Monday, April 5, 2010


iS tHIS a mAN'S wORLD ????????????
iF YES, THEN y? iF nO, THEN wOW,,,,,dO U rEALLY fEEL sO?


  1. it's a human beings' world ! :) And that's what you believe into !

  2. Man is the creator and woman is the care taker......
    It doesn’t matter u r man or woman...If u have the courage to overcome any difficulties..its ur world..... over the years I have felt that whatever man portrays but he is nothing without a woman...
    If man has the power to decide, woman has the power to influence that decision...
    Lastly, if any man thinks that its his world than he is the biggest fool on planet earth...but being a man myself (I hope nobody needs proof) I make a humble request to all woman....let us breath...nd give us a little create special things for you....!!
    Hey Rohini Ji, u force me to think a lot coz of ur intellectual questions. but its nice…..telling you frankly...waiting from more y's from ur side..thanks.. nd take care!

  3. Man is the chosen one in this whole world teeming with millions and millions of creation.Woman is very superior in the whole creation including man.

    if women change, men will definitely change. Women should take to the right path. Then men will also take to the right path. Bcz the women can be a leader, she shares half the body of the man. She can change the men either today or tomorrow if she has good thoughts. So women should inculcate compassion, love, and sacrifice. There is no quality greater than sacrifice.

  4. Its a stupid world and its not really gender specific!

  5. You've been awarded on my blog!! :)

  6. @ Nu - Yes, i wish to blv this...

    @ BS - i liked everything man in ur comment accept one....requesting women to let u enjoy ur freedom...when do we nt...atleast i toh give freedom....well about qtn's ....i m a born u will getr more of it...

  7. @ GA - hi gaurav, welcome to BH(Be Happy)...thnx for ur nice comment..

    @ Sorcerer - there are many such things ...which make it a stupid world....

    @ Varsh - Hey WOW!!! nice of u dear....but hey where do i post my thnx giving speech...,,but thnx to u dear

  8. Its really difficult to say whose world this is but plz remember Generator Observer Destroyer know as GOD...all were men.That is also true that some women were also involved but womens are good to make the things good...but as far as the implementation is concerned men are always ahead.

    Rohini you have asked a very clever question and in fact you are making a long queue.

  9. @ Anon - welcome time put ur name too...:-) and here i dnt want to ask another who is or woman....i dnt want to start this....will stick to one point...we bth are equal

  10. first time on your blog, came via Breathe.
    How much we would like it to be a woman's world too or atleast as some one commented a Human being's world but the harsh reality is it is a man's world although woman are trying very hard and succeeding also at some places to endorse their identity but still the world, we the women are dominating by men

  11. @ Anju gandhi - Hey dear...very true..u have given the answer which is very true...we women are dominated by men...and like my another qtn in the blog asks whether positivity helps....?? then in this case it helps too...women is dominated but if she starts blving the same point then it will create disharmony so better to blv that we all are equal and slowly and slowly move show all men that dear men we too are with u...(no anti men thought)....