Tuesday, December 22, 2009

REINCARNATION - Truth or not ????

Few days before a new show on Reincarnation has been started. It come on NDTV imagine. Many people come and get the information about their past lives. Many celebrities have also come. There is one Dr. who by her words takes them into their previous births. Lot of information is collected to solve the problems he/she faces in this birth.

The question is – Does a man have a rebirth?
Does a soul migrate from one life time to another?
Can he recollect the memories of his past life?
Do we have to pay for our bad deeds done in earlier life?
Are our earlier relatives still with us in our present lives, just by changing relations of that time?
Can we wish anything now for our next birth?
When this rebirth does happen?
Why does it happen?
Is our next birth dependent on our karmas of the present life?
Above all, does it rule out the believe that after death, one goes to heaven or hell?

There are so many questions running in my mind.
It is said that if a person wished something at the time of his death then that person gets a rebirth.

I remember my aaji (grandmother) used to say that if you do good then you get a birth of human otherwise you become an animal. If this way it goes, then all animals were bad humans and all humans were good animals. But as per the show all those who have come, have some kind of fear in them.

Like one lady died in an aero plane so in this birth she is very afraid to sit in it.
Another, Monika Bedi lost her husband in a truck accident in her previous birth and at the death moment he said “phir milenge” and she thinks that she has met him in her present life(though subconsciously also she didn’t tell his name), which sometimes make me think …is all fake things going on.

My Mil says that my husband has got a rebirth. Once in his childhood, everyone went to Konark Temple. Reaching there he recognized every part of it…he knew every nook and corner of the temple, which surprised everyone in the family as no one from the family had visited that place before. This incident again brings me to same question, Does it really happen?? If yes then:

Am I also reincarnated?
What was I in my previous births?
After how many years I have got this birth?

Did i do something wrong? which i think I have not, going by my aaji's theory.

Do I have a fear of anything? hmm...insects...so??
And, What’s the purpose of this birth? Like Rishi Kapoor had in the film 'Karz' and SRK had in the film 'Om Shanti Om'.

I often wish to know all these, but am scared to know coz, if I had done something wrong then that can effect my present life. So without thinking I will agree to one of my friend's opinion that it only gives tesion when one knows it. Hence no quest to know mine.

But still this whole thing mounts up the interest in me to know more. And if given a chance what would one want to be in next birth? You tell your's…….but you will have to go to heaven not hell. I think this choice of choosing an option would be provided to those only. So start acting nicely. :-)


  1. well..this topic interests me a lot as I really have one wish for next birth of mine..nd really want dat to come true..well I can't disclose my wish as it is too personal but after reading your blog I have really start thinking dat what should I do to make my wish come true...u say do nice thing to get heaven but who can guarantee dat if we do nice things we will get heaven...so y not enjoy what we can rather thinking about next or previous birth...if sum1 is born in a mafia family nd forced to kill people or is brain washed to be a terrorist what can he do? I think deeds and relations depend more upon situations our present life gives to us. What is d mistake of a 12 year old boy who has gun in his hands? Nobody has told him that what u r doin is wrong. Everybody around him encourages him. Can we always live in boundaries given to us by society ….can't v challenge them?...y always society is right and we are wrong...? Who makes these rules...are we given any pattern to follow by god....if our ancestors r so god fairing y do they die with pain....Who decides wheather our deeds are good or bad...most affluent people in the world are biggest frauds.So, y we should be concerned about our deeds , next birth and previous birth.
    Although these questions disturb me a lot but still with teachings dat I got from my ancesstors I believe dat deeds matter d most in what u will be in next birth nd I do believe in Karma theory. But I think I am lucky enouh to know all this but what will happen to those who don't hav all this teachings with them and continously do evil things without knowing what they are doing???

    Thanks for posting the blog as this topic really interests me but I think I have taken this to a completely new level as it seems out of focus from your real matter. Sorry for that.

  2. I would want to be an animal in next life!

    I guess animals are pure souls as they stay innocent till they die.

    Being human is disgrace to life itself. We are the cancer of this planet!

  3. @C ....well i would like be everything in each of my lifetime...animal bird fish and human ...everything..and would alws want to rem each of my births...