Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sense the change...

Continuing with my song mood….today I want to compare old songs with the new. I don’t want to highlight the copy of music…..but how the trend of expressing one’s thought has changed….
Let’s see how the new lyricists make fresh new song with a twist….

1 – tumne pukara aur hum chale aye….
Jati hun mein, jaldi hai kya….. (This has to happen everytime…)

2 - inhi logo ne …le lina duppatta mera…
Chunari chunari …aja na chu le meri churni sanam… (Hmm…can you notice the change in thinking towards chunni?)

3 – abhi na jayo chhod kar ..ki dil abhi bhara nahi…
Aaj na chhodenge tujhe ..dum duma dum…(are today’s hero so adamant…?understanding naam ki cheej hi nahi hai J)

4 – tum aa gaye ho, noor aa gayi hia…..
Tumse hi din hota hai, surmayi shaam ati hia….. (Did physical presence only effect the days and nights in those days?)

5 - Chup tum raho, chup hum rahen…..
ye tumhari meri baatein, hamesha yunhi chalti rahe….(Oh at least today we women are allowed to speak….Isn’t it??)

6 – Naina tere nainon se meethi meethi batein karte hia…..
dekho ankhiyon se goli mare……..(Eyes are weapons…what say??)

7 – laila mein lailaaaa…aisi hun lailaa…..har koi chahe mujhse milna akela…
Mein laila laila chilayunga, kurta phaad ke…… (Doesn’t your laila need privacy?

8 – abhi na jayoo chood kar, ki dil abhi bhara nahi…..
Chal chale apne ghar, aye mere humsafar… (No question of parting rite…..smart)

9 – ram kare aisa ho jaye, meri nindiya tohe mil jaye, mein jagu tu so jaye….
Yaar ko meine, mujhe yaar ne sone na diya….. (Trends change …what to do?)

10 – barsat mein humse mile tum sajan, tumse mile hum…barsaat mein…
Rain is falling chama cham cham….ladki ne aankh mari gir gaye hum…. (does this happen in real?)

11 – tum kamsin ho, nadan ho, bholi ho…
Sexy sexy sexy , mujhe log bole….(No comments..)

12 – waqt ne kiya kya hasi sitam…
All is well…O bhaiya ……(Moral : Keep smiling…whatever comes…)

13 – mere piya gaye Rangoon, kiya hai wahan se telephun….
What is you mobile number…karoon kya dial number…(our lyricists are having godd technical knowledge)

14 – ye sama, sama hai ye pyaar ka….
Zara zara behekta hai …….(melody suno khud jaan jayoo)

15 – 16 baras ki bali umar ko salaam….
18 baras ki kawari kali, …….(age does matter…??)

16 – Chandi ki cycle, sone ki seat…aao chale darling chale double seat….
Aaja meri gaadi mein baith ja…….(Show offs? but the standard increased)

17 – ye tera ghar ye mera ghar,….
Unchi hai building…lift teri band….(whats the use of a big building…ghar was better)

18 – na maangu sona chandi, na maangu heera moti…….
Paisa pasia karti hai tu, paise pe kyu marti hai…???(Hey girls…I dnt agree this do u??)
19 – ruk ja raat theher ja re chanda……
Aa bhi ja, aa bhi jaa, aye subah aa bhi jaa…(Irony…)

20 – daiya re daiya re, chadh gayo paapi bichua….
Bichhu, ye bichhu, ye bichhu mujhe kaat khayega….(smart girl…getting cautious beforehand)

21 - khwab ho tum ya koi haqeqat
tu hi haqeeqat khwab tu (were earlier heros quiet confused….??)

22 – khullam khulla pyaar karenge hum dono……
Pyaar kiya toh darna kya…..odhli chunariya meine tere naam ki….(Hm…Gud..keep it up)

23 – Dil vil pyaar vyaar mein kya janu re….
Bebo mein Bebo, DIl mera lelo…..(girls were so ignorant then…dint they know the meaning of dil????)

24 – Babuji dheere chalna..pyarr mein zara sambhalana…
Babuji zara dheere chalo, bijli khadi yaha bijli khadi…(what a revolutionary song??)

25 – Choo lene do najuk hothon ko..kuch aur nahi bas jam hai yeh…
Saki saki re saki saki……aa paas aa reh na jaye koi khwaish baki….

26 - nahi nahi abhi nahi...abhi karo intezaar
hey jara ksis me kis me ......( Oh really…??)

At the end...a few songs dedicated for the different stages of married man:

Dulha mil gaya, dulha mil gaya….(excitement of hunting one bakra, ie. Dulha)
Aaj mere yaar ki shadi hai..(which yaar will not be happy …)
Mein toh joru ka ghulam ban ke rahunga…..(false promises …)
Jab se hui hai shadi….aansu baha raha hun….(No Comments….)
Karte hi shadi tera baj gaya baja….(All married men ..I want you to share your views on this point….)


  1. Wowww....I really appreciate your patience and thought-provocation through songs! :D

    Great job! Lemme think a bit and then attempt to add something if I can :)

  2. thats a great effort..
    nice nice..

  3. what a list Ro :) Mast majja watli wachun..H did read too and laughed :)

  4. simply amazing list....I really enjoyed readn it...d comparisons r too good...hey i m not married but sorry breakin d rule of ur blog...shadi karke toh baja bajega hi..i really agree with this song..hihihi...nd want to add 1 more to the list..ek kawara fir gaya mara .fas gaya dekho yeh bechara..really nice effort!

  5. Rohini,

    Read both these posts yesterday but could not post comments. I have always been saying that we need to respect and give importance to women. It is a misnomer to call them weaker sex. They are much stronger and capable to multitasking in much better way. On this one, hats off to you for compiling such a enjoyable comparative list. I could not have done it.

    Take care

  6. @Varsh - thnx for appreciating dear...and yes wating for your aadons....

    @Sorc - thnx for the comment..

    @Nu - hey thnx dear...

    @BS - thnx for liking the effort man...and hamesha man marta nahi hai ...

    @Jack - thnx sir...getting a comment from your side is such a good feeling...women are just considered as a "thing" in our society....may be a showpeice...this attitude should be changed....and on this post...thnx for liking it.....and yes sir ..you can alco try it out..its a very interesting mind exercise..atleast for me it was as i like songs...

  7. Contrary to most popular beliefs, I, as a married man, am super-happy with my life. It couldn't have been better :)

    Nice post!



  8. @Bhav - first of all welcome to Be Happy, secondly glad to kn there is a man who accepts the happiness....wish you a very happy married life...and yes thnx for liking the post,..

  9. wow thats an amazing comparison... i can see u put in a lot of time to come with this interesting list... m gonna forward this to my friends too... good work girl :)

  10. @ Gandhi - yes there was a lot of time investment...thnx for liking the work....it pays nicely when the writer is appreciated for the work.....

  11. lol at point 26...neat work! :)

    just outta curiosity, how much time did u take 2 compile this list? :o

  12. I really enjoyed your blog Rohini... Days have been hectic and no time to listen to songs but may be today I will...

  13. @ BE - My journey towards this post began when I started writing my post on Women - Love yourself for being you, dt 3 March, 10.. the idea for the emerged from then and I created both the post simultaneously...both the post were made in about a week....

    @ Farila mam - thnx for liking mam.... sure listen to songs..its really a nice break from the daily schedule....

  14. I must admit, this is the first time I landed on your blog. And well, the list was truly entertaining. Not much enthused about hindi songs else I think I too could come up with one or two. :-p

  15. 26 was really awesome.
    That was really a lovely comparison..:)
    Cool work and research..:P



  16. @ Shayon - U r Welcome here...and thnx for liking it...would like to see ur visits at my blog ..and hope after this u will start following the hindi songs too.....

    @ Nipun - thnx for cheering...and following too...hope to get ur feedbacks frequently...

  17. @ Ubaid - welcome to this blog... thnx for liking it...

  18. Hi Rohini,

    I love the fabulous look of your blog; it is refreshing. The compilation was super wonderful. My favorite among all is "Abhi na jaao chhod kar"... The lyrics are super-romantic; I love them.

    Great to see your posts. Hope to know more about you.

  19. @ Rachna - i too like that song...really jadu hai lyrics mein...and yes welcome to the blog...hopw to see u here more....

  20. Amazing selection! :D

    Thanks for visiting my page :) I loved the colours on your header.

  21. @ Mamta - thnx for ur comment....thnx for liking the header too...:-)

  22. hey mast blog home page aahe :) loved it so much !! Holi kashi jhali..gtalk war bhet..

  23. @ Nu - aga me tula tya divshi msg kela poun tu reply nahi kela..bahutek busy asshell....holi chaan jhali..hey tu holi cha blog wachla ka ga??

  24. you know I had visited your blog, read this article and I thought I had commented too.. turns out I didn't.. *head desk*

    really cool post! WOW you have got like SO good memory, something like a encyclopaedia of songs o.O I bet you always won antakshri :P

  25. WOW! Brilliant! Did you make a note of them or just made a post remembering them? Whatever the case, it made me smile several times! Keep going.

  26. @ Smitzy - Encyclopeida...:-) no dear i have listed which were in my memory....which were not they stood no where...if u find any comparison to state u write down...this way we can have more songs to fun on...rite

    @ Karan - it was viceversa ..u can say...one followed another ..hihihi...thnx for smiling....

  27. really beautiful post... lol i loved it!!! i would really log back to see such posts again..

  28. @ DUDO - welcome to BE HAPPY, and thnx for liking the post and joining it. would like to read more of ur views...:-)