Sunday, December 27, 2009

Can't live without you

Few days before, I read one interesting article. I would like you to read it as it’s very interesting.
One day every organ of a body complained to stomach and asked, “Do you do any work or just eat and eat? And here we all work whole time. You also have to work else we all will go in different direction”.

Stomach answered,” How can you say that? I also work”.

Listening his answer legs said to other organs, “He doesn’t work but just eat. From now we will not go anywhere in search of food for it.”

Hands said, “We will also not open our fingers for him”.

Mouth said, “I will not swallow a single piece of food”.

Teeth also promised not to chew anything for him.

Like this every organ decided to go on a mass strike. Resulting in weakness in every part of the body.

Legs couldn’t walk and fingers couldn’t move. Mouth repented on the strike and said, “This is all because we did strike. We could have avoided it. It would be better if we return to work.”

Every organ started their work again and in few days everything became normal.

Now it was stomach’s turn to speak, “Have you understood now what my work is? I give you all the nutritive juices due to which you get strength”.

Got the point?