Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Obsessions of life

Obsessions of my life are so many...I likeand love so many things that they get into my regular routine..if not daily then weekely...the below mentioned are my loveable activities:

  • EATING : Its my weekness. I love eating, though not a glutton, but can't resist sometimes. Idli being my favourite;can eat at any odd time of the day. Paobhaji, noodles (which many a times, i ask my hubby to bring at home even after dinner), gol gappe ( my uncle used to call it Circular talkes), cakes pastries, pastas( my new loved dish), rajma, Mcd Burger( which I get only in Delhi).

  • Travelling: O dear hubby , plz take me somewhere. Long time no travel. I love going to different places and enjoying the climate, the nature, food etc etc..what not.

  • Music: I love every type of sensible music which is melodious for my ears and soul. Lyrics attract me more. I listen while cooking, eating sleeping, while cleaning, etc, even when I am in bathroom I take my mobile to play any song depending upon my mood :-)

  • Movies: I love watching romantic, horror, thrill, comedy, fulltu time pass movies also.

  • Shopping: Well every girl likes it and thankfully my husband also doesn't stop me loving my this love. Whenever I go to Delhi I always come back back with two more bags with me.

  • Computer games: I become a kid while palying PC games. It has stopped a little for the time being, but any time this obsession can hit me again.

  • Internet: Now blogging being the new bug in my mind. It has become a new love for me.

  • Exercising: I think this obsession will help me to reduce my fat, that accumulates after eating so much :-)

Last but not the least... I am self obessesd coz of various reasons...:-)


  1. Great obsessions u have...really nice to know all this..well it seems u r most obssesed about ur food as it is d first point and covers most of the text...nd d least important obssesion is excersizing as per the sequence goes...lol...in travelling section also u have mentioned about food agn...nd I thing everybody following ur blogs will also b intrsted in various reasons of ur self obssesion..so plz post them also...nd taking ur mobile in bathroom speaks volumes about ur obssession of music...

  2. Agree on almost all except Shopping Eating and Internet.