Sunday, March 28, 2010

IF LIFE IS NOT EASY, be positive then………………………Simple.

In my earlier post, I mentioned the uneasy nature of life. Life is simple, but due to various reasons, complications, etc it gets difficult for a human being to survive its simplest way.

Our upbringing, our education, our customs, our traditions, our culture, etc evolves peculiar personalities in ourselves. On that basis our psychology, our thinking, our motive, our wishes, our targets, our vision, our outlook for one point depends.

It’s said that we all are the puppets in the hands of GOD. Then why the God sometimes brings us at one point where there’s no answer found by the humans? Earlier also I said that our increasing list of expectation bring dissatisfaction in one’s life. But dil hai ki manta nahi……… always wants More…..

Sometimes to fulfill those wishes we do such things which are not morally correct. Sometimes later, when we realize, we find ourselves on the cross road and we lose the sense of selecting the right path. This may create baffled and unanswered situations, resulting in twofold thoughts, stress, and multifaceted minds.

People with strong psyche, can strongly face these situations. They can find the way out of any trouble, any problem. These types of people have an optimistic attitude towards life and always try to find out the balance in their life. In any failure too, they come back with force and lead life with full bliss. . Unlike, people having depressive attitudes.

We should always have one thing kept in mind. Life is a mixture of good and bad times…but we have to remember that after every night, day falls. And every new thing is going to be fresh. So live life to the fullest. Feel the happiness, feel the great fragrance of life, and feel the beautiful nature. Look at the positive side. Learn to be happy and lively………

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  2. Sumtimes v hav to take the path unknown and rest leave on god..if u think u r true to urself dhn nobody cn stop u bieng happy nd postv...lot of hidden learning from this post...thanks!

  3. Hello Rohini, was at Rachna's place noticed your callsign.
    Our life today is not a dress rehearsal. We only get to play one round.
    So live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets.

    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

  4. Rohini,

    If read with proper attention, a very deep meaning post. We all go through good, bad and ugly time. It is upto us to keep in mind that if good time passes,so will the bad or ugly too. Positive attitude a must to face life as it comes. God is there and "PRASAD" is given as you deserve.

    No views in my space?

    Take care

  5. The problem of today is that we are not grateful for what we have and keep on complaining about what we don't have.

    One needs to keep on trying for their wants in life but also sensible enough to know when to let go and move on

  6. Life is a journey through ups and downs. Enjoy the ups and learn from the downs.

    Take care.

  7. True, life is so simple. If you take everything with a pinch of salt and say this too shall pass. Its simple. Everything happens for a reason!!

  8. Life is a mysterious question that reveals simple things. But when we do not heed those simple things considering them as too simple, they will show us what they can do. In other words, life is a book, which no one understands fully.

  9. Lovely thought..and an inspiring post :)

    You've been tagged!

  10. The only line that I use about life is that "Life goes on."
    This line sums up everything..
    Live Life as it comes..:)



    p.s. Chek my page..

  11. @ BS - oh u understood the hidden thing?

    @ Uncle Lee - Welcome here sir. u r life one live with no regrets,,,,thnx..see u again..

    @ Jack Sir - u r also true sir...we get as we sow...and sir regarding the views on ur space , sir i m sry as my net was bad..(which is thankfully ok now..)so couldnt visit any1's blog...will do today only ..sure..

    @ The Survivor - rite.,, let bygones be bygones...

    @ Rachna - yes life teaches us many things...

    @ Insignia - everything happens for a reason...the good or the bad is known later...

    @ Annu Lal - rite life is a mystery...

    @ Varsha - TAGGED???!!!! My first ever tag...hihihi thnx dear...but plz give me some time...fine na.....i will have to think a little on this....still surfing my brain...wat to rite dear....

    @Nipun - Yes rite the same way....and straightaway going at ur page now...

  12. i guess it's easy to be said ... I think until the hour comes, we will not be able to realise our true potential

  13. @ Jon - Exactly said..........thnx......

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  15. @ Abhishek - thnx u liked my blog....but honestly i dont think i deserve that much praise...ur blog is also gud...but i think it is quite complex for the reader...too much in a little space...simplicity is often nice.....

  16. i thing the secrete of happy life is freedom nothing else