Friday, April 16, 2010

LoveD it!!!!!!

NU...... A big smile and a Hugs to you...thnx girl for appreciating the efforts of mine.... getting myself an award makes me feel HAPPY.....thnx to all lovely readers who read and pass on their views....ab the award which i got is.....Look down ......

Nice na.....i kn... I love cakes Nu....thnx for not only one but three cakes...thaannnkkkuuuuu.....

And now the work part,,,...I have been asked to write three good things in me....(matlab .... dnt think i m being Muh miya mitthu guys.....but i have been asked to do it/..) Well its good also in a sense....there are many sitting outside to criticize you....but the only one who knows yourself better is here are my three good qualities.....(waise toh kai hai....but listing just three...:-( )

> When somebody looks at someone, the first thing you notice is ......???? Yes looks......I am thankfull to God, nature, and parents coz of which I look good...Yes, I am beautifull....and thnx that i dont need put lot of lotions etc took look nice.....(kharcha thoda kam hota hai G ka, in a way I do not trouble my husband)

>> After crossing the first level, ie, looks, one finds me nice and lovely in nature, in talks....I know people dont neglect my presence.....a fun loving party types....More so, I m what I M....nobody else resides in me.....

>>> Dont understnd how do people lie.....I am bad at it...i dont kn whether it is good trait or bad..but I cant....:-) but i have been told its good so mentioned here....

Rest You can visit Varsh Blog to know more good thigns about what she has written is just like me....taking the liberty of mentioning more nice qualities in me :-)

Another thing I was asked to do is...One pic which I like the most is.......hmm there are many but at the point it is.....Look down again .....

Now Five people I want to pass on this award and the tag are....
Nipun, Gaurav Agrawal, Jack Sir, Anju Gandhi, and BS
CONGRATULATIONS you all people......really love reading ur conitnue with this tag too.....:-)
PS- Jack sir, Nipun.....ur one more tag pending.......add this one too in ur list.....


  1. hey..thnks 4 d award....really nice to know ur qualities....thnx agn t.c!!

  2. Thnx again..:)
    Will do both the tags as soon as I finish the tarangini series..
    And that's my school uniform.
    Is d guy studying in DAV??

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  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful award,I am honored to be included with such wonderful bloggers :)

    please don't forget to read This Sunday "real positive thinking" (part 1)

    Thanks again :)

  5. Congrats for one more award and good to read about your qualities:) You are right, it is good to appreciate one's own strengths as often as we crib about the weaknesses.

  6. oh yes, forgot to write about your post.... really nice to know ur qualities :)

    Surely everyone(or anyone) must agree on first two qualities :)

    .... and in third one... u wanna say, u feel difficult to detect a lie ?? if yes, i know how to detect :)

    have a nice day :)

  7. @ BS - congrts , ur blog has beutiful elements in u deserve it...

    @ Nipun - ok fine no prob....but u do the tags..k

    @GA - welcome back to write on my post to..:-) the thrid one said i dnt kn lying..i dnt have that skill....
    will definitely visit ur blog on sunday..thnx..

    @ Rachna - thnx dear...thnx for liking the idea too...

  8. u didnt replied to my question..
    is d guy in d pic a DAV school student?

  9. Hey congrats 4 the award.. :) :)

    the pic is really cute.. ur son..???

  10. @ Nipun - sry i missed ur he is nt frm DAV....he is in our school....and he is saying Same pinch to you.....

    @ Urvashi - Thnx....yes he is my son...

  11. Rohini,

    Awwwwwwwww. Another one. OK,OK will take it up a s a p.

    Take care

    PS : Liked your revelations.

  12. Cute boy!
    Nice Picture :) , Congratulations!

  13. @ jACK sIR - thnx for the comment and still waiting...

    @ Raj - thnx ....

  14. Congratulations! Nice to know abt you...

  15. Congrats on ze award.and did justice on the tag!

  16. Ahem... I liked this tag. So, I am gonna take the liberty and take it up myself :-)

  17. @ Shayon - Oh plz go ahead,,,will definitely read it...