (since he is in the terrible 2s )is..ok don't eat, don't drink, etc. and he will argue that he wants to eat or drink or whatever..

  11. Hey u teach in school as well right? I have a friend in mumbai who has come up with a innovative way of teaching grammer in school...basically she has formed a story to teach the kids...I have that story...

    Let me know if you are interested? I can forward it to you..I really feel we should promote new innovative ways to teaching Kids!!Just check it out and let me know your thoughts!!

  12. hey gud i
    i thoroughly enjoyed ur effort

  13. haha...acha laga padhkar..Neil ne anjaaney me hi sahi lekin baat tho sahi kahi...

  14. @ WD - first welcome to this blog..and thnx for the comment and letting em know ur brahmastra...true..when u speak the opposite kids walk on straught path..poor kids they dnt kn that they r getting trapped by this...:)
    hope to see u again at my space...

    @ Abhay - Yes i m a teacher, working in my own school...we run a school actually...
    and hey that would so nice if u could fwd the technique to me...
    new and interesting ways are alws welcomed ..if u can provide any more help it would be so nice...THANKU>..

  15. @Tripat - thnx for ur visit and comment...i welcome u here thoroughly too...and will surely vist the sites u mentioned..:)

    @Aksh - ji dhanyawad....i welcome u to my blog..and thnx for reading the whole post...:)

  16. Neil is awesome!!

    We share the same Name horo..:)

    The letter N is lyk dat only..
    So mischievious..
    Abhi to its just the start.
    He will ask for an aeroplane soonn..:)

    Great teachings madam!!


  17. Check out this Story :

    That’s how A Sentence was made !!!!
    Once upon a time there lived four friends in a town named Grammar. They had funny
    names. One of them was a very simple and common fellow. He had no pride. People of the
    town used him whenever they wanted to name a common place, person, animal or a thing. He
    was so simple that he liked to be used with a small letter always.
    Guess what was the name of this fellow?
    Mr. Common Noun
    Mr. Common noun had a friend completely opposite of him. This fellow was not a simple,
    common guy. He was a big attention seeker and so full of pride. After all, he was used only for
    specific names of people, places the names of the months, the days of the week, the names of
    the festivals and all the special days.It was his rule that everyone must use a capital letter for
    the first letter of his name, dare anyone use a small letter! The capital letter made him feel like a
    Guess what was the name of this fellow?
    Mr Proper Noun
    Both Mr. Common Noun and Mr. Proper Noun had a very helpful friend, whose name I will not
    tell you now. This fellow was always used in the place of Mr. Proper Noun and Mr.Common
    Noun. He made life easy for everyone and helped them reduce their work. But he was a man
    with his his own rules! He always used ‘he’,’him’,’himself’ for boys and men but for girls and
    ladies he used ‘she’,’ her’ and ‘herself’. He never ever broke this rule, as he feared that people
    might laugh if he broke this rule.
    Guess, what was his name?
    Mr. Pronoun.
    This trio became great fiends, but their life was very dull and boring. They missed something
    Suddenly one day, a new fellow entered in the town of Grammar. Life changed!! And changed
    how!! Everything in the town found life and action. He wasted no time and became friends with
    the trio gang. Now they became four. They were now called the famous four! With addition of
    this new friend they started eating, singing, dancing, jumping, rocking and rolling together.
    Guess what was the name of this new friend?
    Mr. Verb.

    Many days passed. Then one day, they heard that a new girl has entered in the town of
    Grammar. Everyone in the town wanted to be friends with her. She was a person so full of life,
    colour and fun. Where ever she went she she made things interesting. She added a magic
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    words were so much fun. She helped the nouns look more cheerful than ever.
    Guess what was her name?
    Miss. Adjective

    But, she was new to the town and had no friends. Very soon she became friends with the
    famous four. Now they were five. At last they made friends with two little fellows “a” and “the”.
    When ever all of them went together, they looked complete. Now, guess what name did they
    give to their group??
    ” A Sentence”

    That’s how A Sentence was made !!!!

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  20. @ Nipun - Aeroplane...he has three different types of aeroplane..thnk god..abhi sirf toy aeroplane chahiye...i cant afford the real one...:) i hope 'N' named guys are that much considerate...
    thnx for the comment....and i m nt afraid of his mischeif..aane do...:)

    @ Abhay - oh! its excellent nice...i m noting it now ..and i will surely share it with my teachers today only...good that i saw it eraly in the morning..thanx a lot for this...if u can share more on such methods..plz...i m ready to learn..:)thnx agn

  21. hah cute auto pix:) rest everyone has already written what is in my mind..hehe:)

  22. what a wonderful story! i had to read it to my husband who just started a new job this week, a teachers aide to special needs children. he totally related to what you were saying :) i have a sneaking suspicion that neil is just a little stubborn and not quite ready to settle down yet...who of us really is??
    thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a warm comment. it is always a blessing and an honor to see a new face, dear rohini :)

  23. @ Ramesh - thnx for the comment:)

    @ Sheri - oh thnx a lot...ur comment was an honor too for me..i really liked the pic and so commented..
    Yeah Neil is in his terrible 3's and we all are needed to show our patience a lot...
    agn thnx for ur visit and wish ur visit again..:)

  24. Hahhaa... I completely enjoyed the post... kids are so innocent... whatever we say is the truth for them... And it is very difficult to teach kids... smaller the kid, more difficult it is... Keep going! :)

  25. Very interesting post and Neil is too Naughty, and yes its very difficult to teach Kids.

    is he planning for F1 Racing !!?

  26. @ KA - thnx for the wishes...yeah it is very difficult to teach kids....thnx for the comment..:)

    @ Madhav - :) F1 racing...i was gifted a car two days b4..a big remote one...and he broke the doors and the remote of the car, the very same day...he is naughty, and yes..maybe he will smday get interested in racing too...:) thnx for the comment:)

  27. @rohini ji: hey I like ur templete...its really grt...tak cre.

  28. @ BS - thmx..but yeh to bada purana hai...i m delayed in changing it..:)

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  30. I read this post alone and understood that u r teaching profession..

    behalf of reading only I understood that u r a great teacher with multi level skills of teaching in and out of studies,,.(haha)

    To be frank .. I dotn know hindi...I dont understodd ur hindi words and sentences..

  31. Rohiniji, you are in such a great company!! The auto wala is looking great!!! hugs for that great driver...and please do not use your brahmastra on him...

  32. @ Maubrey - thnx...hope ur visit agn:)

    @ Anulal - thnx for the ocmment...after a long time,,welcome back....about brahmastra....cant say ...:( :)

  33. Hahaha...Neil sure is gonna grow up to be a smart mulga ;)

    And the beggar bit, I guess every mom in the country would have used a similar trick at some point or the other. Point in case, my Mom! :D

  34. @ BE - Yeah, the beggar trick is the solid mantra i guess....:)
    mulga!!!! u kn marathi?

  35. Madam i had added your blog link to my Blog's Link heaven !

  36. Roihniji, it was hard for me to reach to an internet connection which I can use for all my personal matters. I did not have one at home.That is wht I could not visit you, or any one else for that matter.. but now, I got one at home. take care:)

  37. @ Madhav - thnx:)haapy to kn one more reader ..:)

    @ Anulal- koi nahi, better late than never..and cngrts on the net connection at home:)

  38. Was born and spent the first half of my life in Mumbai, so got a little (actually very little) Marathi up my sleeve! ;)

  39. @ BE- oh thats nice to u were being told that u r mulgva this is how u kn the word...a little of marathi...rite...:)

  40. बचपन में पहुंचा दिया आपने तो :)
    बहुत इंटरएक्टिव भाषा शैली है {हमेशा की तरह }
    सबकुछ सामने घटता दिखता है
    खास तौर से ये
    @He makes one slanting line, and looks at me, with a smile (as if he has won some battle).

    @“ Aai, jo koi padhta hai wooh bhikari ho jata hai”

    बात सही है ...और इसका कारण भी हम ही लोग है, हम सभी एक खास शिक्षा पद्दति के पीछे अंधे तरीके से दौड़ रहे हैं
    हिंदी मीडियम के स्कूल का विद्यार्थी अलग गृह का प्राणी है और हिंदी मीडियम वाला अलग [ ये एक कडवी सच्चाई है ]
    अब जब डिमांड बहुत ज्यादा बढ़ेगी तो कीमत भी बढ़ेगी तो इससे यह सिद्ध होता है की "jo koi padhta hai wooh ....." :))

    बहुत अच्छी पोस्ट है, बातों बातों में कितनी बड़ी सच्चाई से अवगत करवा दिया आपने
    इस पोस्ट के लिए धन्यवाद

  41. रोहिणी जी,
    कमेन्ट करते समय ये वर्ड वेरिफिकेशन अनावश्यक सा लग रहा है
    क्या आपको भी ऐसा लगता है ?

  42. @ GA - jab koi itna detailed comment deta hai...toh acha lagta hai...aisa lagta hai jo likha hai woh padha gaya hai...apni bhavna dusro tak pahunchi hia...dhanywad uske liye...haan mein janti hun ki aap ek adhyapak hai..isliye aap peni najar se dekhte honge...isliye agar kuch galti hui hai toh jaroor humein batayiega.....:)

    @ GA - mein koi angrej nahi hun :)

  43. @agar kuch galti hui hai toh jaroor humein batayiega..
    @mein koi angrej nahi hun

    अब इन दोनों बातों का एक ही उत्तर है "आप मेरी बड़ी बहन हो"

    [ ये बात में आपकी एज को ध्यान में लाये बिना कह रहा हूँ , क्योंकि ज्ञान की उम्र ( अगर किसी फोर्म्युले से निकली जाये तो भी) आपकी मुझसे ज्यादा है) ]

    दरअसल आप जैसे ब्लोगर्स ही हैं जो भाषाई विविधता को एकता में बदलते हैं
    ये मैं सभी से कहता रहा हूँ भाषाएँ कुछ नहीं होती , भावनाएं सबकुछ होती हैं
    हम में से कोई भी अंग्रेज नहीं है हम सब भारतीय हैं, हम अपने भाषा और धर्म को अपनाते हुए दुसरे धर्मों और भाषाओं को सम्मान देते हैं

    मेरा इशारा "वर्ड वेर्फिकेशन" की ओर है जो कुछ अनावश्यक सा प्रतीत होता है

    [ ये इस भय के साथ लिख रहा हूँ की आपने मेरी बात को किसी अन्य अर्थ में तो नहीं ले लिया ना ??, मुझे समय की कमी होने की पूरी छूट मिलनी चाहिए :))

    *ये कमेन्ट गलती से नेक्स्ट पोस्ट पर हो गया था , उसे मैंने हटा दिया है

  44. @ GA - na na...koi galat arth nahi...aur aap hi ne bola hai...bhasha nahi bhanayen jyada bolti hia....hai na...

  45. Hi! rohini the beggar insight, yes really relevant, and one thing ive heard about education at this age is, not to learn to write or read, rather we shud not force them to learn those, aleast till the age of six, its just how to behave that they have to learn and i know niel is excellent in that, isnt it ? :)

  46. @ RD - you r absolutely true....Neil is good in that ... i thinki these kids never are serious...and we parents need to make them disciplined but strictness...dont u think so?

  47. Ha ha , this reminds me of the rickshaw I cruised (for almost 20 meters) I must have been the same age. Got into a parked one and pretended that I was driving. The gear slipped and went to neutral. As it was slope, there I went with my mouth wide open, not knowing what to do. Ha ha.....

  48. @ Haddock - Omg....wat a miserable situation it would be...i could imagine the naughtyness in u of that time...every boy troubles his mom :)
    and welcome back..nice to see ur comment after a lonnggg time:)

  49. That's a wonderful trick to get him to study...every parent finds something suitable that helps the child get involved in study.
    Asking him to point out the alphabet whenever he sees it is also a good method.

  50. @ Nalini Mam - nice to see ur comment ...:)
    yes we need to have lots of ideas..innovative ones to lure them for various things..

  51. Hey, i must say you have immense patience. Teaching a kid means real test of patience. But unki sweet, boli shakar, eyes full of sharat is irrestible :)

  52. Jst browsing the Net & came to ur blog somehow.. it ws such a nice experience while reading grt piece of work,,,!!!
    Keep up d gud piece of work..