Thursday, December 24, 2009

Demands unlimited

Since my childhood I have got what I wanted. I remember I never had too many demands though. When I got to know the meaning of birthday I demanded Maggie as a gift (which was so easy for my parents to give). :-)

When I desired to have a doll I got a Barbie, with a living room set. As far as I can recall my next demand was when my graduation was over, I wished to join MBA. And again my wish was granted. From then and now I think my words have never been fallen down. I know this was because my demands were real and approachable.

Now take my kids case. Tuesday he demanded for a cake, and unfortunately one day before it was finished. The moment he got to know it’s finished, he started crying like someone has slapped him terribly. The whole home members got up on their toes and started wondering what to do now!!! As the markets remain close here on Tuesdays and at home also cake would have taken about 1 hr to get ready. But as we all know what are grand parents made of. They can’t even see the single drop of water in their grand child’s eyes and that time the situation was very week. Dadaji immediately took his car and went in search of a cake. After about 10- 15 mins he returned, and presented the cake to him. And with no surprise (to me at least), kid just smiled and ran away into another direction. We were left with no choice but to look at each other.

A growing child has many demands, like games, choices in food; choices in clothes…..yes choices in clothes. Neil, my son when was just 2 yrs. We went to buy his birthday dress in a shop. We literally had to ask him whether he will wear that particular dress or not. If he liked it, he said yes. If he dint, he cried to try out another.

Whenever I roll the chapattis, he takes one stool and stands on it near me. He just doesn’t want to see what I am doing but also he wants to take that dough and start rolling. If not given, then u can imagine by now what he will do.

Oh, he loves mouth fresheners like saunf, cloves, etc. He wants it at any time of the day/night. You know this time also he is sitting beside me and asking the same. :-)

If you think these are very less demands…read more to know him more.

He has addiction of mobiles. He wants everyone’s mobiles. Till now we had bought 4 new mobiles, just because every time he takes our mobile and after sometime we it dipped in the glass full of water or in a bucket filled with water.

Whenever I wear him new clothes, he every time wishes to got a hotel. There is one big hotel in our city. He recognizes it form a long distance. If the car is not turned towards it, he screams, “papa hotel-hotel”.

Well this is the starting; we will have to face more of these often. No worries. But I can feel the diversity of demands in my time and this time.
And hey dont go by his looks he is veyr naughty.....:-)


  1. u demanded maggie on ur birthday..wowwww..dats really sweet...on ur next birthday i will also have magie and celeberate it.

  2. yes ...but i was very young that time...may be in 1st or second

  3. Dear Rohini,
    If you do every demand of your son, he will turn terrible. A child need to have limits, and often, they ask for things, but we are not obliged to give everything. Well, that's the way I rose my child's and they turn good.

  4. Anon - thnx for advice..i am too strict many times bt smtimes due to family pressure have to get down to give them whta they want...but yes i m strict when he demands choclates and milk...he likes milk a lot..due to which he skips his meal...but i tell him the reason y i m not giving him...he understnds it and then i m relaxed...but sure it depends on his mood....:-)

  5. I'd go with anon. I have a friend whose baby is 4 years old. she is very fussy about eating, but on regular checkups the doctor told my friend to feed her other things too.

    the doctor suggested this trick. Everyday my friends wife would put a plate with food that she does not like in front of her. She'd cry, throw tantrums but no one would pay attention. If she does not eat it, my friend's wife would just put it aside. Not a word is spoken, my friend or his wife would not console her.
    within 4 days the kid started eating what was given to her!!

    I guessed that kids do anything for attention, and they know how to take advantage of situations.

  6. Thnx C, for ur example..i wish my kid understands these gr8 cases when i put infrnt of him.....