Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What It Took To Be An Anarkali...??

Theme Party : Salim - Anarkali Date : 15 April 2010

I got an invitation few days before on a theme party. I had to dress up like Anarkali, and my husband had to be Salim….listening this, I was quite confused as I had never attended any such party before…but liked the concept…
Today I will list all the necessities of Anarkali......What took me to be an Anarkali…?...

Can you tell whom we think when the word Anarakali is called? Madhubala…right? We think of her dress, her accessories, her style, her dance, and the famous song….Jab Pyaar kiya toh darna kya….

=The first thing I selected was an Anarkali dress, which I had in my wardrobe. But there was still a long way to look like her.

=Next was choosing my Salim’s outfit….It was not that tough though. I finalized his Sherwani and dupatta… which he agreed on wearing….

=What more needed?…….I looked at myself…My nails were without colour....To tell you all, I hardly use nail paint…coz of which all the colours I had bought 4yrs ago during my marriage, got dried. So had to borrow it from MIL. But the colours she had, were not of my taste. All were too dark. But I tried to settle with the maroon colour (no choice). Applied it on my nails. That night when I went to chemist, I noticed that everyone was staring at my dark coloured nails…I was so embarrassed that immediately I bought a light one and made up my nails with that.

= As I changed my dress, I thought of wearing chunni over my head….pierced it with pins unheartedly….(sry dear chunni)

= My forehead was bare, so thought of putting ‘Maang Tika’….. But I dint have it, so I made it through my necklace……My ankels were done by the beautiful anklets… Wore antique bangels..

= The missing factor was ‘Jutis’… I dint have the matching Jutis…so had to wear sandals only

In all this process, one question came in my mind. While going out I always take one napkin for Neil… looking at the cotton napkin…. thought Were in those days, napkins were made of Resham (silk)?

Now the Anarkali was so much inside me that while entering in the party also, instead of waving Hi…I did Adab to everyone…..for the whole party we addressed each one with Anarkali’s and Salim’s name…had fun dacing on the song of Mughal-e-Azam..

At the end we got the gift of the best dressed couple.....my mehnat paid off.....

I felt like I was in that old era and trust me …For the period of 2-3 hrs we enjoyed being Salim and Anarkali...........................Dress changes one’s attitude…I realized it that day…....…


  1. Rohini,

    Congratulations. You both look so cute. Nazar naa lage.

    Take care

  2. Awww..that was so nice! Congrats..

  3. @ Jack Sir - thnx sir.....:-)

    @ Phatichar - thnx to u too...(ur profile name is funny)..

  4. Wow...mast aahe...khup chaan distiyes..itki mehnat teli tar faayda whaylach hawa na...congrats!! :)

  5. @ Varsh - thnx ga....ho khara...

  6. The (sry dear chunni) part was really funny!

    You really took lot of pain to experience what it takes to appear like Anarkali... Congratulations! You both look really good in the outfits! Kudos!!!

  7. WOW!!
    U both are looking so good together.
    I am going to make new Mughal-e-azam and take u both as the cast.
    Lovely dress and the built up for the whole story was awesome..:)



    p.s. Even i hate dark nail-paints worn by girls..

  8. Nice! The pictures are good. You look so different from your profile pic, maybe because you are all made up as anarkali :). Good effort, you look the part pretty well. Nice to see your enthusiasm.

  9. From now on u will be the first person that will cum on mind as anarkali..ur preparation was truly amazin ....u r lukin gorgeous...if there is a remake of mughleazam u should be casted as anarkali....the nail story was really hilarious...thank god u changed ur nail paints…lol……
    Can’t resist mentioning a song verse from mughleazam especially considering your preceding post:
    ishq mein jeena ishq mein marna aur hume ab karma kya???

  10. wow.. you both look so nice.. nazar na lage..

  11. It's great to see you both looking fabulous!!
    yes, i also enjoyed and felt that era when i watch both pics :)

    i totally agree with "Rachna", You look so different from your profile pic :)

    ek shararat ...

    here is some imagination of what sir (your Husband) must be thinking (possibly) at that moment :)
    Teri nazar ko meri nazar na lag jaye
    is hansi chehre pe buri nazar na pad jaye
    tere rukhsar ki ronak he ye dhimi si hansi
    khuda na kare kisi ki nazar lag jaye..

    and now one song from my side for blogger behna

    "ye chaand saa roshan cheharaa ..." :)

    Thanks for Sharing Pictures :)

  12. @ Sorcerer - thnx man..

    @ Karan - rite, there was pain with the gain....

    @ Nipun - thnx for liking the whole real story..and thnx for the film offer...very much obiliged....but we will accept it when the right price is offered....Any second thoughts??

    @ Rachna - thnx yaar, u kn my face looks different everytime i pose....hihihi...but u r rite...its all because make up...

    @ BS - thnx man for liking the entire episode...and koi nahi u will see us bth in the new version of Mughle azam, made by Nipun...waise bhi the finalisation is yet to be done..and nice song..hai na..

    @ Kavya - Thnx girl...

    @ GA - Wow gr8 imagination....thnx...

  13. More than agree, dress makes a whole lot of difference to attidude and confidence..congrats..anarkal indeed

  14. @ PNA - Welcome to my blog, and thnx for the comment ...
    hope ur visit agn...thnx

  15. Hi! Anarkali!

    ur salims smile is really cute in the photo...
    thnx for sharing...

  16. both of u look great...congrats :)

  17. Wow!! Congrats for the award!
    Thanks for sharing...liked the creativity in wearing Maang Teeka and anklets!! Cool :)
    Cheers :)

  18. @ RD - Yes his smile is really sweet..hihih...thnx to u tooo....

    @ BE - thnx man..//

    @ Shilpa - thnx....yes that day i was little creative with my appearancce....Change was definitely good...

  19. U asking for price...:(
    I thot u wil do it for free...:)
    M ur blogger buddy after all...
    Think again..

  20. he he ehe NICEEEEEE .. i hope u did not have to DANCE and fight the bad people he hehe

    you both look GREAT... well done and many more such happy moments to come yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  21. @ Nipun - Hey, this is my Boni time....how can i work free re....atleast a signing amount...thik....hihihii.....thought and told....:-)
    PS- Next film free for my blogger buddy....dnt wry...:-)

    @ Bikram - We danced, but dint fight...so no worries...thnx for ur comment...
    and yes wish for many such moments ...thnx agn


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  23. Wow.. you both looking gorgeous.. great.. following you

  24. @ Santosh - A nice work should alws be encouraged.....

    @ Sri - thnx.....hope to get ur comments on each of my post....

  25. @ Sri - and hey i cant see u in my followers list??/

  26. So Salim and Anarkali steals the show…

    Continue rocking!!