Thursday, December 17, 2009


India is the largest populated country. Rich in culture and heritage. It has rich minerals and a large base of agriculture. After 60 yrs of independence we have developed a lot. Statisticaly our progress graph is rising high and high. Our human resource is valued abroad too.

But like "diya tale andhera", there are lots of area where we are lacking. Today two men came to our home. They work in the Govt school. They gave us the inside story that they have not been paid for about 7 months. I know that these are not the only people who dont get their respective salaries but there are many more. Sometimes they dont get paid for about 1.5- 2 yrs. (Kadva sach)

These people borrow the money from their friends and live(not earn) their lively hood. Have to fill the stomachs of their family members in the limited pay or without pay. Sometimes in worse case they have to sell the property and also lead to home violence. Such a miserable state. Where the prices are mounting high day by day a portion of the population are still striving hard to get their basic necessities. (and people like us are never satisfied with whatever luxuries we have).

On the other hand , few months before ,I read in newspaper that one person was caught throwing notes in the municiple dustbin...just because he had too much money to handle. Such an monetray imbalance.

If there is any power to control this one sided money inflow, i wish it gets its charge as quickly as possible. This was one of the point India lags in ...will come up with many more..


  1. So true ! It's always saddening to know that people are not able to even buy food specially when they are working hard...that's really a painful insight..but I still feel there is another side to it too...may be which we don't know or haven't thought about...

  2. yes another side...intersting....willl think on that,...