Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blog - A Social Networking Site ??

Is Blogger a site where you jot down your thoughts, experiences, judgments, conclusions, and various other things? Or, it is more of a Social Networking Site?

I joined this Blog site because I liked the thought of spilling my thoughts over net…to unlock my mind, to find creativity, to think on something, to analyze, and to write my own answers to the emerged questions on any damn topic. Before coming in to this line, I read many beautiful posts, poetries, saw amazing camera shot pictures, art, etc….I found it really addictive, and felt that I should also start writing or atleast try to write. Not coz I love writing, but because I wanted to run my mind on certain things which I found interesting. My mind was getting stuck at the daily home routine. There was no creativity, no imagination, no thinking process involved in my set activities.

I felt the NEED of change. I was guided by my fellow blogger Nu and then in Dec, 2009 I started feeling the change. From then I have started noticing things more minutely than before. In mind there is now always something running. Need not necessarily be an important topic or may be nothing useful…but I write what I feel like…. Simple…

Blog GAVE me; pleasure, sense of satisfaction, crave of creativeness, probing for the logic, liberty of thoughts, media through which I can pay gratitude, sometimes criticize, and sometimes confess.

I am HAPPY, writing post every week.

But then the QUESTION arises, whether with the time the importance of writing a post gets a back seat and move towards making a social network…creating friends….desire of having a long list of followers???? Every morning logging in to see the current state of the Blog…then matching with the expectations…sometimes writing a post of other’s taste rather than selves…Just to make desirable to others….I have read few blogs, where they write that they don’t know the reason of their writing….few say, they don’t have followers then what’s the use of blogging? Some seam to cheat…some seem to be just pass their time….and some writing the real senti, romantic stories,, which sometimes make me feel …all is made up…

My QUESTION, Are we really Honest in writing the post?? Do we fake sometime?? Does our motive of writing changes, which was initially, purely the satisfaction of our soul?

Karm kiye ja, Fal ki chinta mat kar ye insaan………this famous teaching in Bhagwat Gita…do we really follow it??? Before and after we always imagine of the results and returns in any form….don’t we?

In the case of Blogging too…one feels of recognition, one feels to share and spread one thoughts… on………..what’s your take on this? Has your writing been effected, and how? Do you think you are original? Do you feel to make any more changes?? spill your thoughts…...Be honest/////////////////


  1. haha nice post Ro :) Liked the questions posed in here...I did start blogging to just begin with penning my thoughts somewhere and that's how blog came into picture...slowly when my blog started gaining popularity,it somehow became an addiction for me to check how many people had already commented and how many followers my blog has...I certainly made few very good friends through this blog world,which now a real friends..yet again the anxiety of being the favourite blogger or having highest number of comments or / and followers has diminished..with time you mature and you know why you started now I'm back to my basic..have been here..done that..and now back to the normalcy state where my blog is where I write my thoughts...not to check how many followers or comments I have :)

    So I think it's a cycle..initially it works like a craze and then falls down to the normalcy :) enjoy every phase of it :)

  2. Well...I had to read your blog thrice to understand your question? was wondering why I write blogs...I am still clueless but I guess I write sometimes to express my feelings...I am not at all creative so I write my own experiences....I check my blog once or twice in a month..I guess addiction of followers and comments is yet hit me! May be I wud be able to answer your question few months down the line ;)

  3. Hiiee Rohini, To begin with I have been following u recently n read some of the posts on ur blog n they were really nice....

    n abt bloggin, i too started for the same reason as u..i read the blogs around n later on i felt even I must write...n have a space of my own...n when i started, it was really a very very satisfying exp... every post aadded to it.. .n till date, I write what I like ...ofcourse I like to get feedback on what is good or wat is to be improved but even if my blog doesnot get comments, i really dont think much bcos at the end of the day, I like wht I hv written.... even sometimes goin bk ot my old posts n readin brings blk memories of wen i wrote them..wat i ws thinkin then...etc it is a really unique feeling n definitely apart from the social networking (at least 4 me..)

    it ws nice 2 read such a lovely topic 4m u bcos wat u hv highlighted is also somewhere true cos ppl these days mayb write 4 recognition n comments.... somethin fake..!!

    But u jus keep penning njoyin this phase... :) :)

  4. life do change and with dat ur opinions...I simply felt it was a waste of time whn I frst got to knw abt it...but thn time changed nd so did my mind..I started likin it and now i love it...thanks to intrest created by 1 of my grt frnd..evn if u don't get ny comments nd recognation on ur post den 2 its worth coz it brings back d memories of ur state of mind at dat time...being a very emotional nd true person my posts always come strgt from my heart..its a virtual space where u can xpress ur feelings in a creative may be ur desires, ur anger or some happy moments dat u want to share ..whatever it may be..its gud to share!
    ..gettn comments sumtimes in d form of opinions nd advices is grt...nd not for gettn recognation nd makin frndz...4 dat v already hav social networki sites...agn thanks to u for introducin me to blogger..i hope i contiue to write nd keep readin grt posts!!

  5. Hi Rohini,

    Valid questions! I can only talk about my own blogging experience. I started blogging the same way as you did, the only difference -- I love writing :). I also enjoy sharing my opinion, or just giving vent to my feelings. I have never gone out of my way to get followers, but I do enjoy interacting with all those who share opinions with me. I have never felt pressured to write what others want to read. I just write what I feel like writing about, and that enriches me in some way.

    This has been one place where people close to me have gotten to know what I really am, just me :)

    So, there you go.

  6. As far as I know the blogging buddies, most of them announce it before hand if their work is a piece of fiction.
    Also there might be a possibility that the lies that they are telling here gives them a sense of satisfaction..:)
    So u can't justify here that what people are doing is nothing more than networking. They might have got bored from the so called networking sites and so they joined blogger.
    Its a kind of relative concept.
    Keep raising such questions.
    Its awesome..



    p.s. Ignorance is bliss!!

  7. I run too many blogs to keep up with them all and I have them all for different reasons. Most of them are for my own amusement, they don't have any followers or visits and I'm perfectly fine with that. Then I have a private blog where I put things that's nobody's business but I want to keep a record for later or (heaven forbid) if I die. (My husband has the password to the account and can go there to read when/if he wishes.)

    My Moonstuck Tinsel blog wasn't intended to be any different from the others. I saw it as a place to put my favourite quotes. Quotes that I like and that I want to remind myself about. It suddenly grew a life of its own though, people from all over the world started showing up, commenting and connecting.

    I'm refusing to sign up to FaceBook and sites like that because social networking isn't my thing and now I find myself following about 50 blogs. Suddenly I feel the need to explain why I'm not online that often anymore or to share more personal thoughts and views on things. I'm even filling out those "things about me" internet memes that's circling around in the blogosphere.

    Still, I wouldn't write if I didn't get something out of it. I wouldn't write something with the sole purpose of entertaining others and keeping them happy. My blog is still "my show" and I'm the omnipotent ruler and dictator of it. I'm not corrupting my values and ideas even though I do enjoy the attention I get and frolic in it from time to time.

    I'm not original, I'm not special in any way. I don't think that my blogs makes a big difference in anyone's life or even my own. I'm just amused by the sound of my own "voice", that's all.

  8. Nice post
    I started blogging cuz, I was forced to by my fellow mates. They think its a good therapy and I wont beat them with plastic spoon.
    I dont used to be a regular blogger those days. When I started writing humor, I got some followers and that encouraged me to write more. I mean I liked it when I was encouraged. BLogging breaks the monotony in the daily life.THis is where I can relax, look back share good memories with my friends and online buddies.

    When I get regular traffic and people expect me something on my blog everyday; I feel great when I get comments.It helps me, improvise on my writing skill, which is a natural talent and I am happy to work on it.

    I think I am original, cuz, I speak and write from my experience.WHat I see and what I experience. every experience is unique and is from a person's perspective.

    Yeah! I would like to make more changes.I am trying to write on common topics which interests. It's good to put forward ideas in different ways so people percieve it in its correct sense.

  9. Rohini,

    Truly thought provoking post. However social networking sites are mainly with aim of making friends circle. Facebook etc are examples. Blogging is basically to write what you wish to share with others. It may be happy event, tough time in office or difficulty in life which you can not speak to known persons or you wish to offer advice based on your experience . But over a time a circle does develop who visit each other to read what is written and give their views. As you must have seen each person has own style of writing and sharing what one is going through. It gives an outlet to release built up steam. It is upto us to maintain our line of thoughts, though at times we may write lighter posts to make readers come out of daily stress. One should basically not be concerned how many persons give comments but it is human nature to feel satisfied if one finds positive response. Just KEEP WRITING without any worry and write what you feel like.

    Take care

  10. I find Blogger way better than social networking sites and fulfilling too.

    To answer your question, I would say write what pops up in your head and be yourself. Never write trying to impress others coz people visiting to your blog are incidental. They will happen sooner or later.

    What matters is to keep the conversation alive between the blogger and his/her blog :)

  11. Blogging is a nicer way to pen down your thoughts. its your own space. I started blogging to de-stress, unwind and relax. As such, i write for myself. Most people write about an incident, their point of view and what they think about it.

    Few others share interesting trivia. But one thing is the moment you start writing for the sake of filling your blog space or for the sake of others and getting comments, the charm is lost :-)

  12. @ all - sry for replying late.

    @ Nu - I agree dear... i rem the graph we used to draw in ECO . law of diminishing far as the greed of comments is considered...hihihii

    @ Ahay - oh nice, and strange that u have not been yet hit byt the addiction, great. but if it happens let me know.

    @ Urvashi - thnx for liking the topic.....i wanted to raise the questions generally...hope u will keep on visiting this space.

    @ BS- Welcome mam, and good that now u dont consider blogging a waste of time..

    @ Rachna - u r very true dear...we wrtie wat our mind thinks, and hence we make ourselves known better to others...

    @ Nipun - yes...sure i will raise many more questions...sawal poochne ki toh meri adat hai...:-)

    @ Kadri - so nice to read ur purpose...

    @ Sorcerer - hmmm...u writing on common topics.....will have to think on that....but dont leave the curren the flame....

    @ Jack - Yes sir, i write without any worries and witout giving second thoughts on what i m writitng....thnx

    @The Survivor - true, its certainly a fulfilling journey...

    @ Insiginia - yes, I agree, the moment you loose the grip over ur thoughts, your blog gets it doesnt reflect the U