Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Explaining the Unexplained

This is in relation with my previous post….”Life is simple, not easy”

Thanks to Anuj, Tavish, Anoop, Jack, Sameera, The Survivor for your valuable analysis….I totally agree with all your points… But I wanted examples also ….. So here I am trying to think and simplify the topic with laying few examples…

We have a life…which is quite defined…simple …straight…We do our daily activities with great pleasure…..SIMPLE isn’t it? But when something new happens or if we are required to walk on a new path, we tend to fumble, think and tend to complicate things.
Suppose, (I am trying to lay few common examples which I have/had faced in my life):

a) Waking up early in the morning is simple but not easy…. before marriage I had to get up at 4.00 am in the morning ….my mummy and alarm used to wake me up…the process was quite simple but for me to open my eyes was not easy. It was tough…I had to motivate myself…thinking ki beta koi nahi bus mein so jana(never mind, sleep in the bus) which used to take 1hr to my office….though this 1 hr was also not enough for me....but this wasn’t less than a boost also……

b) Finding a partner as I mentioned in my earlier post…..it looks very simple but is not so easy dear….why so?? You check it in my post….

c) Lying – Lying for some can be easy….but for me its only simple….I can think lots of excuses but while execution - I fail in it…..

d) Taking out time for my school/college/work friends: wishing to call and being in contact with them is very simple to think but in practical not easy…

e) Sometimes our traditions, our customs, our mind set, or our society puts certain parameters and boundaries due to which our area of working or acting gets limited creating a complex situation and hardening the life.

f) Students appearing in Entrance Exam. For them the paper might be easy but at the time of announcement of the results they may find that what they thought was simple but getting their names in the selected list is not that easy.

g) Building a school (in may case) if having all the capital and resources, its quite simple, considering all the requirements….but running it, is not easy.

h) Loving someone is simple as it doesn’t require any detailed rules and regulations, but finding the true love is not easy.

i) Thinking ourselves as the superman/woman is simple but living like that is not easy.

j) Writing down the plans is quite simple but in practical we can face some difficulties….hence .not easy.

k) Giving birth to a child is much simpler than raising a child….its not easy…mind it…

l) Sometimes a person may be found simple....but understanding that person may not be that easy...

We always run behind the things which we want but are never satisfied and are never happy with what we have. With our numerous demands and high ambitions we complicate the things which would have been much simpler otherwise….Never mind…THAT’S LIFE …as we say…..


  1. Nice examples here but before commenting anything I'll have to go back to your old post ! Let me read that and come back here

  2. Ro, Life is simple,not easy means this according to me:

    That every simple thing is not necessarily easy.Simple=easy to understand AND Not easy=Not simple to do !

    For eg 1: A maths problem.It might appear simple since we know how to solve the Maths prob but it's not easy to actually write down the entire process and get to the solution.

    Eg 2: Students know that they have to study 4 units to clear a subject.=SIMPLE. But actually sitting and putting efforts to study those subjects to get good marks=NOT EASY.


  3. @ NU - Rite dear...good addons to the list of eg's...

  4. "We have a life…which is quite defined…simple …straight…"
    I think the complexity starts here. The definitions that have been given for our lives are complex, not always logical and many a times unfair. If it weren't life would truly be 'simple'. But then again.. maybe I am thinking of an utopia.

  5. at 4 a.m...i also go to offc but i wake up at 9...i m still thinkn what did u do at 4....??

    For me thinki abt keepin a fast is simple but fasting in reality is really difficult..hihihi

  6. Rohini, I can totally relate to you here..the examples that you have given; I know what exactly you are trying to say..so many things in our lives are easy said than done..

  7. Life is simple not easy , 100 percent apt examples :)

  8. Simplicity, ironically, is not the simplest thing to explain!!

    How can one define a thing as simple? We say a person is simple, what does that mean? There can be many answers to it...which like you said...are not easy!!

    Nice post rohini :)

  9. I had to say ditto to a to d points. though my marriage is 2 months away, thats one of the main things am looking forward too.. sleeping past my allowed 5am at least on sundays.hmm..

    agree with most of your points, except maybe the point k. I feel giving neither giving birth to a child nor raising one is easy. It has to include a lot of passion, love and genuine care. I absolutely adore children, but I have seen my sister going through her pregnancy and rearing my now 4year old nephew... Though secretly I hope, both would be easy when I face it.

    new to ur blog, but here to stay.. will be back to go through your old posts soon; just a bit tight on time now :)


  10. a. waking up at 4am is not simple! hell waking up at even 7am is not simple!

    b. finding a partner is simple, sticking 2 one isn't! ;)

    c. i excel at lying :D

    d. now this is something that's really simple, but 4 some reason never happens!

    j. n that's precisely the reason why i don't write down plans ;)

  11. 1) Now u are in sum1 else's 'BUS'.

    2)Agree with blunt..

    3)I laugh loudly while I lie..:)

    4)Abhi to easy h.


    6)It ain't dat easy u c..:(


    8)Samajh gaya..

    9)I m superman.

    10)Dont write them down from now on..:P

    11)Saw 3 idiots. Its awesome.

    12) True.:)



  12. You seem curious about how life works out and how we approach it. That's a good start :)

    Life is simple, but more important what matters is how we look at it which defines the simplicity.

    Loved the last line!!

  13. simple examples. I liked the way you put it. Thats why they say easier said than done.
    The recipes they show on cookery show seems so easy and simple, but wait until you try it!!

    Nice one

  14. Life is what it is, it's that simple and I agree with that. On the other hand I think that we as humans make our lives more difficult than needed much of the time. We could "simply" follow the "easy" ways of our lives but we don't because we feel that happiness lies elsewhere.

    I'd also like to comment on the life is "many a times unfair". That Amropali posted. That's actually one way that we complicate life, we give it human traits and look at it as a living being when it it a thing. Things don't have emotions, things don't treat people one way or the other, they are simply things. By "humanizing" things around us we also expect results that are very unlikely to happen, we make life harder than it has to be.

  15. Good post.The last para is so true.

  16. Thats why it is said "it's easier said than done"
    Nice posts!

    P.S. Wondering which is your finding Partner wala post?

  17. @ all - FIrst sry for all the delayed replies...

    @ A'pali - Exactly right dear and welcome here..

    @ BS- hihihihi.. i kn re....Navratri going on....

    @ Neha - thnx for relating to examples... hope to see more here...

    @ Raj - thnx for the comment

    @ Varsha - thnx dear..

    @ Meenakshi - welcome here dear, and all the best for ur marriage and on point k too. hope everything in ur life reamains simple ..wish ur more visits here...enjoy..

    @BE - Thnx for adding more to the points...

    @ Nipun - thnx for the detailing the examples...

    @ T. Surv - thnx for the comment and welcome again...:-)

    @ Insiginia - so true dear...isliyei nevere try them..:-) and welcome here..

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    @ Onkar - thnx sir..getting the comments from a senior person is alws motivating...thnx..

    @ Abhay - Thnx for visting agn...and for ur comment..
    giving u the link of Finding the partner - http://rohinirojindar.blogspot.com/2010/02/finding-partner.html

    thnx alllllll/////////////