Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh Winters - Miss u dear!!

That red face of mine, those watery eyes, that foggy climate.uuu...brought shivers to my bone.

Waking up late in the mornings coz the sun didn't feel to show up its light....and if by chance I woke up early, din't feel like closing my eyes again coz this season had beautiful mornings. Dew drops on the grass and leaves made me fresh even without having washed my face..:-)

In the afternoons, if the sun becomes merciful, we used to go to the terrace to eat oranges and gauvas. Lying down their thinking Vitamin D is better for health.

Touching our pals with the chilled hands on their open parts. Having hot coffee with hot samosas.

Rubbing my palms thinking when summers gonaa come. (ironicall though)

Walking in the streets of CP, during X-mas time and till the new year, in those chilly nights... finding warmth in the roadside lights, which beautified every street.

Sleeping tightly, hugging my mother in one blanket...getting the best warmth I could get...

Oh Winters - I miss u dear!!!!!!!!

(note: After marriage I have been staying in CG where winters dont fall but only thought off)

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  1. hey great post....very expressive and nicely written ....u r missing the winters and we at delhi are enjoying come to delhi to enjoy it.waise i rem. u looked great in winters.