Thursday, December 24, 2009

Naughty Days are going on n on.....

When I entered my bed room today what i saw ............Neil sitting on my bed’s side table looked at me and smiled. (Always remember when a kid looks at you with a smile, and then there is something wrong for sure). I went near him and saw the whole bottle of almond oil was spilt over the glass table. Oh my lord, I cried. Well this was the second time he did this. Earlier when he was just 1 yr old without knowing what he is doing. But today it was an interesting game for him.

Oil was on his hands, face everywhere. On top of it, he was cleaning the table with his oily hands. (He knew his mother is there to clean at the end) but he wanted to help me. (Dear son, I don’t want such helps from your side)

In a busy morning you don't wish such things to happen which take so much time form your busy schedule. The moment I saw this I wanted to just hit him. But felt that there is no use as he doesn’t know the mistake of his. I told him his mistake and made him hold his ears till the time I cleaned that oily place. And he was quiet amused to see all this…:-). Obviously I know he might not have realised his mistake.

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  1. naughty kids are always exciting..hope his naughty days go on nd on...