Sunday, December 27, 2009

An enjoyable dinner

(I wrote this post on 25th morning but couldn’t post it)

Hey, after a long time I went for a long-long drive. Well first off all Merry X-Mas.
One this day every year we go to club to enjoy, eat and dance. But this time we couldn’t go as we dint get the passes. It was sad time… but as its said whatever happens, happens for good.

My husband had planned somethingelse. He took me on a long drive on the highway to a ‘dhaba’. And I love going there. At night driving on the highway after so many days was very nice and exciting.

The food was great the ambience was nice. Moreover we also watched INDIA- SRILANKA match on TV, which was like an icing on the cake. We won also. (Just coz I watched it after so many days) :-)

Next time I will not mind, not going to club. As I know there will be more happeningthing at the other end.

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