Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 - I Welcome U

Hello everyone........By the time u will read this post new year would have set in.....So HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you......

Time has just flown away ....and another new time has experience joys, sorrows, love, care, etc. Last year was filled with all the emotions like these. But I wish this time new year brings more n more happiness to me and to all of all our near and dear our family... to our everyone.

2009 had shown many things like recession, and inflation...being a family person I could see the effect in our lives too...though many good things happned as well....(I started sharing my views through Blog :-) )

2010 expectations: many...... I wish the success in all fronts... I wish our new school reaches the heights of success.....facing all the challenges bravely and confidently.....learning new things....and working out things perfectly.......

My husband gets so much work that he gifts me a Diamond :-)

My family is blessed with good health, happiness and longevity.

There is list of wishes and expectations from this new cycle of 365 days...

I would like to welcome 2010 with a positive feeling accepting whatever it gives to me and I see it with lot of pleasant surprises, lots of new relations (strengthening the present relations too), emotions, attitude and approach.

I pray we all get whatever we want... Wishing You All A Great, Amzing, Thrilling, Lovely And Wonderful 2010..........

Always keep SMILING))))))))))))))))))))))))

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  1. All the best...hope all ur wishes come true and thanks