Thursday, December 17, 2009

Have I gone CRAZYY??

Yesterday I couldnt sleep till 3.30 in the night. Why??? Because I was thinking on various topics. For?? To write in my blog. Obviously.:-)

My mind was so much occupied with different subjects which I never thought of. There were rushes of topics going on in my mind. My mind had become a grafitti. At such a late hour, I took my diary and noted all the thoughts which arrived at my mind station (late night arrivals).

After working so late also(as I call work), I got up early in the morning at 6.30 am with a nice feeling ...of? of blogging ofcourse..:-)

I think i have gone mad, crazy ....havn't I?


  1. Hahaha..not really :) Blogging fever is like that...every blogger goes through this excitement and madness [if you call it so] initially ..Enjoy :)

  2. but i luv it....craziness can be for gud too

  3. well its great to be crazy about something ..i remember as a child I was crazy about a video game dat I could play at a game parlour only so had to plan about all the levels the whole night as I had limited opportunity and limited budget to I planned like crazy to play it...may be u r going through a same phase. .just d game is These days also i am crazy about something but I hope this craziness remains throughout life as it dosnt take my sleep away from me unlike urs.

  4. Wishing you an exciting ride ahead...good luck.Welcome to blogger !!!

  5. Kavita - thnx for the motivation...