Friday, January 1, 2010

Pleasant Start

1st Jan 2010....Thanks, for bringing a great start of the year. At 12 am we cut the cake....and celebrated with lots of crackers and fireworks... it was really a nice start enjoying with all our friends and kids...
Morning was quiet lazy....for a change no work , just lying idle on the bed and relaxing as we had slept at 3.30 am...still got up early but dint want to step out of the bed....Husband had planned to go out for lunch no cooking also...this was a very good idea for me as it motivated me to relax more inside my cozy blanket....:-) all what i worked was for my son....altogether it was a nice holiday for me....
Its said that what you do on the first day of the new year ...u continue doing as my start was quiet lazy, but I know i will not get that first day again...:-) (everytime a person can't have a rest time...rite)


  1. If you have days like this every day, you will not enjoy them any more.

  2. :) first time on your blog..i guess
    happy new year :)

  3. - Onkar: You are rite sir...infact when it becomes a routine it attracts repulsion.

    - Sorcerer: thnnx for visting the blog and thnx and wish the happy new year to u tooo

  4. A nice relaxing way to spend the new year cum holiday!!
    Have a great year ahead!
    Cheers :)

  5. thnx shipla...hope u will continue to cheer me up...