Friday, March 19, 2010

net problem

sry folks, cant respond to all urcomments. But Thanx for ur valuable views . But due to net problem can't reply any. Rite now conveying u all this through mobile. thanx for reading dis. P.s. I will reply evryone asap.


  1. net problem sudharla ki online ye mag..we will do the font thing then :)

  2. Ohhh...hope it gets fixed soon...till then why don't you put together another film song post! :)

  3. Rohini,

    Read 2 posts now. I agree with you for the previous one. Hope you have your net problem fixed soon, this too seems easy but when will it actually be restored is difficult to say.

    Take care

  4. @ Nu - yes sure dear..

    @ varsha - duniya mein aur bhi cheejen siway songs ke...dear...many issues ...dear...but will definitely come back with more on songs....

    @ Jack - thnx for agreeing to the previous post...and a also for a great example..hihihii

    @ all - net prob not yet i m in hubby's office and from here posted the post....wat to do cant keep my heart normal without posting....:-)

  5. love readn ur post...whtevr d means r..i hope ur net problm will b resolved soon..all d best!!