Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happpy Newww Yeaarrr

May all your dreams, wishes etc etc...come true this year....

My last post was long time back, and now I have again taken my resources out for writing.
Last year, last month was little hectic for three main reasons. -
1. Various Competitions held at school
2. Preparing Neil for those competition.
3. A trip to Kanha National Park

December is the month of different competitions like Fancy dress- Theme and Open, then Fashion show. Preparing Neil was the toughest, as he was always hesitant in carrying the get-ups and then coming on the stage. I had to constantly coax him with different things to do well on stage. By the end of the competitions he slightly got charged up.

It was good that every time he got some position. Few of his pics are::

Few pics of Kanha -------

Last to last year too we went to Kanha Trip and this time also grabbed the chance to visit it. Just one thing missing was, spotting tiger. But really enjoyed being in Jungle for two days.

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed my last month of 2010. Again I wish a wonderful 2011 to you all....


  1. lovely pictures of Kanha :)

    Neil looks so sweet in all those get-ups !

  2. It seems you really had a rocking time Rohiniji! All the best wishes for this new year!

  3. Wish u a great year ahead...lovely pics.

  4. Oh my god you did what I always plan beautiful pics.
    Happy new year to you and family

  5. Happy New Year to you too!

    Neil is looking cute :)

    Beautiful pics of the park

  6. seems like you had a good time, hope u have better times this year..

  7. @ Scibbler - thnx was very difficult to make him look good...with those get ups;)

    @Anulal - yeah time was rocking...:)and thnx for the wishes

    @ Alka - thnx for the wishes and same to u ..and thnx for dropping here..

  8. @ Bikram - hey thnx for the wishes..

    @ Beyond Horizon - thnx for the wishes..

    @ The Generalist - ya i pray to have better days...and same wishes for u too:)

    @ A - thnx...:) and hey happy new year..

  9. wishin you a rockin new year...and get to c ur blogs more often

  10. @ Jon - yeah ..will try to be regular this year...and thnx for the wishes....

  11. Happy New Year, dear rohini. Great pics and Neil looks so cute! Wow, I haven't been to Kanha but would like to now.

  12. @ Rachna - thnx ...and yes u must visit it...

  13. Wish you a Happy New Year and nice pics.

  14. HI Rohini,

    Happy new year to you. Looking forward to reading more posts from you this year.

    Always Happy

  15. @ TS - thnx and sm to u ...

    @ AH - thnx and will try to be regular girl..thnx again

  16. Oh! Neil is looking so delicious...LOL...I mean cute! :) Kanha is a beautiful place indeed. You were lucky enough to see tiger.
    Also, you can visit my blog for latest Rajasthani Painting on Mughal Queen.

  17. in fancy dress pic.....neil is lukin very cute and happening......happy new year enjoyyyy

  18. @ Megha - thnx megha and yes will surely visit

    @ BS - thnxxxxx:)

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  21. @ GA - aapko bhi gaurav ji:)

    @ GA - aur iske bhi dhanyawad..:)

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