Sunday, December 13, 2009

Innocence in demand or not!!!!!!

"mere ghar ke bagal mein jo ghar tha mein wahan rehti thi"? was the answer given by the sweet little 5 yrs old girl who had just come to our neighbourhoodwhen i asked her the question,"where were u staying in Allahabad?". This answer was quick, smart yet innocent. I was stunned and amazed to hear such answer and I dnt think I would ever be able to forget this spontaneous one.

Neil, my 2 yrs old goes to school, in Play Group. One day he was not willing to go, and do u know at this age, would you believe wat reason did he give for not going was,"bahar barish, bag futta"('futta'being his pet word used often by him when somethign falls down or breaks) as it was raining that day, so he instantly found a reason, throwing a concern for his bag. I wonder from where these little kids get there brain. In our school days I remember we used to do whatever our parents or teachers used to tell without questiong or reasioning them. Can we say we were more innocent or simple?

One more incident i would like to share with you all. I was travelling in a train, when i heard one father saying, these days kids should be like Krishna and not Ram. The reason being Ram is believed to walk on the paths of truth, whereas krishna had a clever walk. i understud that father's words that he wanted his son to be clever;wherein our parents taught us to always beleive in truth. Well I wonder like this what our future children will be like.

Innocence is believed to fade due to various reasons like age, experience, knowledge, exposure, etc. Is this generation smart of thier age? This era of media, net etc has diminshed the degree and value of innocence in children. where we think we should guide them on something, these kids dont even bother to take our guidence. Things have changed now. These days students carry mobiles. They know every new upcoming ranges of mobiles, their features etc. They have a great knowledge in every feild...sometimes more than us. Moreover these kids have become manipulative and diplomatic too..

There is one famous line 'child like innocence'. That's true also , a child has a sweet innocent smile, which conquers every heart. But seeing the rapid changes in the kids from an early age, I wonder whether in next few generations, a new born child will have a frowning face, intuting the problems he will have to face as he has stepped into the world of complexities. its funny though and fictitous. But not impossible..:-)


  1. Going forward we are going to spot many kids like these who will not require elder's advice on what to and what not to's certainly amazes us that how kids today know what they want and aren't confuse even for a bit while..It's nothing but the gen-x / gen-y age that we are dwelling into...

  2. u r right dear...but thats we call as advancement..and thanx for ur comment

  3. It’s really a thought provoking matter…I think innocence is surely not in demand particularly where people are only anxious about how to bring in more wealth. They want their kids also to be like them so they can compete in the rat race from early phase of their life. An innocent person is perceived as an idiotic who doesn’t know how to live in today’s world. But I personally believe that if you loose your innocence you loose your inner self, your true expression.
    But can a person choose to be innocent even if he knows he has to deal with manipulative people all around him??? Is not being innocent is really an advancement?
    I am really confused and would like you to give your thoughts on it.

  4. BS - hmm...i alws say urself

  5. hmm..ok i will try to be just my self..tanks 4 ur advice