Friday, January 15, 2010

3 Idiots.....

I know I am late in this, still wanted to share the movie "3 Idiots" with you all...with the great hype and positive reviews, I and my hubby went to watch it in the hall, after having anxiously waited for the tickets for about 3 weeks....

We both went there with very high spirits and enthusiasm....and were very happy thinking its good to be late than never...It was Thursday, yet the hall was crowded....I am not used of seeing such a huge crowd turning up for any movie in the place like Bhilai....and that also during weekdays. But it was nice realising that we were not the only one who were deprived from watching the movie earlier..

Ok now coming to movie...My first opinion - it's a great movie with a great theme...I liked everyone's performance...and even my sweet Kareena's too....She looks so cute in those specs.....I know many of you don't like her but I find her very admirable....every actor has ended up doing their roles perfectly. It has a good humor in between. But unfortunately, at the end of the film there is no solid scene which occupies my mind...:-(

Yes, I know that there was a serious issue being dictated in it....but in bits and parts.....I question when will this Reel life going to meet the Real life.

My son, since the time of his birth, is being told that he has to take care of the business of his father. His future is pre-thought and pre-decided without his prior consent. Many a times I have refused the idea, saying ,"no, he will do whatever he wishes to do" but everytime I got the same response "then who will take care of all these things", "he has to succeed his father"...hmmmm....well aren't we cutting his freedom of thoughts and actions....this is not only in our case but many....still white collared jobs are the favourite...why do we act like Boss...I still can't forget when one of my aquaintace tried to commit her father wanted her to become CA, and she was so much inclined towards Arts.....(Is Suicide an eye opener for parents?)

Secondly, the system in which we are studying...we are mainly concerned with the other's marks, rather than ourselves....we are more anxious in knowing what the other guy is doing, whether he is earning more than me?....whether he has a car?, whether he travels by plane? etc.....such issues are so much in our mind that we just waste 60% of our times worrying the same....

I remember once I was asked, that why are we opening a school, when you have everything?? I never had thought this question would ever be put to me...Well, its just that we already have a school and now we are shifting the same into a new big building....not because we have nothing but to maintain or infcat raise the present level of living....every person wants to be occupied in some or the other way...and I am liking it :-) but yes we all are much more worried with the success of the school rather than enjoying this state....but I think it's a human nature...had we not been thinking of this threat , it would have been unnatural condition..right...??

Well coming to the movie...:-) (which I feel I had drifted from it a little)...Simple - It couldnt take my heart away.....It was just like any other movie(hmm.....can say little better)....yes the feel was good....but sorry all, did'nt impress me ...... I wanted something extra from the whole movie...I was waiting for that extra punch for the whole 3 hrs....but was disapointed a little....You know I am still telling my feel good for the movie...but my mind is not letting me feel that......I missed that tickel in my bones .......and this was my Second Opinion.


  1. Hey nice thoughts there Ro :) Nice take on the movie :)

  2. an you template looks nice :)

  3. Well I think you are the first one in India to criticize the movie soooo much….. not impressive, could not take your heart away, punch was missing, no solid scene, disappoints a little, there was no tickle in ur bones…..well well well….u r talking about a film that has crossed 135,89,00,000 after three weeks of the release and the film is termed as all time block buster. In the film , a student hangs himself in his hostel room and writes “ I QUIT” when it becomes unbearable for him to finish a project before the exams. There had been media reports that the most successful bollywood film had provoked suicides all over country. Well, I am mentioning all this over here coz I want to make a point on the impact that this film has created all over India. Coming back to your opinions, I also felt that the film was not upto the mark when compared with munna bhai series but I think where it works is the novelty in the theme, youth oriented, a good message at the end, good music and of course Amir khan what ever he does it turns into gold these days….Finally, My opinion : I enjoyed it very much like an average Indian not thinking too much about punches and tinkle in bones…hihihi

  4. I hope raju hirani and vidho vinod chopra dosn't read ur thought on the movie..nh to bichare sharam se pani pani ho

  5. @ Nu - welcome back dear...and thnx for your comments...

    @BS - All that you said is right man, I think I had though much more and I wanted more from the movie...the movie had a mission ...had an issue a question to the society...but sad to know that it has given a negaive impact...but yes moreover i feel it takes courage to become critic of a team like hirani, Chopra and Amir.....the only 40% I liked is just because of the NO........

  6. @BS - hey but thanx for the info...but i hope this increasing statistics of suicide gets a stop here....i pray that the film helps in increasing the desire to live...but not to kill onself....

  7. 3 idiots..
    everyone is talking about them

    I used to hear this.."theres...1 idiot"..ofcourse naturally truly, that was when people talk about me.
    Now..I have to watch this 3 idiots..
    I sense competition

  8. @Sor - Noways you can never have any competition,,You are the only one...and thanx for commenting

  9. well there r things in movie that don't work in reality but as a whole movie has great +ve aspects and certainly good messages in it.
    Also ur thoughts r genuine & ur free to express it.No matter wat other thinks.At the end everyone has their own respect it (wat i think).

  10. Aapurb - definitely there are good things in the moive like the speech of Chatur..hilarious one...and yes gud mesages to..but most of the times there were expected situations,,,but i dnt deny all the positive points too..only thing i shared was, it was nt impactful on my heart....