Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have been taught to follow the truth which can be scientifically or logically proved. I am fortunate that my family has never given importance to them.
‘billi rasta kaat gayi; chhikkna, kala dhaga’ and the most common ‘ nazar lagna’

Nazar lagna being the most common acceptable belief amongst the society has somehow influenced my thinking in some ways. If one is beautiful,ek kala tika; if one is going to start a new work, dahi khilana. .If one is good at something he catches an evil eye….

I wasn't understanding the funda at all. Then one day I was blessed with a baby boy. Like every mother I wanted him to be healthy and happy. At continuous cries of his, made everyone think that he had caught a bad eye. Then all the process of taking out that nazar used to take place. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

I often wonder how was my life so simple before, when all these believes were not there with me…and I still managed to live a happy life and now after a baby why am I trusting these things, which are not scientifically proven. (Is my education telling me not to believe it?)

But now slowly and slowly, I have also started thinking like the society. Now I think twice before praising him,
kisi ne nazar lag gayi toh.

But the basic human thinking or views don’t change so easily. I sometimes find myself on T-point, one where you are a superstitious and another where you are not. Though in doubt, I would still like to choose the second road. Mat be beacause of my upbringing.


  1. Hmm..happens to many even who are not it's natural...and hence don't worry :)

  2. I got a first-rate job in a reputed company. Worked hard got promotion and got my own cabin too after working on a work station for 6 months. I was excited and everybody congratulated me. One of my close colleague told me to keep a black cloth with me , so that i can't catch any bad nazar. I laughed at him and told him i don't believe in all this crap. But after shifting to a new cabin things got dreadful and after 2 months I had to leave that job. So, from that experience I guess I have become a little superstitious especially about changing seats in

  3. Nu - nt worrying puzzeled coz my mind doesn't accept this

    BS - hmm..may be smtimes this type of experience make us believe it