Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dil toh Baccha hai ji...............

Kuch dino se ye gana mere jubaan mein chadha hai...."DIl to baccha hai ji....."

DIL is really wants to be a bacha sometimes. And I have that kid still in me...yes really.
I want to tell you all that I still play with kids who are not more than 6- 7 yrs....I enjoy playing anything with them even antakshari. They don't understand my old songs and I dont remeber the new song's lyrics. and I just hum with them...but it's a great game.

I enjoy cartoons. Specially Tom and Jerry. I love to lough out loud with my son, Neil. All credit goes to him for introducing more and more cartoon characters to me as I only knew few. The added ones are Doremon, chota bheem , Richie Rich, Pokemon, etc etc...

I still like to sleep with my mother in her arms my kid loves. Irrespective of the fact that my kid does'nt like me getting near my mother.. (He thinks his mother is for him only). (hmm...but somtimes i have be a mother too).

I still laugh out loud without caring who is watching my unalligned set of teeth ....:-)=
I still like jumping in joy, and I also make Neil jump with me.(he must be amused to see his mother in this state).

I still like hiding myself behind the doors and screaming into the ears of the person entering the room and making fun of him if he is scared by my devil act....poor man.....

And yes, once I with my hubby, made one guy so scared that he was about to get a heart attack but thanks to our gentle man's and gentle lady's heart that we just spared him. And yes I will share this incident in you later in my next post, as right now dont have time as the kid in me not letting me sit at one place for a longer time.

Hey but before going, tell me, do you still have that kiddy kid in you? In this stressful life, do you think you should be a carefree child sometimes????Well I do think.....afterall, Dil toh baccha hai ji......!!!!!!!

Am I looking like this now???


  1. my kiddy thing comes out ven i hav more 6 pegs..othwise it dosnt...nd i think u look lik dat pic...hihi very cute waise

  2. @BS - Thanx for your kiddy comment...