Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't sit idle, mom!!!!

This is what my kid tells me everytime....(His thinking mind: Hey, mom u sitting idle, come let me make you work....)

5mins over , 10 mins past ...where is Neil? i had to get up from my chair ( i was blogging that time) ...hmmmm....went down stairs and heard my maid getting irritated at Neil..Y? I looked down and i just couldnt stop grinning in frustration.....their was a black and white mixture, fallen on the floor....the mixture was of sugar(white) and mustard (black) seeds...

Can u think of differentiating the two after this?..........well it was a hard task..but how can I bow down on such mischief of had to take the challenge ....

I, with my maid's help, separated as much possible and then washed those mustard ....sugar got dissolved and mustard got separated...and the left mixture, which contained more sugar, I use it while making tea... :-) hey but the tea's taste is not effected. :-)

This was my first task given to me by my son in the start of 2010, which I think I managed well...:-)..but dear not looking for more like these...hushhhh


  1. hey r u sure it dosn't effected tea's taste..nd who had dat tea...i m sure it must not be you..afterall nt every1 can have musturd grt u completed the task..i think.. u will get lots of them this all the best.

  2. no...really it dint effect the taste....actually tea and mustard are both black in colour and 10% of the mustard doesnt change the taste...

  3. wow, all you have to say is tea-du-mustard. Once my cousin made curd out of Horlics, and it tasted horibble.

  4. @C kids are gr8 at it...once neil had poured all the curd into 2 ltrs of milk....we had to eat that curd for 2 weeks...and had to buy milk again...

  5. We learn somethings in the course of life.