Monday, March 8, 2010


Yesterday evening I went to the Lioness Club function organized on the occasion of Women’s Day. Here I would like you to read the achievements and the ways through which the women of today and then have achieved their goals.

I got to know that there was a competition for ladies – Any potato snack was to be made, and as soon as I entered the lobby of the club, I saw many ladies busy in decorating their dishes. Every plate carrying those potato items, were tempting but sorry I couldn’t taste it as it was first to be tasted by the honorable judges. So I just stood there taking the pictures.

Entering the hall, I saw many women sitting and listening the light music which was being played. I sat near one of my acquaintance and started talking to her (as usual…it’s a ladies habit ….rite) Programme started quite late all credit to the chief guest ...hmmm..its again a habit. Never mind, but it all started very nicely.

After the introduction & the welcome speech the main action commenced…..
Introducing and Honoring the Women

First, came a lady of 73 yrs.. Who made her name in the writing world. At the age of 16 she got married and after marriage she completed her schooling. Her interest towards writing started from the age of nine and was very much encouraged by her father. Later her interest became her love and she started publishing the books in Marathi and then in Hindi. She comes from the Economic Weaker Section, and in her young age she went door to door for the sale of her books. Though through heart she never wanted to sell those books but the need for money compelled her to do so. Yesterday my eyes were filled with water, when she recited her poem in front of us. This was the poem from her first book. The poem’s summary I would like to state here. It was written on her own life…the time when she delivered her third child…a baby girl….two days went ..she was in the hospital…no one came to see her…she was happy just because atleast her third child was with her.. Third day her eldest girl came with the tifiin…she asked where is your father….girl said he was coming but the grand mom stopped him saying….Ladki hi toh hai…kya karega ja ke…pata nahi kiase palega teen teen ladkiyon ko…..she was choked with grief.….
Later she also delivered a boy…coz of which she was accepted in the family….but the things change….her son left them alone in the home, settled somewhere else…and here she and her husband dint have that much earning to pay the rent of that house. But it was her girl who helped them get a new two room flat in the same city…and she feels proud on her daughters….and has forgotten that she ever had a son….

Second, came an Advocate, who also grew strong even if she was very much dominated by her family. She gave a great alarming speech to the audience sitting….Jago nari Jago… She said she gets so many cases on violence done on the women of home…and she dictated…..It can only be stopped with proper education and belief in oneself…and raising voice against the women exploiters…

Third was a lady gynecologist….she raised her voice against the female infanticide….and the imbalance entering in the society….. She encouraged our thoughts in helping the weaker people and distributing our knowledge to others….

Fourth was a female reporter…who drove her bike for four days to cover whole of the MP and CG.

Fifth was the MLA, and the Principal of the school….she started her work by providing free education to the students in a temple….but soon she found through the doctors that her daughter is loosing her vision and would become blind in the coming few years…they went at every worship places…but nothing worked…but their was some miracle or say their was always one positive force behind her due to which she always remained the topper in the school and now she has got the admission in engineering college….. The lady now runs a school which started with just 70 and now has 700 students….she is also the elected MLA….and is also doing social service.

Sixth was a teacher (who is my lovely aunt too) in a school named Prayas- working for the handicapped children. This school is till class 12th having CBSE board. She feels proud of herself that she is working for the children who can’t listen and hence can’t speak. Here I would like to mention that I once went in the annual function of this school and was amazed to see their performances on stage…mind blowing…..can we ourselves imagine dancing without music, giving right steps to every beat……noooooooooooo..i cant..but hat’s off to the students as well as their teachers who teach them so nicely ….so effortlessly….and so efficiently…. This school has lots of female teachers …as the management too feels that the women has more patience and love which is necessary in such type of deels….I agree…….

Well there were many more women who were to be honored, but I had to leave early for the home as I got a call that my son needed me….See here again the need for a mother, an Aai(in our mother, mom whatever you may call…meaning and the essence remain the same….

But I wished I could have stayed there for some more time…nevertheless I got to hear such inspiring real women stories…their fight, their struggle…and still making there own paths towards the goal which they always aimed for…..and wished for…..



  1. Doesn't it make us feel very proud of ourselves?? It is such an honour that we can not just give life, but create a family, and a bond that lasts longer than generations!!

    Happy Women's Day :)

    Check out my blog too :)

  2. @ Varsh - checked was nice....happy women's day to u too...

  3. Happy women's day to you too Ro :) Kashi ahes? khoop diwsat bolna nahi jhala apla..

  4. hi....happy women's day...i blv all men should respect woman nd understand they r nothn without thm...i m tryin to understnd it...not succeded yet...but still tryn don't have to be anti- man to be pro woman....!!!

  5. @ BS - no man i am not anti man...i kn every individual has its own important role in life....but i just want to feel good and proud for being a woman...and not curse ourself for this many do...without underestimating the it,..

    @Anop - thnx...

  6. @ Nu - Ho na ga....mag chala gappa maru....and i m fine hru??

  7. Me too:). Proud to be an independent woman, and there are wonderful women all around us with inspiring stories.

  8. @ Rachna - rite dear...infact these stories should be published to inspire many other women who due to any reaosn cant raise their voice against the exploitation being done to them...