Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Name Me!!!!

I can’t write, I can’t think, I am not getting any topic to write on, but still today I want to write…I want to just flush the thoughts or the events happened in these days with me and my family on to this white e-page……………….

Earlier we used to have diaries which were secretly kept inside our drawers, locked and keys buried at a top secret place too. I too was once bitten by this secret diary obsession…but I got so pissed off that one day I gave it to my cousins to read…My secrets were no more secrets that time….they read it with full pleasure…..it contained my daily routine, my fights, on my school friends etc…..i don’t think there was anything interesting…….but I m sure that it was much closer to me ……as it contained each and every conversation between me and others……my thoughts …my cries…. my happiness and my justification on issues which I couldn’t give at that point of time…

This blog too assembles my thoughts and so on…..but I rarely put my daily activities here……I mean guys I don’t want to bore you……..what a common woman does? Who is interested in that right? Hai na…………….but wait……haannnn…today this post I am writing for self……Myself………I want to recollect all the actions occured this month….

On 6th Aug, I became three years old mother…..Neil gave me immense happiness by coming in this tough world…where I thought – yeah I have got one more partner for whom I have to live and play…….
August not only one Leo was born but also my in-laws…my uncle in-law, and my brother in-law and sis in-law were also born…. So on 6th Aug…the whole big family went to the hotel to celebrate this Leon’s Birthday party….had fun…..

13th Aug was Bouquet Competition day in our school…..and on this day every student is required to bring a hand made bunch/bouquet. And yes Neil got the first prize…….nice…..

15th Independence Day------------was celebrated in school with National Anthem, Flag Hoisting and patriotic songs….students were given chocolates, sweets and National Flag…Our Principal gave a speech on this proud day….. (I dont have the pic right now..but soon I will upload it here)

16th Aug and till now have been the days of illness and medicines…..yesterday Neil was diagnosed with symptoms of Malaria….and the doctor says nothing to worry as its not acute….
I am also down with little temperature, cough and cold…..My husband is also feeling sick……I hope this virus is eradicated permanently….
(God, can we not have a shield, or microscopic eyes…to see this enemy moving towards us…we would instantly guard ourselves ,…….next coming generation would be like this…..I hope so….not only techno.,…but biolo too,,, Do I make sense? Don’t know :) )
Above are the Neil;s Footprints......which i loved clicking...:)

Hmmmm…now that I have finished telling my journal ....I wish to ask few questions now…..(hihihihi)
Q1. When was Neil’s birthday?

Stupid question no……leave it..this is my end……of writing for this post….don’t understand what title to give,,,,now again I stop here..:)

Anyways you all take care….and Be Happy


  1. I love the footprints. Hope all of you are well soon. With dengue and H1N1 in the news again, monitor any long-lasting illnesses.

  2. loved the pics.... i know, these viruses... recently had a bad encounter with them... I am also down with liver infection... so feeling grumpy...

  3. @ Rachna - thnx for the comment and concern...

    @ Jaanvi - Oh! Plz take care of urself...recently i have been hearing many cases of liver infection.....take medicines properly...

  4. सभी चित्र बेहद सुन्दर हैं
    पहले और तीसरे चित्र तो बेहतरीन हैं , हमसे शेयर करने के लिए धन्यवाद आपका
    तीसरे चित्र से जुडी भावनाएं महसूस करते है एक अलग ही सुन्दर एहसास होता है बयान नहीं किया जा सकता

    पोस्ट का टाइटल क्या रखा जाये ??
    जो ब्लोगर दिल से ब्लोगिंग करते हैं उनके साथ ये समस्या आती है वैसे तो आपने इस पोस्ट को जो टाइटल दिया है वो भी बहुत अच्छा है

    @Neil got the first prize
    मेरी तरफ से नील का बहुत बहुत बधाई ( और आपको भी)
    @soon I will upload it here
    हम इन्तजार करेंगे

    @ you all take care….and Be Happy

    बात तो ठीक है पर आप सभी का स्वास्थ्य ठीक नहीं है ये जान कर हैप्पी होना थोडा मुश्किल सा लग रहा है
    अब ये लग रहा है अच्छा होता ये पोस्ट मैं तब पढता जब आपकी नयी पोस्ट आ गयी होती जिसमें कुछ ये लिखा होता की
    पिछले week या month में ऐसा कुछ हुआ था

    मैं आप सभी के शीघ्र स्वास्थ्य लाभ की कामना करता हूँ

  5. @ GA - Thnx a lot for ur comment and concern....ur detailed comment made me happy...so no need for the next post...i m happpy abhi isi waqt:)and agn thnx...:)

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  7. well and finally u ended up writing even though yu had to rant abt writin :)... best idea Neha gave me was to write tags when yu strike the writers block... anyways... aug6 if yu are testing yur readers :)!

  8. आपको "हेप्पी इंडीपेंडेंस डे" कहना तो भूल ही गया
    और हाँ...... वेरी वेरी हैप्पी रक्षा बंधन [एडवांस में ] टू ब्लोगर बहना

    देरी से दी हुयी शुभकामनाएं स्वीकारी जाएँ क्योंकि भावनाएं एक बात में तो फूलों से बिलकुल अलग होती हैं और वो यह की "ये बासी नहीं होती वक्त के साथ, हमेशा तरोताजा रहती हैं " है ना ??

  9. Rohini,

    I hope everyone gets back to normal soon. I hate to be sick.

    Nice pictures:)

  10. u gave ur secret dairy to cousins to read...omg...u have guts..i love readin others dairy..I think getting sick is a sgnal frm god to tell us how our normal days were so wonderful...hope u get well soon...nd enjoy the normal routine...(its just my thought by the way....it changes every new minute)....lol....tak cre...nd plz name me?

  11. Hope u guys get well very soon..

    Hey the pictures are lovely and there is personal touch to it....

    I think the poverty in ideas is 'cos we don't spend time with ourselves

  12. Hope Every one Get back soon...
    With All Best Wishes...

  13. I know the answer to this one!! 6th Aug!! Yay!

    So what's the prize? :D

  14. Sorry for the slow response
    Just read ur comment
    Ha yes I am from South
    How about u..I think U r from Mumbai

  15. @ Harry - correct ans...:) yeah i m thinking on tags now....hopefully i will do all my pending tags soon...

    @ GA - Ji, apne sach kaha...aur dono shubhkamnayon ke liye dhanyawad....aur aapko bhi....swatantrata diwas aur rakshabandhan dono ki...meri mithai tyar rakhiyega:)

    @ BS - wow wat a signal:) humko aise hi bata dete bhagwan ji...but this is nt the signal its a punishment...:)naming you...u ask ur parents to name u once again this itme name of ur own choice:)

  16. @ Jon - I liked the analysis Jon....(we dont spend time with ourselves..)probably yes u r rite....hence i think i worte the post ..not on ideas but on happenings..:)
    and yes thnx for liking the pics..ya they were clicked by me ...so personal touch hi tha...:D

    @ Joy - welcome to the blog and thnx for the wishes and comment....:)

    @ BE - oh u got the answer rite....wow....cngrts....but man this was the open book test so sry no prize....but reward us with ur posts...long time no read..:(

    @ Maubrey - ok..chennai people dnt understnd hindi rite...koi nahi...
    no i m nt from mumbai..i m frm Chattisgarh but yes i m maharashtrian

  17. hey thanks for dropping again..such a sweet person u r//going to give a blog ward for u soon

  18. @ Maubrey - :) good...thnx though :)

  19. @ A - thnx for the wishes and comment....even i hate to be sick...:(

  20. बढ़िया प्रस्तुति पर हार्दिक बधाई.
    ढेर सारी शुभकामनायें.

    संजय कुमार

  21. @ Netha - thnx a lot:)

    @ Sanjay - welcome to the blog....aur tippani ke liye dhanyawad :)

  22. Hi! Rohini,

    Simply loved your innocent style of writing, cud feel it all thru the post...hmmm straight from ur heart right??
    Hope all are well now..
    and yes u may treat this blog too as ur old diary so that readers can feel lighter ...

  23. Well you dont know but people are always intersted in other people's lives, even if its about a common women's life..

  24. 6th august ..
    Well I too feel that sometimes so what i do is write what i did that day.. I had a diary too, I know exactly what i did or whaere i was since my 9th class.. till now ..

    and i did put a post today so wait over he he he he he ..
    I hope you all get well and do take care especially i hear all about this virus in india because of monsoons and all do take care ...

  25. @ RD - yes it was straight from heart..infact watever i write it comes directly thru the pumping organ...:)

    @ US - yes ...we r so occupied in others lives..thats so true...\\

    @ Bikram - rite ans:)
    thnx for ur concerened comment...we are wellnow...little weakness still there...
    and u too had a diary...thats so nice...hey u can list this point too in ur gender confession tag...isnt it?

  26. Rohini,

    Please give a big hug to Neil from my side and say BELATED MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF 6TH AUGUST. Do let me have your e mail id so I can send e card too. Nice to read updates.

    Take care

  27. "My Leon's family" could haven been the title... and dont write for us the reader, write for yourself and your satisfaction... readers will follow you... and it was a lovely post... good to know so many things... 6th Aug is the answer... where's my prize? :)

  28. wow your blog layout ,title background image and the color is superb...

    nice pics, wish you all good health and luck :) keep blogging

  29. Too much of viral fever in the air, the monsoons usually aggravate the situation.

    As for diaries, I would believe it must be more 'secure' than say, a blog.

  30. I liked your blog very much. I appreciate for your wonderful post. Very beautiful pictures.
    You are welcome in my blogs.

  31. Get well soon madam.
    from past two days i am also caught by fever.

    Congratulations to Neil.

  32. very nice foot prints and good photograph.

    Take care jee.

  33. Excellent photographs Rohini. And convey my regards to Neil.

  34. @ SM - nice to see ur comment..thnx for it..:)

    @ KA - glad u like the post..and sry man..no prize...:)

    @ Unkown - thnx for liking it...hope ur visit agn...:)

  35. @ Anil - welcome to this blog..and thnx for commenting..diaries are definitely secure..but as u might have read..i disclosed each page of it to my cousin..so no need to secure..:)

    @ Babli - thnx for liking it...i visited ur space and liked it a lot..hope to be together in this journey :)

    @ Madhav - thnx for the wishes...and u too get well soon..:)

    @ Raj - thnx for liking them:)

    @ Jithan - welcome to this blog...thnx for liking the photo's ... Neil's thnx to you :) hope to see u here again..

  36. @ GA - dhanyawad,,,aur apko bhi :)

    @ Jack Sir - thnx a lot for ur wishes. ur wishes mean a lot..:)

  37. Your Blog layout is Fantastic!!
    I like it very much!!

  38. Happy Bday Neil or should I say the whole Leo family..:)

    Its truly awesome to celebrate so many bdays together but u fall short of parties for the whole year..:P

    The pic is just awesome and the bouquet also.
    It really deserved the first prize..:)

    Congrats for everything and the lovely family u have..
    Touch wood..

    I can answer ur question if u want me to..:)

    Sorry for being away from a very long time..



  39. Lovely family, may god bless you and your son :)