Friday, April 2, 2010

Again a QUESTION...........PLZ ANS..............



  1. Yes, It helps and upto a great extent.
    All is well is just one of the examples. But i have tested it myself. Even if I dont know anything in an exam, i keep a positive attitude attitude and I have succeeded all the tyms.
    While facing interviews also I always keep in mind that nothing can go wrong with u and that U are doing ia great job even though I answer things incorrectly many times..:)
    So, be optimistic and positive..



    p.s. My blood group is B negative.. Then also u see..:)

  2. In my view it helps...but it surely depends on the situation that you are told to keep a positive in a drastic situation if you are told to hold on and be positive then may be it's difficult for you to do there !

  3. I agree with Nu here. If you tell someone in a real mess that he should keep a positive attitude, he probably might wring your neck!
    But it does help. gives us a hope for a better future, and something we can look forward to..

  4. Before nswerin this I want to ask a question to u feel like u hav positive attitude dat u kept 4 quite sumtime bt now it dosnt help and ppl around u dosnt gel with ur positive attitude (may be coz of their own valid reasons)???

    If yes, thn d only way to put d positive energy is to change the route ... nd just be blank about dat particular issue!

    Put dat positive energy inside u to some other work..may be sumthn that can impart benefit to u after sum years...
    With positive attitude atleast u can engaze urself in systematic purposeful action that is required from you at that point of time. Even if everything is going wrong the postive attitude you maintained during this period will help you feel good nd u will be able to get rid of bad times far quickly than with the negative attitude...nd if u think its really not helping …
    then just imagine the worst....yes u read it right...sumtimes accepting the worst kind of a attitude can actully change d way u think about dat problem!!!

    lastly want to share an intresting quote with u:

  5. sorry d quote is here:

    Oh, my friend, it's not what they take away from you that counts. It's what you do with what you have left. ~Hubert Humphrey

  6. @Nipun - hey grt,,, so agn this time u were positive in giving the ans...but u r rite this time agn...dnt wry...

    @NU - rite dear,,,,i m still having the positive attitude as far as blog formatting is concerned....u guesed it wat i said?

    @Varsha - oh two ladies with so grt like dat...

    @BS - u stated the two extremes...rite man...will keep ur advice in mind..thnx...

    @ BS (for the quote) - nice one and thnx..

    @The Survivor - hmm that's agn a nice one....

    @ Sorcerer - yes i too think so....:-)

  7. i wanna say it helps...but honestly i ain't sure!

  8. Rohini,

    I will reply with another question :

    " What if our soldiers lay down arms even before battle begins as they feel they are outnumbered or face sophicated arms?"

    HUM HONGE QAMYAAB is the motto.

    Take care

  9. well...Positive attitude does help but it depends on what situation you are talking about it. If you are thinking of conquiring some unrealistic Targer than Positive attitude won't help.
    Positive attitude works in situation where a person needs motivation to do something.

  10. It works wonders for me at least... Helps you to move on and take a right decision in life... n i believe a positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action. :)

  11. hey come online na..I'll tell you what to do..kevha bhettes ? sang

  12. Hi Rohini,

    I think it really helps.I have seen it help me in most situations, in some it didn't. Those situations were way out of hand. Wish I could share all those. I think positive attitude is healthy both for you and people around you.

  13. @ Jack sir - apt example sir. thnx for providing it..

    @ Abhay - hmm...rite it is a motivating force...

    @ Dudo - grt so nt only apple but positive attitude can help u stay away frm doctor...rite..

    @Nu- yaar ...i will give u a call when i will be ol....fine....aaj kal kamich aste me ol....

    @ Rachna - yes it helps a lot to ppl around us also...thnx....

  14. @ ALL - thnx all for providing ur expert comments and advices...this post was meant for the ppl..who have negative approach and life style towards earlier post had a little bit of this..and all of ur answers second my i wish all our voices would discourage negativity and encourage positivity amongst the ppl around and within us.....Thnx a lot......:-)

  15. Yes it helps a lot in keeping yourself cool, directed and motivated. In fact by keeping your attitude positive you can easily handle whatever pblms are there against you. But I will say that there are many situations in which a person forget whether his attitude is +ve or -ve. So only thing to keep in mind is to have you or make your self biased towards the positive approach. Sometimes force fully and sometimes habitually(after a long practice) :)


  16. @ Gaurav - practice makes man perfect.....thnx for the comment....hope to see u here more...

  17. Hi rohini,

    positive thinking isliye jaroori hoti hai becuase positive thinking ke bina success bhi khushi aur utsaah nahi de sakti, aur postive thinking hone par asafalta bhi chubhati nahi , kuchh der viraam karne ka ishara karti nazar aati hai, jeevan har paristhiti me swarg sa sukhmay ho jaata hai :)

    positive thinking sirf ek samay par nahi karni chahiye, main is baare me jaldi hi ek post apne blog par prakaashit karoonga

  18. @ Gaurav Agar - ji dhanyawad,,,apke vichar ati uttam hai....aur hum intejaar karenge aapke post ka...

  19. hey I am getting addicted to your blog and your posts
    such thought provoking topics.
    i have also written on the same
    i just know one thing it is very easy to say that B+ but the person who is suffering, who knows that the result is going to be not the one he wants then what is the point in being positive

  20. @ Anju Gandhi - hey Blogdiction is nt bad dear..i will welcome u to my blog every time...
    ur pt in rite...but many times keeping smile on face and keep light head and positive approach helpa ....atleast in the end the negative result will be faced bravely ....
    strgt away going to ur post..

  21. It helps it helps....... mark my word it does.

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  23. @ Haddock - thnx for the valuable comment...