Monday, March 1, 2010


I on my behalf of my family and myself. wish you a Happy Holi.........

May you enjoy every second of it.......
May You eat lots of Gujias.....mathri....puran poli's.....chuda...etc etc....
May Your stomachs' diameter increases so that the suface area for the person who puts colour on you would become more and in that case you would make him more happy.
May you do all naughty things...and you are not recognised for ...
May you look like a Colourful parrot...and all your friends come to see you..and say...."hey hi yeh tu hi hai kya, kabootar,,,??????"
May you brush your teeth properly to have that sparkling effect once you smile....Your teeth having a border and shading of mixed awesome colours...

May you don't have to bear the expenses of colouring your it will be borne by your the end of the day you will see your hair .....multicoloured....

And at the end...No space for more colour....No space for more of modern are fulll your skin is fulll....and you go to have a bath...and here you get a nice warm welcome....Sorry no pani......No water in the tanki......:-()

Sorry to all folks.....but this happened to my friend today..hihihihi.......

Anyways Enjoy....On a serious Note-Which song you sing the most when you think of this colourful festival.......??????


  1. @Anoop - Thnx...i hope your holi was good

  2. Really a nice a dream holi....this time i was singing....DO ME A FAVOUR LETS PLAY HOLI...RANGOON MEIN HAI PYAAR KI BOLI..LOL...HAPPY HOLI!

  3. holi wish that!
    happy holi 2 u too :D

  4. hehe...nice colourfull post... i can only think of one song when it comes to holi.... rang barseee!! :D

    Happy holi buddy!

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  5. @BS- great song...and thnx for the wishes
    @BE - thnx for the wishes and droping at my site
    @TC - this song comes first when we think of holi...and right with the effect of bhaang too...

  6. Hey rohini...wish you a belated Happy Holi :)

    Interesting post...did any of this happen with you too? :P

  7. Rohini,

    Here I am as promised. Read all current posts. One can really enjoy fruits of labour if one works hard for it. 3 Idiots has a very good theme but I feel too many things were pushed in which took the message on tangent. We never put pressure on our both the children and let them choose what they wanted. Only thing which I always told them was to do what their conscience allows. I am so happy to learn that you are in education field. Upto what class is your school? Is it co-ed? I have lots of suggestions, which if you wish we may speak about. You may write at my email id given in profile. Life is really simple and of course not easy. I had written a post Happiness is in your hands. Do read it if you find time. How was your Holi?

    Take care

  8. @ Varsh - empty tank happened with me many times...eating with dirty hands is very question of hygine on this festival...How was ur holi???

    @Jack Sir - Our school is till fifth...and is co-ed. to get a guidance from you sir, would be very helpful..would definitelly mail you regarding it...
    my holi was good but this time without colours ,, we all frnds gathered at one place..and enjoyed the holi lunch...
    and i will read ur post too....and thnx for visting this blog...hope to listen more from you....

  9. Happy Holi To you...

    Nice posts u have made...
    Please also visit on my blog..I am new here...
    Please see and tell what i do more


  10. @Abhishek - thnx for visiting and commenting....will definitely check your blogs....