Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Heart cries out.......

As in my earlier post I mentioned about the monetary imbalance. Cotinuing on the same, I feel sad and ashamed when :-

  • i see sucides being committed by our farmers, because of land reasons, inability to pay loans, wastage of the farm yeilds etc.

  • i hear the news of women being molested in trains, airoplanes etc. Heart is filled with anger and agony. Few dogs dont even care to abuse our foreign guests.

  • i see little children begging at railway station, parks etc. (remembered Slumdog...)

  • we pay taxes and still we dont get the basic things like electricity and water.
    i see the worst roads, filled with gutter water etc. and instant repairing of those before the minister's arrival. Such a fake people.

  • i hear about terrorists attack. I really feel the pain and anger in me. I pray to god for peace in the country.

  • when i see human violence for no big issue... and issue just being the religion. i dont understand why our ancestors created this religion thing.....they should have got the futuristic attitude.....

I hope we as a responsible citizen, make few good changes within ourselves and the society.

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