Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why life is not a Fairy Tale???

Have you ever thought why life is not a Fairy Tale?

Well what if you get those three basic things food, clothing and shelter without any work done.

Imagine, you living in a big palace, having 100's of servants working under you. At your command they provide anything & everything to you. You have top class clothes for you. Lavish life style. Great varieties of food daily at lunch & at night; your holidays are spent in the great surroundings of beautiful nature amidst hills or beach which ever you choose. You stay in 7-star hotel everytime and there are 100's of people taking care of you, escorting you, and acting upon your wishes. Ahhh!!! too good....what else one would ask for??

Hey, hey, hey wait. This thought can not only come to you. It can come to anyone. Yes anyone. Now suppose God gives this chance to everyone. And now think, in your big Palace, you are alone(of course you have a family, but they themselves have their own set of wishes and have shifted to a new big palace of their own)

You have no servant. No TV. No magazines. Reason - because everyone is now the king of oneself. They do not wish to work now. They have a grand and luxurious life. No music for obvious reasons. No food as there will be no one to cook. Next, You go out on a tour and you find 7- star hotels but mind you, you are your own host and you have to serve yourself. You yourself are the waiter and the customer too.

Obviously this will be the case if everyone gets what he/she wants. Who will work then? Well it's just a hypothetical thought. We work hard to get such pleasures. And when we get these materialistic things or the beautiful moments, we feel like we are fairies ourselves.

You know when I bought my first mobile out of my salary, I was proud of myself. Whatever things I bought out of my income are so precious to me.

So all you folks, rather than living in a fairy's world, come in the real world, full of excitement of all kinds. We have a bhel puri here of all the good times and worse times. And we with our deeds make the most of our good and try to lessen the bad. Even God help those who help themselves.....Right????


  1. thats what i realized too!, so now i am a 5 year old with 24 years of experience.

    Wow, it would be a better place if there was content in life. but then vices are also a part of life, without them there would be no true happiness. nice :-)

  2. Well god has not given us equality but he has given us liberty to think and achieve what we want from life….so I think we should use our brains and get what we want…..letz go 4 it….!

  3. Reminded me of Bruce Almighty !

    life is not fair - get used to it..some geek had said and went on the become the richest man on the planet. how ironic isnt it?

  4. @Gyanban - Yes it is ironic. and thnx for visiting my blog....hope to see u again